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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 14 Recap

The corpse test report came out soon. It was the remains of the 28-year mining accident. Chang Zheng believes that there is no way to start with the old case. If this step can be found, the task has been completed. Please Zhang Qiufeng end his mine accident investigation task, don’t After delaying the time of the task force, Zhang Qiufeng raised all kinds of dissatisfaction and needed to further verify the identity of the deceased, the cause of death and other factors. When he was about to leave Zhang Qiufeng’s office, Jin Yan called and found out that the person in charge of the mining accident was Zhao Xiaosheng. Chang Zheng immediately After packing up the documents, he left Zhang Qiufeng’s office.

The secret investigation team conveyed the news that the person responsible for the accident was Zhao Xiaosheng to Jin Yan. Yan Guohua reminded Jin Yan to raise his spirits and be another pair of glasses for Chang Zheng. Chang Zheng remembered some details of the case. It happened twice. In the first large-scale collapse, a total of 11 people were killed. A few days later, the supervisor Deng Lijun went into the mine to investigate and another mine accident occurred. Chang Zheng suspected that the unidentified bones found this time were probably Deng Lijun’s. Bones, ready to use this as an entry point.

Jin Yan went to the archives to investigate, Deng Lijun’s wife also died seven years ago, so he found Deng Lijun’s son Deng Xiaojun, Deng Xiaojun’s neighbor told Chang Zheng that Deng Xiaojun moved a few nights ago, and before he went to bed, he suddenly heard Deng Xiaojun’s house. The clanging movement disturbed the surrounding neighbors who did not sleep all night. Jin Yan verified that Deng Xiaojun’s move and Zhao Pengcheng’s accident happened on the same day.

Chang Zheng guessed that Zhao Pengcheng may have asked Deng Xiaojun to collect information on the mining accident that night, but it was only a guess. The special team investigated the monitoring of important road sections that night and found no Deng Xiaojun. Zheng then brought Jin Yan to Xiao Chen to find out the situation.

Xiao Chen still disliked Chang Zheng, but when Chang Zheng mentioned that the killing of Zhao Pengcheng and the killing of Chang Ye were probably the same group of people, he handed over the newspaper clippings that Zhao Pengcheng had left before his death to Chang Zheng, and he found the mine accident as expected. The clip of the accident, Jin Yan took to copy, secretly printed an extra copy, ready to hand over to Yan Guohua.

Chang Zheng reported the investigation findings to Xiao Zhenbang. Xiao Zhenbang said that it was a long time ago and there were not many clues left. The investigation of the case might be interrupted at any time. Knowing that Xiao Chen helped Chang Zheng find the information, Xiao Zhenbang reminded Xiao Chen not to have too much with Chang Zheng. intersection.

Chang Zheng was going to start with the operator Fang Tieshi Mining Group, so he brought Jin Yan to Zhao Pengzhan’s office to investigate the case. Zhao Pengzhan asked the lawyer of the group to explain the case, commemorating entering the office and meeting Chang Zheng’s eyes, both of them briefly sorted out the case.

Let’s talk about emotions and thoughts, Zhao Pengzhan introduced the memorial to Chang Zheng, and explained that 28 years ago, Qiongya No. 5 Mine was affiliated to the state-owned Qiongya Mining Group, and it was two completely different corporate entities from the Tieshi Mining Group established later. Therefore, what happened before has nothing to do with Tieshi Group at all.

Chang Zheng said that since Qiongya No. 5 Mine is now owned by Tieshi Group officials, Tieshi Group is obliged to cooperate with the investigation. To commemorate and clarify, before the sale of Qiongya Mining Group, it has undergone several corporate restructuring, and many materials have been lost. Chang Zheng was still unwilling to give in half a step, saying that it is enough to just take out the remaining information on the mine disaster, and commemorate his final statement. If Chang Zheng insists on investigating, he should apply for a formal investigation permit to his superiors.

Zhao Pengchao installed surveillance cameras in Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang’s office ahead of time, and he knew what happened very well.

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