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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 11 Recap

At the leadership transition meeting of Tieshi Group, Hana, on behalf of the government, thanked Tieshi Group for the growth of Changwu’s GDP. Zhao Xiaosheng watched the meeting through video, with a rare satisfied smile on his face. Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang, as the chairman and general manager, gave speeches on the stage respectively. Zhao Pengzhan emphasized that he would take out all his personal property to expand reproduction for the company.

Zhao Pengchao has been listening quietly in the audience. At the end of the meeting, Han Ya praised Zhao Pengchao for not joining the leadership team of Tieshi Group. When the two were talking, Chang Zheng, who had just walked out of the conference room, came towards him.

Seeing Chang Zheng, Han Ya asked with concern about what Chang Zheng was wanted some time ago. , Chang Zheng called Han Ya “Mother Han” and said that he would have time to explain it later. The two were very familiar with each other. Zhao Pengchao asked about the relationship between Han Ya and Chang Zheng. Han Ya had to have a meeting and left Tieshi Group first.

Qiu Tao reported to Zhao Pengchao that a female policeman was asking about him by the river. Zhao Pengchao signaled that Qiu Tao would take the plan and follow the other party’s idea. When Chang Zheng saw Qiu Tao, he thanked Qiu Tao for the timely video and invited him to dinner. . Qiu Tao remembered Zhao Pengchao’s order just now, and readily agreed. But I thought that providing the video was Zhao Pengchao’s idea, and I should thank Zhao Pengchao. Chang Zheng turned to Zhao Pengchao and said that he had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When Chang Zheng and Qiu Tao were eating, Qiu Tao told Chang Zheng that Chang Zheng in his eyes was like an eagle among birds, with good eyesight, fast speed, and suspicious nature. When the show was over, Qiu Tao pretended to be drunk, and Chang Zheng stopped the taxi and sent Qiu Tao away.

Zhao Pengzhan’s speech made Zhao Pengxiang restless. One of the people who usually digs Soso, even emptied his assets. Zhao Pengxiang believed that Zhao Pengzhan must be conspiring with Zhao Pengchao. When he returned to the office, he kicked Zhao Pengzhan’s wheelchair angrily, and even used force. Threats, Zhao Pengzhan understands Zhao Pengxiang’s style of doing things, and really annoys him. He can do everything, and then he tells the actual situation. Zhao Pengxiang believes that since Zhao Pengchao wants to clean up the Zhao family, there must be a lot of hard work and hard work. These things are his own survival situation.

Zhao Pengchao returned to Zhaojiawei and first asked Zhao Xiaosheng about the relationship between Han Ya and Chang Zheng. Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengchao that Han Ya and Chang Zheng’s mother Lin Bai were best friends. , the two are better than sisters.

Chang Zheng quietly exported a lot of photos from Qiu Tao’s mobile phone, and asked Jin Yan to compare them to verify whether the photos were stolen or real. Chang Zheng felt regretful that Qiu Tao couldn’t get through this road, and he had to find another direction.

Lin Bai asked the memorial to come to the house for dinner, and also asked Chang Zheng to go home and meet the memorial to show his attitude to the memorial. Chang Zheng returned home on time, and the memorial mentioned that he should thank Zhao Pengchao. Chang Zheng was not too happy, and asked about the next step of the memorial, and the memorial told Chang Zheng that he had obtained the domestic lawyer qualification certificate and was going to follow Zhao Pengchao in the Iron Stone Mining Group. Be legal counsel. Chang Zheng objected, and the two had differences of opinion, and each finished a meal with their own thoughts.

Back at the police station, Chang Zheng took Jin Yan to the procuratorate to find Xiao Chen, and wanted to check Zhao Pengcheng’s computer, but Xiao Chen rejected Chang Zheng and drove Chang Zheng out of the office directly. When Jin Yan went to the toilet, Chang Zheng left the procuratorate alone and sent a message to apologize, and the two reconciled as before. To commemorate taking Zhao Pengchao’s car back to the company, Zhao Pengchao described his determination to rectify family affairs, and also said that he would take the memorial to a mysterious place.

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