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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 2 Recap

Living independently since childhood, with excellent academic performance, and because of his good personality, sensible and polite, Xu Enhuai will always be a “children’s family”. In Xu Enhuai’s view, Yang Mo is a ray of sunshine that shines into her life, and Yang Yuan and his wife are like two towering trees. After experiencing countless storms, they still cling to each other and tolerate the sunshine forever.

The first time I met the father and son of the Yang family, it was undoubtedly in the dark and crowded corridor. Xu Enhuai saw the father and son playing and sparring upstairs. Yang Yuan vaguely remembered seeing this girl a few times, but he only knew that she was in junior high school, and she was living in room 302 with her father, Xu An. Since Xu An was a salesman in the building materials city, she often went out early and returned late.

Yang Mo suffers from ADHD. In fact, as the name suggests, he is unable to concentrate on anything, including study. Yang Yuan really paid a lot for his son, and all the family affairs fell on him. After 5:30, he started to prepare meals again, but found that he still forgot to buy salt today.

As usual, Yang Yuan explained to his son, put on his shoes and went out, the girl was still in the corridor. In the winter evening, the stairs were already very dark. Yang Yuan heard that Xu Enhuan forgot to bring the key to the house, and took the initiative to invite her to his house for a while, but was politely refused.

On the other hand, when Yang Mo learned about this, he only took half a minute to persuade Xu Enhuai to lead her into the house. Xu Enhuai was also very obedient and obedient, and took the initiative to help Yang Mo with his homework, and also helped to clean up the dishes after eating. In the winter of that year, under the warm hospitality of Yang Yuan and his wife, Xu Enhuai naturally became a frequent visitor to the Yang family. She longed for this kind of warmth, but because she was too eager, she had unknowingly changed from a little girl in the shade to a girl in the shade of a tree. Dark clouds blocking the sun.

Now that 1 hour and 10 minutes have passed since Yang Mo disappeared, Xu Enhuai nervously took out the key and opened the door under everyone’s attention. Tao Fang rushed in first, followed by the others. The interior was simply furnished, clean and tidy. The dining room, corridor and living room were unobstructed. Even the master bedroom and balcony had nowhere to hide.

Since Xu Enhuai’s bedroom is locked, she needs to open the door with a key. Compared with the master bedroom, there is a desk in the room, handicrafts, stationery, and piles of books that girls like. From the wardrobe to the bottom of the bed was still empty, and the couple’s last hope was dashed.

Zhang Ye found a familiar group photo on the desk. It was Yang Yuan and his wife, Yang Mo and Xu Enhuai. Tao Fang was too excited and was first taken out of Xu’s house by the police. At this time, Xu An was returning from the outside, his eyes fell on everyone’s faces in turn, and he answered questions cautiously and calmly.

Xu Enhuai shrunk her head like an ostrich, not daring to look directly at her father, until Yang Yuan reminded her that she should go to school, then she hurried out with a book in her hand, and recalled her Saturday agreement with Yang Mo on the bus. The neighborhood committee is responsible for printing the missing person notice and posting it to various owner groups. Most of the enthusiastic people help to forward it, and there is no other way.

Here, Zhang Ye reported the ins and outs to Lu Shiming, his original intention was to maintain Yang Yuan’s image as a good father, but Lu Shiming, as an experienced and rigorous old police officer in handling cases, inevitably put him on the suspect list. Lu Shiming brought the police officers to the door to understand the situation with Yang Yuan and his wife, and took out the ticket records purchased by Yang Yuan. Although Tao Fang was very angry, he quickly calmed down and cleared the suspicion for her husband.

There were very few clues in the monitoring room. Zhang Ye stared at the screen until Xu Anzheng’s Toyota car fell into view and caught her attention. Looking at Xu Anzheng’s identity information, he found that it took no more than 16 minutes to drive from his work place to his residence, and basically 13 minutes to arrive. Why did he show up after 40 minutes, this is the real thing breaking point.

After the simple question and answer, Tao Fang went to the police station with Lu Shiming and others, while Yang Ming stood alone in the corridor, looking at the door of Xu’s house, thinking from far to near, magnifying Xu Enhuai’s strange words and deeds infinitely in his mind. Thinking of the torn page in the workbook, it seems that the answer is slowly sprouting from the bottom of my heart.

Seven days before Yang Mo disappeared, the father and son of the Yang family were still driving, one to go to school and the other to go to work. The flowing car window scene reflected Yuan Wu’s thin and tall figure. In the early morning, the street was still a vast expanse of white, and at noon it would occasionally appear pale gold, and then it turned into a cigarette butt with sparks in the chess and card room, from one, two to countless.

With the appearance of Yuan Wu, the number of customers in the Dayou chess and card room became more and more, and he was the “God of Gamblers” that everyone passed on. Seeing that it was almost time to get off work, Yuan Wu went to the counter with a briefcase to check out. The proprietress, Xiaohong, wanted to chat with him, but the response he got was still lukewarm.

Since Yuan Wu got divorced and became famous in the village for gambling, he brought his old father to the city and lied that he had found a job, but he was only in the internship period and had no formal salary. However, Yuan Wu is not an employee and has no extra income. On the contrary, he is very poor. He “commutes to and from get off work” on time every day. Compared with the panic of exhausting all his strength and failing completely, he prefers the feeling of winning and losing, at least not because of luck. There will be blows and setbacks.

Walking out of the chess and card room and heading home, Yuan Wu will pass by Yang Mo’s primary school and where Lin Chuping works. The reason why he didn’t go back by car was because he didn’t have enough money to buy food, and even the rent had to be paid to his old father. ask for. Lin Chuping was involved in a car accident on the way here. Fortunately, no one was in serious trouble. It was suspected that a puppy had died. It was the pet dog Tao Fang asked her husband to send away.

Because Father Yuan’s knee joint was worn out and deformed, he had to walk with a cane. The old man was very talkative and kind, so every time Lin Chuping came to pick up the rent, he would chat with him for a while, and didn’t leave until Yuan Wu came back. Lin Chuping came downstairs and suddenly received a call from Lin Wenzhao, telling her not to go to Qinglan Garden alone again.

In room 301, the father and son of the Yuan family were sitting at the table and eating. The old father taught him earnestly that he hoped his son could work stably and consider his life-long affairs. Otherwise, how would Yuan Wu live if he was absent one day. Thinking of this, Father Yuan’s tears welled up in his eyes. He walked to the living room alone and sat on a rattan chair. The TV was playing a documentary about bird migration, but he still couldn’t hide his snoring.

While Yuan Wu was cleaning the dishes in the sink, he vaguely noticed a strange silence. His father’s snoring seemed to soften, and in the end it was silent. When he approached slowly, his father still maintained the position he had just before, but his chest no longer rose and fell, and the walking stick fell to his feet, giving out a crisp, shocking despair.

That night, Yang Mo took the dog leash to search for snoring, but he didn’t notice the man behind him at all. When he turned around, he saw Yuan Wu’s obscure expression and subconsciously asked him if he had seen a pet dog. At this moment, Yuan Wu suddenly woke up, and the image of himself digging a hole in the lawn appeared in his memory.

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