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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 23 Recap

Lin Bai was worried about Chang Zheng, so he privately decided to ask Zhao Xiaosheng to intercede, but Han Ya ran into him, and Han Ya stopped Lin Bai. But Lin Bai insisted on doing something for Chang Zheng so that he could live with it and insist on his opinion. Seeing that Han Ya couldn’t stop him, he told the truth.

After divorcing Zhao Xiaosheng back then, only to find out that he had been pregnant for several months. There was a precedent for the previous sons of Zhao family. Lin Bai was very worried that after Zhao Xiaosheng knew the truth, he would take Chang Zheng away from him, so he deliberately concealed Chang Zheng’s identity, this secret.

After being buried for decades, I thought I could keep quiet for a long time, but I didn’t want the current confrontation to happen. After Lin Bai knew the truth, he also thought it was necessary to persuade Chang Zheng to give up the investigation of the Zhao family, not to wait until Chang Zheng pointed a gun at him Father’s day comes.

The secret investigation team moved the location to the Maqun Hotel. Jin Yan wanted to report the news of Chang Zheng’s detention to Yan Guohua, but he couldn’t get through to Yan Guohua’s phone, so he went to the Maqun Hotel to find Yan Guohua. When there was movement, he hurriedly took out his gun, moved cautiously near the iron gate, and opened it abruptly, only to find that it was Jin Yan.

Yan Guohua criticized Jin Yan for secretly going to the station to meet without the agreed time or contact in advance. This kind of rash behavior can easily give up all previous successes, and at the same time signaled Zhang Xiaoming to prepare to move the position again. Very tight, Jin Yan’s careless move could easily expose the secret investigation team.

Hana asked Qing Chenglin’s opinion on Chang Zheng’s case. Qing Chenglin believed that under the pressure of public opinion, he always had to give the public a satisfactory explanation, so it was imperative to investigate Chang Zheng. Hana agrees with Qing Chenglin’s opinion, and also believes that it is necessary to carry out an in-depth investigation, which can neither cover up nor allow the policemen who are fighting on the front line to be framed.

It was decided to convene an executive meeting of the Municipal Party Committee to discuss and invite the Provincial Procuratorate and the Public Security Department to intervene and set up a joint investigation team. Qing Chenglin felt that Hana paid too much attention to Chang Zheng and made a fuss about the case, but was embarrassed to say it.

Yan Guohua’s secret investigation team was transferred to Wansheng Road. Yang Dechang told Yan Guohua that the provincial procuratorate and the Public Security Department had decided to form a joint task force to conduct a comprehensive investigation of Chang Zheng’s case. Yan Guohua was the team leader and Xiao Chen joined as a new member.

Xiao Zhenbang asked Xiao Chen about the progress of the investigation on Chang Zheng. Xiao Chen thought that all the evidence against Chang Zheng was too coincidental and must have been specially designed by someone, and further investigation was needed. Xiao Zhenbang saw Xiao Chen’s stern and upright expression, and carefully urged to always be fair. Law enforcement, once you take a wrong step, it will be difficult to look back and insinuate your own history, but Xiao Chen still can’t understand it.

The joint task force was formally established. After Yan Guohua, Xiao Chen and Jin Yan officially met, Yan Guohua re-understood the process of interrogating Cao Dalong from Chang Zheng. Zhao Pengchao received the news at the same time, and also told the memorial. Xiao Chen and Yan Guohua talked to the members of the task force in turn. Ning Yu directly stated that he suspected that the task force had “inner ghosts”. Song Guangming and Jin Yan both insisted that Chang Zheng had never tortured Cao Dalong to extract a confession.

Yan Guohua redefined the investigation direction for the Chang Zheng case. Jin Yan and Xiao Chen went to the Forensic Appraisal Center together to identify Cao Dalong’s body. They browsed all the information about Chang Zheng’s bribery on the Internet, and found that they were all chasing shadows. Levy will soon be free.

After the identification of Cao Dalong’s body, Jin Yan believed that Cao Dalong died of homicide, and Cao Dalong’s fingernails left the murderer’s skin fibers, which did not match Changzheng after comparison. On the other hand, when Cao Dalong died, Chang Zheng had evidence that Chang Zheng was not present, and it was basically certain that Chang Zheng was not the murderer. Yan Guohua investigated through another clue and confirmed that the video of Chang Zheng accepting bribes published on the Internet was completely fabricated out of thin air. Therefore, it was decided to report to the higher authorities to lift the interrogation of Chang Zheng.

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