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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 51 Recap

Ying Yuan opened the coffin of Jidu Xingjun Huanqin and found that his fairy spirit was also gone. Ying Yuan concluded that he was not killed in battle, but was also killed by a mysterious person like Xianjun Beiming. At this moment, the bell of the heavenly world rang nine times in a row, which was unprecedented in the heavenly world for millions of years. The last time the bell rang was when the battle between the Immortals and Demons was won. Ying Yuan guessed that something major happened. Remind Ying Yuan to go to Lingxiao Palace as soon as possible. Before leaving, Ying Yuan ordered no one to leave Yanxu Temple without his permission.

Ying Yuan came to Lingxiao Hall. The immortals had been waiting for a long time. The emperor excused that after Ying Yuan returned to the throne, a lot of strange things happened. He questioned Ying Yuan at the request of the immortals. Yingyuan had nowhere to escape, and the immortals could speak freely. Taiyou Xingjun first stood up to impeach Yingyuan, accusing him that he never asked about the defense of the heavens, and was obsessed with the world. Marshal Huode defended Yingyuan, and Yingyuan publicly stated that the emperor had relieved him of his errands, and he went to the mortal world many times just to In order to investigate the real culprit who harmed him, Marshal Huo De was surprised, but he didn’t expect that anyone would dare to harm Ying Yuan.

Yan Dan heard the bell, but could not find Ying Yuan, thinking that she had been found out about her impersonation as Zhixi, and worried that Ying Yuan would be punished for bringing her to the heaven without authorization. Qing Yun hurriedly came to report to Yan Dan, Ying Yuan was called by Emperor Zun to ask questions, and he also sent heavenly soldiers to surround Lingxiao Palace, Taiyou Xingjun was attacking Ying Yuan, and Yan Dan was very anxious.

Yan Dan pretended to be Zhixi and came to Lingxiao Palace, Taiyou Xingjun was questioning Yingyuan, no one would harm Yingyuan at all, Yingyuan went down to the mortal world not to investigate the case, but to meet a witch, Qingyun pushed Zhixi out , Zhixi repeatedly explained that she and Ying Yuan had no affair, and that Emperor Zun had also tested it with the broken love line, and Xianjun Yueyao also stood up to testify for Zhixi. Emperor Zun had already seen that Zhixi was pretending to be Yan Dan. , let her appear in public.

Emperor Zun believed that Yan Dan and Ying Yuan had an affair. Yan Dan repeatedly explained that the reason for returning to the heaven was to find out the cause of Lu Ming’s death. Emperor Zun didn’t believe it at all and wanted to verify her and Ying Yuan on the spot. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan held both ends of the broken love line, and the broken love line was not broken. Ying Yuan admitted in public that he had a deep love for Yan Dan and was willing to accept punishment. Emperor Zun was willing to fulfill the two of them and let them go to the mortal world to be husband and wife. Ying Yuan still had important things to do. Emperor Zun insisted that Ying Yuan’s suspended animation was for Yan Dan, and they also worked together to kill Lu Ming.

Yan Dan admitted that Lu Ming was her good friend, and she would never harm Lu Ming. Ying Yuan saw the true face of Emperor Zun thoroughly. He took out the shark bead tears left by Lu Ming, and Yan Dan opened the picture, Emperor Zun said. He killed Lu Ming with his own hands, and all the immortals talked a lot. Ying Yuan took out Jin Chanyi and publicly exposed that Emperor Zun deliberately provoked a war between immortals and demons. When Jiu Yao was in a row, he used Jin Chanyi to absorb the immortal spirits of Beiming Xianjun and Jidu Xingjun and others to cultivate the evil spirit. Emperor Zun made all kinds of quibbles, Ying Yuan took out Yu Mo’s last nine-fin dragon scale, and let Emperor Zun hold it in his hand to prove his innocence.

Emperor Zun called Tao Ziqi to testify against Ying Yuan. Tao Ziqi framed Ying Yuan for meeting with the evil god in private during the battle between the immortals and demons. He wanted to join forces to overthrow Emperor Zun and replace him. With the three emperors, they also killed her to silence her. Thanks to the emperor who saved her, Marshal Huo De stood up to defend Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan saw that Emperor Zun borrowed Tao Ziqi to divert his attention, and insisted that Emperor Zun use the nine-fin dragon scale to verify it.

Emperor Zun turned his face on the spot, framed Ying Yuan for killing Lu Ming who knew his true identity, and restored the Asura totem on Ying Yuan’s forehead on the spot. He is the son of Xuan Ye, the lord of the Shura clan. Yan Dan testified for Ying Yuan. She saw with her own eyes that Ying Yuan bound the Kunlun tree by himself, and the Rensoul Sword came out to attach itself to Ying Yuan. Yan Dan told Ying Yuan’s righteous killing of his relatives in the battle of the immortals and demons. With his contribution to the peace of the Three Realms, Marshal Huo De and Xianjun Yueyao believe that Ying Yuan is different from those Shura people who kill without blinking an eye.

Emperor Zun claimed that he was waiting for Yingyuan to enter and exit, but Yingyuan actually wanted to join forces with the demons to overthrow him. Ying Yuan was very distressed. He knew from a young age that he was of the blood of the Shura family, so he had always fulfilled his duties to be a good emperor, thinking of the people of the world. It was not until he met Yan Dan that he realized that he was a living Ying Yuan. Thinking that the emperor has such an unbearable side, the nine-fin dragon scales and the golden cicada wings are iron proofs that the emperor has cultivated the universe.

Emperor Zun was speechless by Ying Yuan. He asked Tao Ziqi to testify against Ying Yuan again. Tao Ziqi kept claiming that the evil god Xuanxiang was still alive. uproar. Marshal Huo De couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Xuanxiang, Tao Ziqi asked him to ask Yingyuan, Yan Dan made it clear that Xuanxiang did not provoke the war between fairy and demon, but Shuohua pretended to be what he did with puppet art.

The emperor asked the land master to testify, and the land master accused Yan Dan and Ying Yuan of robbing the county annals, and also asked him about the battle between the fairy and the devil. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan conspired and made deviant things. Emperor Zun convicted Ying Yuan of treason, and ordered him to be taken to the Heavenly Punishment Platform to be punished with the blade of resentment. Marshal Huo De and Xianjun Yueyao interceded for Ying Yuan, and Emperor Zun cut off their immortal positions on the spot. Punish them to think behind closed doors, and no one is allowed to intercede for Ying Yuan again, otherwise they will also be sentenced to the punishment of resentment.

Ying Yuan picked up the nine-fin dragon scale and went straight to the emperor, to verify on the spot that he was the real murderer, Taiyou Xingjun held Yan Danxiang and threatened, Yan Dan persuaded Yingyuan to leave her alone. The Heavenly Soldiers suddenly rushed in and surrounded them. Ying Yuan reassured Yan Dan that the two of them would be fine, and threw the nine-fin dragon scale on the ground and caught them.

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