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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 24 Recap

Han Ya’s special attention to Chang Zheng caused Qing Chenglin’s suspicions. Qing Chenglin asked Zhao Xiaosheng if Chang Zheng was the son of Han Ya and Zhao Xiaosheng. Zhao Xiaosheng denied it. Zhao Pengchao disagreed and directly told Zhao Xiaosheng that the most important thing to pay attention to at present was. The person is Yan Guohua.

This person may be the manipulator who instigated Chang Zheng to target the Zhao family. Many people think that Chang Zheng insists on targeting the Zhao family to avenge Chang Zheng. It has been three years since Chang Zheng passed away. Chang Zheng’s hatred may not be that deep. , Mainly Yan Guohua instigated behind his back. When the yacht explosion happened, Yan Guohua appeared and helped Chang Zheng to save the day. All this information has been grasped by Zhao Pengchao.

Zhao Pengchao intends to have direct contact with Yan Guohua, so he proposes to Hana to invite Yan Guohua to eat. Hana thinks it is reasonable and reasonable, but he cannot go to the restaurant. She and Yan Guohua are not suitable for their identities.

Yan Guohua was worried that his appearance might have aroused the suspicion of the Zhao family, and was ready to turn to the background. Chang Zheng re-analyzed the trajectory of Zhao Pengcheng’s visit to the cemetery before his death, and there was no disagreement with the initial prediction, but he just couldn’t find the USB flash drive, and began to study the cracks in that link.

When he went to Lin Bai’s house for dinner, Zhao Pengchao politely brewed tea for Yan Guohua, and said that he had just returned to China for development, and he would have to trouble Yan Guohua for help in the future. If Zhao Pengchao touches the bottom line of the law, he can only enforce the law impartially and cannot help. The seemingly inhuman reply is actually an accurate prediction of the future direction of the Zhao family.

Zhao Pengchao knew what Yan Guohua meant, but he just continued to say that Chang Zheng was his younger brother and wanted to toast Yan Guohua on behalf of Chang Zheng. Thanks, Han Ya couldn’t take it anymore, and looked at Zhao Pengchao questioningly. Zhao Pengchao explained that because Han Ya and Lin Bai were good sisters, he and Chang Zheng were like brothers. Of course, Zhao Pengchao knew everything in his heart.

When the dinner was in progress, Chang Zheng suddenly returned home, and seeing Zhao Pengchao was also there, he insisted on expelling Zhao Pengchao, but Han Ya could not come to the stage, so Lin Bai had to drive Chang Zheng out of the house.

Zhao Pengchao reported the confrontation with Yan Guohua to Zhao Xiaosheng, and suggested to arrange deployment in advance to start business in Australia, just to commemorate his father, Ji Ru, who was also investigating related projects. After expanding its business abroad, it can not only strengthen the Sihai Group, but also gradually transfer its assets abroad.

Zhao Xiaosheng agreed with Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement and only made one request. After coming to Australia, the quality of life of himself, Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang must be guaranteed, and the planning of Zhao’s family will be handed over to Zhao Pengchao in the future.

Zhao Pengchao told Qiu Tao that he was going to start business in Australia and made a plan, but he needed a lot of money, so he asked Tang Shaowen to liquidate the assets of Sihai Group and how much the Zhao family’s existing assets could be sold for. He also asked Qiu Tao to arrange Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday banquet in a few days, as a cover to meet the discipline.

Tang Shaowen leaked Zhao Pengchao’s actions to Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua and Zhang Xiaoming analyzed that Zhao Pengchao should have planned for a long time. As long as the money arrives in Australia, it is basically equivalent to his own territory. Don’t say Zhao’s eldest and third, even Zhao Xiaosheng, I am afraid he can only be taken by him. Zhao Peng is at the mercy of Chaos.

For Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday banquet, Zhao Pengchao decided to invite some hidden men with criminal records. It was risky to do so. Zhao Pengzhan suggested that Zhao Pengxiang should arrange the security work. Zhao Pengchao did not agree with Zhao Pengxiang’s intervention and arranged everything by himself. Zhao Pengxiang and Yaya did a paternity test. If Yaya was indeed his daughter, he was going to force Zhao Xiaosheng to recognize his granddaughter in front of everyone at the birthday banquet.

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