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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 21 Recap

Zhang Qiufeng was going to ask Chang Zheng to announce the decision of his superiors to stop the investigation of the mining accident. Chang Zheng happened to take the initiative to come to Zhang Qiufeng’s office and apply for an extension of the arrest period for Cao Dalong. Zhang Qiufeng insisted that Chang Zheng release Cao Dalong and immediately terminate the arrest of Cao Dalong on the grounds of insufficient evidence. Home and Cosmopolitan investigations. Chang Zheng saw that Zhang Qiufeng was unwilling to respect his decision, and was going to ask Xiao Zhenbang to apply again. Zhang Qiufeng calmly told Chang Zheng that releasing Cao Dalong was exactly what Xiao Zhenbang meant.

Zhao Pengchao received the news that Cao Dalong was released and sent Zhao Pengxiang to respond. Jin Yan reported it to Yan Guohua in time. Zhao Pengxiang asked Cao Dalong if he had disclosed information about the Zhao family. Cao Dalong said that he had not disclosed it. Zhao Pengxiang was relieved and took Cao Dalong to a private club to celebrate .

Chang Zheng was in a depressed mood, so Jin Yan took Chang Zheng to the night market to play balloons to decompress, and then comforted Chang Zheng while eating. When the two were eating, a fight broke out at the food stall. A group of people chased and beat a middle-aged man. Chang Zheng helped clear the siege, and when he was about to learn about the situation from the middle-aged man, two policemen on duty came, and the middle-aged man hurriedly left.

Chang Zheng turned around and saw that one of the policemen was his classmate Hao Dazhi. The two had not seen each other for a long time. Hao Dazhi insisted on inviting Chang Zheng to his work place to catch up. Chang Zheng mentioned the fight just now. Hao Dazhi explained that the middle-aged man’s name is Bai Xiao, the owner of an auto repair factory. He always likes to solicit business under the name of the Zhao family. , Bai Xiao’s sister is Zhao Pengzhan’s wife. It is said that with the big tree of Zhao’s back, Bai Xiao can easily make a lot of money, but because he likes to brag and is lazy, the Zhao family doesn’t care about it and just let it go.

When Zhao Pengxiang and Cao Dalong were revelling, Zhao Pengchao met Zhao Pengxiang at the door of the clubhouse. After Zhao Pengxiang returned to the clubhouse, he brought his passport and a box of US dollars and let Cao Dalong go abroad to avoid the limelight. Cao Dalong thought that the Zhao family was really thinking about himself, and sincerely treated the Zhao family. heartfelt. Cao Dalong was sent to the ferry, and after getting on the boat, he was pushed into the sea by the lynx. Of course, all of this was Zhao Pengchao’s idea.

Chang Zheng asked Hao Dazhi for the address of Bai Xiao’s auto repair shop. The next day, he came to the door on the grounds of talking about business. A mechanic received Chang Zheng, saying that even the boss Bai Xiao could not handle the business, and Zhao would take care of it. The family had the final say, and just as Bai Xiao walked out, he turned away and drove away Chang Zheng with an attitude of disrespect. The repairman asked why he refused to come to the door for business. Bai Xiao called himself “the Zhao family” and did not want to talk The police got involved, and the repairman laughed secretly at Bai Xiao’s boastful expression.

Chang Zheng was framed as a violent interrogation because he turned off the surveillance during the interrogation of Cao Dalong. The procuratorate issued a subpoena to Chang Zheng. Xiao Chen quickly took Chang Zheng away. Jin Yan angrily asked Zhang Qiufeng for a theory. Zhang Qiufeng told Jin Yan, the procuratorate will talk to the members of the task force in turn, and everyone will be ready.

Chang Zheng accepted Xiao Chen’s interrogation at the procuratorate, only to find that Xiao Chen had received a video of Cao Dalong slandering Chang Zheng’s torture and extorting a confession. Xiao Chen told Chang Zheng that Cao Dalong had been confirmed dead.

At the regular meeting of Changwu Public Security Bureau, Director Wang Dingshan asked Xiao Zhenbang’s opinion on the handling of Changzheng. Xiao Zhenbang said that he would not tolerate it, and suspended all positions of Changzheng, and talked to the members of the task force one by one.

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