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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 54 Recap

Xuan Ye didn’t want to lose Ran Qing, so he changed his fate since the first time they met. Xuan Ye was chased and killed, and Ran Qing came to save him in time. Xuan Ye called himself Mu Han, which was the name Ran Qing gave him. The two fell in love at first sight and soon tied the knot. Xuan Ye stole Dianqing’s Seven Lights Divine Jade on their wedding night, Dianqing saw his true face thoroughly, and then walked away angrily. Xuan Ye rushed to the heaven in a rage and killed all the immortals. He got what he wanted to unify the six realms and let Ranqing become the emperor. Ranqing was disheartened and committed suicide on the spot. Xuan Ye could not accept such a result.

Xuan Ye began to revise it again from the wedding night. He stole the Seven Lights Divine Jade that was dyed blue, and vowed to grow old with Ranqing, and the two of them started a happy life. Xuan Ye is busy with official business every day, and Dianqing is very distressed. He wants to pick a beautiful cloudy sky for Xuanye, and accidentally finds that Xuanye has summoned the Shura people to fight around, and wants to unify the six realms to be the lord of the world. Dianqing is very distressed and wants to stop it. Xuan Ye, but she was trapped by Xuan Ye’s Wushuang Mirror, and she was pregnant with Xuan Ye’s child, so she could only bear it temporarily.

A few months later, Ranqing gave birth to his son Ying Yuan, and he handed him over to Emperor Zun to raise him. Ranqing cast a spell on Ying Yuan in advance, hiding the totem of the Shura clan on him, and Ranqing asked Emperor Zun to hide Yingyuan Shura. As a descendant of the clan, she is going to go to Xuan Ye to settle accounts. Emperor Zun is worried that she is not Xuan Ye’s opponent, but Ranqing has made up his mind, and he also asks Emperor Zun to set the heaven rules. , otherwise the punishment will be deepened until you admit your mistake.

Ranqing and Xuan Ye faced each other on the battlefield. Ranqing used a newly created immortal technique – Ran Yue Gong. Unexpectedly, Xuan Ye could easily crack it. Ran Qing suspected that Xuan Ye had used a revolving wheel for her. Confessed, Ranqing persuaded him to give up his ambition to unify the six worlds, Xuan Ye was obsessed, he wanted to use Wushuangjing and Yongye Gong to trap Ranqing again, Ranqing solved it without any effort, and Xuanye knew about Ranqing With the blood of the Shura clan, it was their son Ying Yuan, Ran Qing killed him with the Rensoul Sword while Xuan Ye hesitated, and then blew himself up and died. Emperor Zun cast a spell on the Rensoul sword, not allowing the sword spirit to tell Ying Yuan’s life experience, and sealed the Rensoul sword in the end of the earth.

After listening to Emperor Zun’s story, Ying Yuan vowed to revive Emperor Zun, expose Huan Qin’s conspiracy, and complete the mission of protecting the Three Realms for his mother. Emperor Zun tried his best to stop him. To suppress the brutal nature of Yingyuan’s Shura tribe, the emperor hopes that Yingyuan will keep the last wish of Ranqing in mind and protect the peace of the three worlds well, and Yingyuan will remember them one by one in his heart.

Ying Yuan, Yan Dan and Yu Mo left in the Yuyun boat. Leng Jiang came to plead guilty to Ying Yuan. He had been deceived by Huan Qin for many years. A chess piece left in the world at night. If you want to plant immortal roots in Huan Qin’s body, you must smash the Shura inner alchemy, then drain his blood and replace it with the blood of a god. Even if Huan Qin’s immortal spirit will become a waste in the future, Huan Qin He had already put his life and death aside, and wanted to complete the great cause of the Asura clan to rule the world. Xuan Ye smashed Huanqin Shura Neidan on the spot, and exchanged the blood in his body for the blood of the two captured gods.

After Xuan Ye died, Leng Jiang settled down with the clan and went to Huan Qin to discuss the great cause of restoring the clan. Huan Qin had not been named Xingjun at that time. Ying Yuan clearly remembered that he and Huan Qin fought against the Shura clan. Huan Qin had his arm cut off, and Ying Yuan spent most of his cultivation to help him get his arm. The emperor named Yingyuan the emperor and Huan Qin as Jidu Xingjun, and also gave him a hundred steel mills. Huan Qin found out that Yingyuan had the blood of the Shura clan in his body and persuaded him to leave the heaven. Yingyuan admitted that the emperor had known about him. Identity, because of jealousy and hatred, Huan Qin held a grudge against Yuan from then on.

Leng Jiang persuaded Ying Yuan to take out the Emperor Zun Yuanshen who suppressed him in his body, release the Shura divine power in his body, resurrect those clansmen who died in the battle of creation, and complete the great cause of restoring the clan. Ying Yuan categorically refused, and bound Leng Jiang on the spot, making it clear It is clear that he is the emperor Yingyuan and will never be the young master of the Shura clan. Yan Dan suspected that Tao Ziqi was a spy, and discussed with Ying Yuan a way to test her.

The maid hurriedly came to report to Chaolan that because of the barrier set up by Chaolan, the Shui people could not get in touch with their relatives in the outside world. She was worried that it would cause suspicion in the heavens after a long time. Chaolan asked her to inform everyone that she would put the family letter in Tianhe every day. At that time, Chaolan will open the barrier of Tianhe, and send the family letter to the heaven along the Tianhe. It can not only help everyone pass the family letter, but also eliminate the doubts of the heavenly world. Tao Ziqi hid on the side and heard it clearly.

Tao Ziqi came to Tianhe to deliver a letter, but was caught by Yan Dan, Ying Yuan, and Yu Mo. Yu Mo took the letter back. Tao Ziqi made all kinds of sophistry, and Yan Dan believed that she was a spy sent by the fake emperor Huan Qin. , let her be locked up. The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals surrounded Nanhai in groups, Chaolan asked Yu Mo and the others to escape from the secret passage, Yan Dan had to take Tao Ziqi with him.

Yu Mo and his party entered the secret passage, and the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Swords quickly chased after them. Yan Dan suspected that there was something wrong with Tao Ziqi’s wound. Ying Yuan found that there was chasing incense on the arrow. According to the chasing after the cinnamon, Tao Ziqi defended in every possible way, and he had to prove his innocence by death. Yu Mo wanted to kill Tao Ziqi in a fit of anger, and Yan Dan wanted to leave Tao Ziqi behind to find out the truth of the battle between the immortals and demons.

The four of Yu Mo and his party passed the secret passage smoothly. As soon as they set foot on the Yuyun boat, Taiyou Xingjun arrived with the heavenly soldiers. He attacked Yuyunzhou with the Qingyi Ding, and Yan Dan jumped off the boat regardless of his body and fought with Taiyou Xingjun. , to cover Yu Mo and Ying Yuan’s departure by boat, Yan Dan gradually lost his support and was taken away by Taiyou Xingjun.

Huan Qin came to Yan Dan to play chess. Yan Dan couldn’t wait to know what conspiracy and tricks he used to make Tao Ziqi sacrifice his life for him. Huan Qin didn’t want to explain too much, and urged Yan Dan to solve the chess game as soon as possible, so that she could see the answer with her own eyes. Yuan was killed, Yan Dan wanted to kill Huan Qin, but was subdued by Huan Qin on the spot.

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