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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 17 Recap

Song Guangming and Ning Yu received the case closing notice and were asked by the bureau to immediately stop the investigation. Chang Zheng couldn’t help but worry. Jin Yan comforted Chang Zheng. Undercover.

Zhao Pengchao notified a few confidants to meet and declared that Ma Hongda would be in charge of the Cosmopolitan Group’s logistics division as general manager. The employees who had no criminal record were collected by Bobcat, and they were all included in Tang Shaowen’s registered subsidiary, and they paid social security and arranged accommodation. Zhao Pengchao spent a lot of energy in order to clean up the company as soon as possible.

Tang Shaowen secretly told Yan Guohua about Zhao Pengchao’s news, and Zhao Pengchao discovered the clue in the free time. After receiving the information, Yan Guohua held a secret meeting to discuss Zhao Pengchao’s intentions. Since Zhao Pengchao wants to pay social security for employees, the social security list will be a new breakthrough. , It happened that He Yidong, the secret investigation team, was familiar with the Social Security Bureau.

Tsuneishi borrowed money from Zhao Pengxiang, Zhao Pengxiang asked Zhao Pengchao for instructions, and Zhao Pengchao indicated that he would follow Tsuneishi and lend as much as he could. Zhao Pengchao also told Tang Shaowen that the internal decision of the group should be kept as little as possible for the memorial.

Chang Zheng invited Xue Wei, the captain of the Second Detachment of Criminal Investigation, to have dinner, and asked Xue Wei to help investigate whether the Four Seas Group had illegal operations during the acquisition process. meeting of people.

Li Bodong quickly told Zhao Pengchao of the meeting between the two and asked Zhao Pengchao to make a dike. Yan Guohua is preparing to investigate the acquisitions of the Sihai Group. Zhang Xiaoming and He Yidong investigate the newly acquired enterprises of the Sihai Group. Guo Liang and Lu Jian are responsible for investigating the original enterprises of the Zhao family, including mining areas, docks, construction companies, and tourism. Peng Duo and Li Mingqi focus on investigation. Sihai Group and the surrounding area of ​​Zhaojia.

Zhao Pengchao decided to popularize legal knowledge to the company’s employees, and confiscated all the guns and tools in Zhao Pengxiang’s hands and handed them over to Sangniu for safekeeping. In the video of Memorial and his father Ji Ji, Ji Ji asked about the relationship between Memorial and Chang Zheng, and Memorial suddenly cried aggrieved. Memorial believes that the Four Seas Group is now thriving and is not willing to give up its career easily. Ji An advised the memorial to think about it again. The next day, Memorial submitted his resignation to Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao could only step back and asked Memorial to stay in the company temporarily until he found a professional lawyer, and Memorial agreed.

Chang Zheng went home for dinner, and asked if the last loan from Chang Shi had been repaid. Chang Shi said that he had started an Internet company, made some money, and had already paid off the arrears, so Chang Zheng did not ask any further questions.

Because of the memorial’s resignation, Chang Zheng was very happy, and ordered a bracelet for the memorial, and then waited for the memorial to get off work at the gate of the Sihai Group. Zhao Pengxiang saw Chang Zheng and instructed the Bobcat to clean up Chang Zheng, and the Bobcat found a reason to deceive Chang Zheng to the gym, Immediately besieged Chang Zheng, and after a fight, Chang Zheng conquered the lynx.

Memorial received a call, the other party claimed to be a memorial classmate named Zhou Chu, saying that Chang Zheng had found a law firm for the memorial in the province and could go to work immediately. Memorial refused, and asked Chang Zheng the reason for it. Memorial was angry because Chang Zheng didn’t discuss it with himself beforehand. The two couldn’t talk about it, and they quarreled unhappily.

After Zhao Pengchao knew about the situation, he blamed Zhao Pengxiang for taking action against Chang Zheng. Zhao Pengxiang took a rogue attitude and said that it was Bobcat’s own idea.

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