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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 1 Recap

The seemingly ordinary morning, mixed with a trace of haze, shrouded the high and low residential buildings. The autumn equinox has passed, the night and the sleeves have grown longer, and there are still a few distant rooster crowings before the sunrise, but the footsteps in the corridor are gradually approaching, followed by another burst of urgency and frequency.

The floor lamp was accompanied by the shaking of the schoolbag pendant; the friction between the garbage bags, the light and dark flickered, just a few rounds of going downstairs. The dark red wooden door, with the bright red couplet attached to it, and the center of the plaque of the civilized family on both sides: Room 401, a nightmare that was enough to make him fall into an endless cycle.

The disappearing child episode 1 stills
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The smog extended to the bridge, chasing Yuan Wu’s figure into the warehouse of the construction site, Yuan Wu stuffed two tiles into his briefcase, and then walked towards the residential building. A man knocked on the door of room No. 301. Obviously, there was no response in the room. Instead, Yuan Wu was deliberately covering himself up.

The man called his sister Lin Chuping, explained the tenant’s situation to her, and urged her to go on a blind date on the weekend. Although Lin Chuping wanted to resign on the grounds that she was busy with work, she had no choice but to agree to meet because of her sister-in-law’s wishes. Colleague Wu Jun heard that Lin Chuping was going on a blind date. On the surface, he was calm, but in fact he was restless.

After a while, Wu Jun came to the end of the corridor to smoke. Lin Chuping’s eyes stayed on him until he left, and then he hurried to check the trash can. However, there were countless cigarette butts in it. It was really difficult for Lin Chuping to find the cigarette butts stained with Wu Jun’s saliva.

It was seven o’clock in the morning when Yang Yuan got up from the bed, and the photos on the bedside table stood out, only his wife Tao Fang’s constant reprimands were really unbearable. After more than ten years of marriage, the love is far less than that before the love, especially when the son Yang Mo was born, the small family has ushered in a new life, and at the same time it is also facing endless troubles.

Tao Fang runs a cosmetics store in the downtown area. The main business is concentrated at night, and there is no time to help children with homework. It can be seen that Yang Mo’s academic performance is very poor, and there are great obstacles in self-management. At first, Yang Yuan thought that this was the child’s normal temperament, and it was not a big problem at all, until he took his son to the hospital for examination.

In order to take better care of Yang Mo, as a father, Yang Yuan took the initiative to apply for a job transfer, preferring to have relatively free working hours with a salary cut, and in order to make up for the reduced salary, he was still designing the platform to take some scattered jobs on weekdays. . Because of this, lack of sleep is the problem that Yang Yuan faces, in addition to that, there are frequent dental attacks, and the time and cost are unbearable embarrassment for him.

Before going out, Tao Fang specially bought new clothes for her in order to thank Xu Enhuai for tutoring Yang Mo with her homework. Although Tao Fang is usually involved in the exchange of rituals, Xu Enhuai’s family is only her and her father, so this task is left to her husband. Inertia pushed Yang Mo downstairs, carrying a schoolbag in one hand and a garbage bag in the other, and drove the car next to the entrance of the stairs. How could he know that his son did not appear for a long time, as if he disappeared into the corridor out of thin air.

The disappearing child episode 1 stills
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Qinglan Garden is a resettlement community with multi-storey residences. Yang Yuan’s family lives in 401. There are no residents upstairs, and Xu Enhuai’s house is downstairs. After Yang Yuan learned that Yang Mo was missing, he and Tao Fang immediately returned to the house to search for a corner where they could hide, including asking the residents on every floor, but still found nothing.

In an instant, Tao Fang’s sharp voice resounded throughout the corridor, attracting many neighbors to watch, and urging Yang Yuan to call the police one after another. Yang Yuan confusedly called the police. The police car arrived at 8:15. The two policemen who got out of the car were headed by Zhang Ye, a policewoman from Xicheng Police Station.

