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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 3 Recap

Yuan Wu is smart and excellent, and has a harmonious family. He was admitted to a key university with a score of 659 in the college entrance examination, and successfully entered a famous company under the careful care of his parents. It was such a seemingly promising man who originally had an enviable job and marriage, but eventually lost at the gambling table and lost all his family’s savings, resulting in the separation of his wife and children and the separation of his parents.

Every time he passed by Yang Mo’s primary school, Yuan Wu would stay outside the guardrail for a while, thinking about his daughter Tingting, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. But in a flash, he disappeared without a trace. After attending the parent-teacher conference, Yang Yuan learned from the teacher that the child’s lack of concentration in class may be more due to the pressure caused by various cram schools.

Yang Yuan hid the truth from his wife and bought a pet dog to accompany Yang Mo. Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. Tao Fang still found the transcript and was furious. Although Yang Yuan tried to persuade him, he could not change the outcome of sending the dog away, but the pet dog Hulu broke free from the cage and ended up being hit by a car to death.

At the same time, Lin Chuping noticed the abandoned fish tank in the living room, so she thought of finding an opportunity for someone to remove it. Father Yuan was embarrassed to trouble her and said that he would let his son handle it. After Lin Chuping left, Yuan’s father took the initiative to mention his granddaughter Tingting. The biggest wish in his life was to hope that Yuan Wu could make money to buy a house. At that time, he could go to his uncle for help with the decoration.

However, in Yuan Wu’s view, the down payment for buying a house was completely astronomical, and it was something he would not dare to expect in his life. With the sound of the stick falling to the ground, it gradually merged into Yuan Wu’s heartbeat, causing him to wake up like a dream, and hurriedly pulled out the quick-acting heart-saving pill from the cabinet, but to no avail.

After an unknown amount of time, Yuan Wu took out his mobile phone from his jacket pocket and stared at 120 on the screen, so many memories weighed him down that he could hardly breathe. Later, Yuan’s father stopped breathing completely. Since the moment Yuan Wu gave up making calls to receive his pension, it was too late, perhaps even earlier than that moment.

Father’s corpse, mother’s portrait, these two relatives he valued, once lost their vital signs, they would not be as practical as a piece of paper. Yuan Wu was like a walking corpse, walking in the darkness leading to the “Great Friend”, Yang Mo did not ask the whereabouts of the pet dog, and left by his side in disappointment. This scene fell into Xu Enhuai’s sight.

The Dayou chess and card room continued to operate, the shutters were two-thirds closed, and the lights extended from below to Yuan Wu’s feet. Yuan Wu hesitated for a moment, and finally got in. The heating made people feel warm throughout the body, and because of this, he became dazed, swaying between the illusory and the real world.

Yuan Wu was in a hurry when he went out, and a large stack of cash was rolled up in his pocket. He wanted to take out a few ticket money, but the banknotes seemed to be scattered all over the place. Xiaohong arranged for Yuan Wu to play a different way from the daytime. There was only one table in the smoky box, and there was a man in his forties sitting opposite, dressed in gold and silver and had a lot of money, surrounded by a group of younger brothers.

After a few rounds, Yuan Wu still couldn’t concentrate as usual, and couldn’t even remember the card face, instead he had hallucinations. It is also because he has a face regardless of whether he wins or loses, and there is no way for his opponent to analyze the details, so the man becomes more and more emboldened and simply gives up the gamble. The onlookers booed everywhere, and the man turned his head subconsciously. It turned out that Yuan Wu’s hole card was even smaller than his points.

Xiaohong took back the chips, took out the cash and gave it to Yuan Wu, and invited him to dinner. Although Xiaohong is nominally the proprietress, she is actually the “Dayou” boss hired to watch the shop, and the more gamblers she contacts in this environment, the more she feels that Yuan Wu is different. Xiaohong had no way of knowing what happened to Yuan Wu, but only persuaded him that if he wanted to win, he must remember to hide his hole cards.

The fog did not dissipate at all. Yuan Wu took advantage of the night to walk home. When he saw the body of the pet dog Hulu, he wrapped it in clothes and buried it without hesitation. Under the thick fog, a solitary block glowed with white light with blurred borders. When he left the house, he did not turn off the lights. Yuan Wu returned to room 301, only to feel cold all over his body, trembling uncontrollably, and relying on drugs to make his emotions Calm down.

Mother’s advice, father’s advice, and even Xiaohong’s words echoed in Yuan Wu’s ears over and over again, giving him magic power, causing him to lose his mind. Therefore, my father has passed away, and this matter is only known to me, and must not be noticed by outsiders. Yuan Wu took the key from his father and opened the mahogany box in the room, where various documents were neatly placed, as well as a bank card that could receive pensions every month.

Due to the surveillance outside, Yuan Wu couldn’t take his father’s body out, so he leaned beside the rattan chair bewildered and bewildered, crying about his last resort. The next morning, the sun shone into the room, and his father’s body disappeared out of thin air. Yuan Wu carried a heavy rattan chair and walked to the suburbs. Just as he was about to bury himself, he suddenly found many glaring neighbors standing behind him.

After waking up from the nightmare, Yuan Wu opened his eyes and saw his father lying on the rattan chair. A tile fell off the bathroom. Yuan Wu followed the sound to piece together the tile pattern. The black hole on the wall attracted him to look closer, as if he saw a very terrifying picture.

Two hours and 30 minutes after Yang Mo disappeared, it was nearly twelve o’clock and there were few vehicles on the road. Yang Yuan stepped up the accelerator and drove towards Xu Enhuai’s middle school. At the beginning, Yang Yuan served as Xu Enhuai’s father to participate in the parent-teacher meeting, and every time he left the school under the envious eyes of the parents, even Teacher An was full of praise for Xu Enhuai’s achievements. But now Xu Enhuai did not make Yang Yuan feel relieved, but rather fearful, because he learned through Teacher An that Xu Enhuai had asked for leave, which meant that it was very likely that Yang Mo’s disappearance was the culprit.

Anger and disappointment hit, Yang Yuan hurriedly contacted Tao Fang who was still in the traffic brigade, Lu Shiming found Xu Enhuai’s figure in the surveillance, and determined that she was going to Beihu by car at 9:17. Yang Yuan rushed to Beihu as soon as he received the news. According to the waiter’s oral testimony, Xu Enhuai had been here, but he was also looking for the boy Yang Mo.

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