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Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传 Episode 4 Recap

The incense was placed in the Nanlan Temple, and a secret letter was entrusted to the old monk in the temple, asking him to warn Miao Renfeng. Hu Fei recognized Nanlan and knew that the letter contained a secret about harming Miao Renfeng, and he wanted to meet him. Miao Renfeng, unraveling the mystery of the cause of her parents’ death. Hu Fei gets a letter to look for Miao Renfeng, but on the way, he encounters Miao Ruolan, who runs away from home and wants to find her mother, and dresses up as a little beggar.

Ruolan insisted on recognizing Hu Fei as the eldest brother and walking with her. Ruolan Bingxue was smart and cute, and Hu Fei also loved her very much. The two came to Miaojiazhuang, and Hu Fei handed the letter and Ruolan back to Miao Renfeng, and the guards who had been in ambush released colorful butterflies.

Hu Fei volunteered to visit the King of Poisonous Medicine and find an antidote for Miao Renfeng. Before the enemy, Miao Renfeng felt that Hu Fei was a heroic hero, trusted him very much, and entrusted Ruolan to Hu Fei to take care of him. Miaojiazhuang was reduced to ashes in the sea of ​​fire. Hu Fei believed that Miao Renfeng was safe, and took Ruolan to Dongting Lake to find the King of Poisonous Medicine.

Nan Lan learned about the news of Miaojiazhuang and quarreled with Tian Guinong. Tian revealed his true face. Nan Lan committed suicide in grief, anger and shame. Hu Fei Ruolan came to Dongting Lake and met the three heroes of the Zhong family who also came to visit Yaowang. Everyone found Yaowang Valley together. At Gukou, they met Cheng Lingsu dressed as a village girl. Lingsu asked everyone to help water the fields, but only Hu Fei helped. . Under the guidance of Lingsu, several people came to Yaowang Valley, and all of them were poisoned at the mouth of the valley. Only Hu Fei was safe and sound, and Hu Fei saw Cheng Lingsu when he entered the valley.

Hu Fei knows that Lingsu is very human, and wants Lingsu to detoxify Ruolan and others, but Lingsu instructs Hu Fei and Ruolan to do some chores. It turns out that Lingsu has been testing their hearts and sweating is the only way to detoxify. Su’s medical knowledge and scheming wisdom are greatly admired. One night, the Valley of the King of Medicine changed, and several brothers and sisters of Lingsu forced Lingsu to hand over the secret master’s secret seven hearts.

Haitang’s recipe rescued the elder brother’s son, Hu Fei Fang knew that Lingsu was the closed disciple of the King of Medicine, and the King of Poisonous Medicine was an upright and kind person. Lingsu’s brothers and sisters were greedy for their greed, so that the poison of the King of Medicine spread in the rivers and lakes, leaving a bad name. . Lingsu resolves the crisis with wisdom and rescues Luo Bing, the head of the Tiehua Club. Lingsu wants Hu Fei Ruolan to leave, but Hu Fei knows that brother and sister Lingsu will go back to trouble Lingsu, and decides to secretly return to Yaowang Valley to help.

Hu Fei returned to Yaowang Valley. Brother Lingsu’s son was dead. Lingsu knew that the feud was over. She made up and walked with Hu Fei Ruolan to avoid being chased by her fellow clan. I rushed back to Miaojiazhuang and saw that Miao Renfeng left a secret code.

Following the guide to find Miao Renfeng, Lingsu began to treat Miao Renfeng’s eye disease, and learned that Miao Renfeng had a deep relationship with Master Poisonous Medicine King. Seeing that Miao’s eye injury was healed, Hu Fei wanted to fight with her to avenge her parents’ revenge, but seeing that Ruolan’s father and daughter were deeply in love, he was too slow to tell the truth. At this time, everyone fell into the ambush set up by Tian Guinong again. .

Miao Renfeng used his magic skills to retreat from the enemy with the Hu family swordsmanship. Everyone recalled the past, but Hu Fei only felt that there were many doubts about the cause of his parents’ death. Miao Renfeng also saw that Hu Fei’s martial arts must be related to Hu Yidao, and Hu Fei fabricated his life experience to deceive him. When I was alone, I felt that the Miao people and the phoenix were heroes and heroes, not the despicable villains in the imagination, and their martial arts were not their opponents, and their parents couldn’t repay their deep hatreds, which made them annoyed.

Tian Guinong made another poisonous plan and spread the news of Nan Lan’s death with great fanfare. He learned that this would lead to Miao Renfeng. The Miao family’s father and daughter were heartbroken when they heard the news. Going to Tianlongmen to pay homage to his deceased mother, he was ambushed and captured by Tian Guinong.

Lingsu used a strange poison to treat the land and return to the farm, but Yuan Ziyi also appeared at this time. The four returned to Miao Renfeng together. Miao Renfeng’s eyes were about to be demobilized. Ziyi Lingsu felt that the other party had a heart for Hu Fei. Emotional entanglement is difficult to understand, Ziyi gives Hu Fei a pair of jade butterflies left by her mother as a token of love.

Lingsu was unhappy, and used a trick to steal Hu Fei’s jade butterfly, panicking that Hu Fei had given it to Ziyi to see, Ziyi was very bitter, and left without saying goodbye, Hu Fei didn’t know why. Miao Renfeng knew something, but there was nothing he could do. Fukangan asked Tian Guinong about the whereabouts of the treasure again, and sent a number of internal experts to follow Tian to monitor. When Yuan Ziyi was sad and angry, she wanted to take back the position of the head of Tianjianmen as a vent, but unexpectedly, it was an ambush set up by Fukangan.

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