Yang Yuan recounted the incident in three words. Zhang Ye informed others to call for surveillance, and then went upstairs to check the doors, windows and rooms of Yang Yuan’s house. He glanced at Yang Yuan, who was slightly nervous, and noticed that he had put a sheet of paper in his pocket. monad. Zhang Ye saw that there were four people in the group photo, namely Yang Yuan and his wife, Yang Mo, and the girl was Xu Enhuai.

As for why Xu Enhuai was in the group photo, there is no way to know at the moment. From Yang Yuan’s words, Zhang Ye probably understood that Xu Enhuai and Yang Mo had a good relationship, but after having dinner at Yang Yuan’s house last night, she could not find the door. key. Yang Yuan felt that Yang Mo was very likely to steal the key, Zhang Ye didn’t have time to think about it, he went directly to Room 302, and there was still no response when he knocked on the door. He simply observed the light changes in the cat’s eyes to determine whether the child was hiding in the room .

Neither Yang Yuan nor his wife noticed the change in the light. Xu Enhuai’s father would not be able to come back until 40 minutes later. At present, he can only pin his hopes on the surveillance. He didn’t expect that Building 17 was in a blind spot for surveillance, which meant that he wanted to find Yang Moji through surveillance. It is impossible.

The residents of the community have made a lot of trouble with the property over this matter, and the property manager is also aggrieved. It was obvious that the location of the installation monitoring was determined with the consent of everyone, but now it is troublesome. Zhang Ye asked the manager for the list of owners, and immediately called back to the police station to ask for reinforcements, and then questioned Yang Yuan and his wife, including residents who had had friction with Yang Yuan’s family before.

However, there was nothing suspicious about this family. Instead, they provided clues about Yang Yuan and his wife’s preparation for divorce. Zhang Ye checked Yang Mo’s schoolbag, workbook and other items and found that a page had been torn. It has become a fact that Yang Yuan’s relationship has broken down, but he rarely quarrels in front of the children. The most recent violent quarrel was caused by a pet dog. Tao Fang felt that raising a dog would delay the child’s study, so she insisted on sending it away despite Yang Yuan’s obstruction.

Yuan Wushou peeked downstairs by the window, and was relieved to see the police car leaving. He then locked the door, deliberately turned the TV louder, and smashed the bathroom wall with an axe. After all this was over, Yuan Wu went to the warehouse to pick up tiles as usual, but because the last few tiles were scrapped, he had to go to the building materials city to select tiles of the same pattern, and finally purchased 21 tiles.

Lin Chuping went home to eat with his brother and sister-in-law, but when the sister-in-law mentioned Qinglan Garden, the expressions of Lin Chuping and her brother changed significantly. Lin Chuping owns a house in Qinglan Garden, which is now rented to Yuan Wu and his son, but the father and son have completely opposite personalities. Brother Lin Wenzhao learned that the water and gas valve of the rental house was faulty, and promised to come to repair it in person tomorrow.

Police Xiang Yi found something strange in the lawn at the fence of the community and contacted Zhang Ye in time. The captain Lu Shiming received the news and arrived at the first time. Tao Fang looked at the many police officers and onlookers at the bottom of the building and rushed out immediately. Fortunately, it was not a child buried in the soil, but Tao Fang had to send away before. pet dog carcass.

Tao Fang dragged her tired body upstairs. Even though her parents were already on their way, she was still suffering. Waiting every minute and second meant that the child’s danger was increasing sharply. Zhang Ye began to suspect Yang Yuan, asked to check the trunk of the car, and took out Yang Yuan to buy a train ticket to Jiaxing. The passenger list was only for him and Yang Mo.

Therefore, Zhang Ye has reason to think that the divorce of the husband and wife will inevitably involve competition for the custody of the children, and Yang Yuan’s suspicion cannot be ruled out. In order to prove his innocence, Yang Yuan truthfully explained the reason, and took out the list previously hidden in his pocket. It turned out to be a prescription to prove that Yang Mo suffers from ADHD. At this time, a girl came across, it was Xu Enhuai who lived in Room 302. Zhang Ye and others followed Xu Enhuai upstairs, watching her take out the door key.

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