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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 1 Recap

Du Di graduated with a doctorate in obstetrics and gynecology at Shengji Medical College, and is now a resident physician in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shengji Hospital. Wu Congrui and Du Di have been classmates for eight years and are now both resident physicians in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shengji Hospital. Competitors, Du Di followed the chief physician Lin Wei to study, and Wu Congrui’s mentor was the director Huang Yunling.

When Du Di and Wu Congrui came to work early in the morning, they learned from the head nurse that Ye Ying, the doctor who was on the night shift last night, hadn’t helped the mother give birth until now. Su Ye was so anxious that they both came to the delivery room together. Du Di found that the baby’s fetal heart was unstable and the amniotic fluid was very turbid, so Ye Ying arranged for a caesarean section immediately, but her husband refused to do it and insisted on giving birth naturally.

Du Di forced the mother to the operating room and asked Wu Congrui to communicate with the family, and then went to ask the director Huang Yunling. Du Di pushed the mother and trot all the way to the operating room, Ye Ying chased after her closely, the head nurse complained that she was useless, and scolded her severely.

Liu Nianbai came to the hospital to find his good friend Lin Wei, who called him to come to the outpatient clinic. The baby’s fetal heart rate dropped sharply, but Huang Yunling was late. Du Di was worried that both the mother and the fetus would suffocate and die, so he decided to perform the surgery. The nurse reminded her that the resident doctor could not perform the surgery alone. Director Feng of the Neonatology Department then came and urged Du Di to operate as soon as possible, otherwise the life of the fetus was in danger, and Du Di immediately operated on the mother.

Wu Congrui accompanied Huang Yunling to the operating room and found that the elevator was broken, so they had to walk upstairs. Du Di opened the mother’s stomach with the main knife and successfully took out the fetus. Director Feng rescued the fetus, and Huang Yunling arrived in time to personally guide Du Di to complete the operation. The hospital chief Li Junxiao was promoted to the chief doctor. Ye Ying specially prepared a big cake for him, and colleagues celebrated Li Junxiao together.

Huang Yunling and Du Di also came to participate after the operation. The nurse couldn’t help making fun of Ye Ying. Du Di and Li Junxiao were boyfriends and girlfriends, and Ye Ying took the initiative to help Li Junxiao. Lin Wei came over after hearing the news, dug a piece of cake and put it in his mouth, and made fun of Li Junxiao for having to do the thankless job of being hospitalized. The obstetrics and gynecology department has two inpatient chiefs. Although Li Junxiao was promoted, no one took his place as the inpatient chief. He still had to continue to work as the inpatient chief for a year. Li Junxiao was very sad, and Du Di persuaded him with kind words.

Huang Yunling came to Director Tian to report her work, and she was full of praise for Du Di’s medical skills. Du Di was not afraid of danger and helped the mother to have a caesarean section, and the incision was sutured perfectly. Huang Yunling wanted Du Di to be the hospital chief, but she was too bad-tempered and often talked to the mother’s family. Dispute occurs. Although Wu Congrui’s skills can’t be compared with Du Di’s, but she has a smart mind, sweet mouth, and strong ability to communicate and coordinate with the family members of the mother. Huang Yunling didn’t know how to choose. Du Di and Wu Congrui are both eager to try, only when they become hospitalized and can be promoted to the chief doctor smoothly, then they can be regarded as real doctors.

A 19-year-old girl, Li Qiaoer, came to the hospital for an abortion. She was sitting next to Liu Nianbai while she was waiting for a doctor. Seeing that Liu Nianbai was lazy playing games, she took the initiative to help him upgrade. Du Di called Li Qiaoer to come in to see the doctor. Lin Wei had a brief understanding of Li Qiaoer’s situation, and asked Du Di to examine her and ordered a B-ultrasound examination. Du Di was a pity for the young Li Qiaoer, but Lin Wei felt that something was wrong.

The elderly mother came to look for Huang Yunling to deliver her childbirth. Huang Yunling arranged for her student Wu Congrui to be her bedside doctor. She also told Wu Congrui the situation of maternal gestational hypertension and the fact that her husband was not a good person, reminding Wu Congrui to keep an eye on her. Lin Wei looked at Li Qiaoer’s B-ultrasound results and found out that she was ectopic and had to be hospitalized for surgery immediately, and asked her family to sign the consent form. Li Qiaoer revealed that the man only gave her money for abortion, and she had no money to be hospitalized. Lin Wei told her in detail. Risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Du Di mistakenly thought that Liu Nianbai was Li Qiaoer’s boyfriend, so he gave him a lesson without asking indiscriminately. Li Qiaoer hurried over to explain the situation. Liu Nianbai was very angry and turned around to leave. Li Qiaoer borrowed money from him for hospitalization procedures. Li Qiaoer called her boyfriend, but she stopped contacting after her boyfriend gave her the money for the abortion.

Elderly mother Li Ran’s husband bought spicy chicken and came back. He couldn’t wait to ask Wu Congrui if his wife’s high blood pressure was caused by intercourse during pregnancy. Wu Congrui patiently explained to him, but he didn’t expect that he often gave his wife spicy food to give birth to a daughter. His wife entrusted Wu Congrui with full authority. Wu Congrui did not expect him to be so unreliable.

Li Junxiao invited Du Di to eat at the house he rented. Wu Congrui advised Du Di and Li Junxiao to get married as soon as possible, so as not to be preempted by Ye Ying. Du Di did not want to be bound by marriage, and Wu Congrui reminded her to be careful everywhere. Li Junxiao filled the room with candles and knelt down on one knee to propose to Du Di with a ring in hand. Du Di categorically refused. After marriage, a beautiful life with both children and children, Du Di wants to compete for the hospital chief first, and then become a real doctor. She does not want to sacrifice her career because of her family. Li Junxiao feels that it is only natural for a woman to get married and have children. , and finally broke up.

Wu Congrui found out that she was pregnant, and her husband persuaded her to abort the child, otherwise it would affect her future, but Wu Congrui still wanted a child. Huang Yunling took the medical staff to the wards early in the morning. One of the pregnant women wanted to have an abortion because of severe morning sickness. Her mother-in-law disagreed and forcibly fed her various foods. Huang Yunling asked Du Di and Wu Congrui to express their thoughts.

The pregnant woman Chen Ping gave birth to two children in a row, and both died shortly after birth. Her mother-in-law believed that she squeezed the child to death because she was too thin. She was pregnant for the third time, and her mother-in-law insisted on a caesarean section. . The pregnant woman Yuan Ya had passed her due date, but she had to give birth naturally. Du Di explained the stakes to her, but she didn’t listen at all. Du Di was in a hurry, so Wu Congrui hurriedly pulled Du Di out.

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