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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 1 Recap

In February of the third year of Jinghe, in Hanjing City, Mu Ze killed countless lives by any means for the sake of the supreme position, and Lu Anran also became an accomplice in order to accompany Mu Ze on this road, and finally set himself on fire in red clothes. .

Ten years ago in Sucheng, Lu Anran, a lady of the Lu family dressed as a son-in-law, was studying mines on her own boat to deal with bandits on the river, and named the mines that were successfully researched afterward as Hunjianglong. At the same time, Lu Anran came across a boat that was robbed by river bandits, and used the Hunjiang Dragon to successfully drive the bandits away. Seeing that Mu Ze’s kung fu is so good, Lu Anran still wanted to recruit him into his own ship, but was rejected by Mu Ze’s attendant. But Lu Anran, who left afterward, did not know that Mu Ze had recognized her true identity from the shipping logo.

Lu Anran, who went home secretly, was caught by her mother, Mrs. Lu. Although her daughter was worried about shipping matters all day, the Lu family’s parents had already prepared her daughter’s wedding ceremony for the next day. Later, Lu Anran’s younger brother Lu Yun also returned home. Although Lu Anran’s aunt, Liu Mingyu, complained that her son Lu Yun only likes to practice martial arts all day long and does not like to read books, but Lu Anran supports his younger brother Lu Yun’s ambition to become a general. Aunt Liu also specially prepared clothes for Lu Anran’s wedding ceremony, but Lu Anran regretted that Mrs. Lu was ill and could not attend her wedding ceremony.

Lu Qingzhou rejected Mu Ze’s map of the river system of the Great Yu Kingdom, because Lu Qingzhou bluntly said that his daughter would go on a long voyage and searched for the river map in person, and because of this, Mu Ze admired Lu Qingzhou’s daughter Lu Anran even more. Lu Qingzhou congratulated her on the day of her daughter’s wedding ceremony, and gave the Pisces Ling as a birthday present to Lu Anran in public. From today onwards, all the fleet of Thirty-six Ports will be owned by Lu Anran. They can also have the Lu family as their backing. Lu Ting, the second master of the Lu family, complained against Lu Yun, the concubine of the Lu family, and Aunt Liu showed her eyes to imply that Lu Ting should not object. She also publicly believed that even if Lu Anran was in charge in the future, she would not treat their mother and son badly.

Lu Anran thought in public that the second uncle Lu Ting had clearly seen the relationship between the sisters and brothers of the Lu family. The family business that the children of the Lu family should plan was to make money for more people.

Lu Anran left the banquet early because of a rash, and Mu Ze took the opportunity to contact Lu Anran. Mu Ze did not reveal his true identity, but Lu Anran knew that the other party was following King Qing. Hearing that the other party thought that building water conservancy and ordering the river system could take advantage of the canal and protect paddy fields from flooding, he couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable. Appreciate each other. Mu Ze also gave a specially prepared flower box to the other party as a birthday gift, and applied Yurong ointment to it to relieve itching. Lu Anran was curious about Mu Ze’s name, but Mu Ze did not tell him.

Lu Qingzhou did not seek wealth and honor, but only hoped that the family would be safe. For this reason, he did not want to be involved in the royal family dispute, and politely declined King Qing’s intention to cooperate. Lu Anran wanted to know the news of Mu Ze, so he personally sent Mr. Cai, a subordinate of King Qing, to leave the house, but he couldn’t help being very disappointed when he didn’t see Mu Ze.

The ninth prince, Mu Chuan, saw that the rice seedlings in the rice field were sick, so he went down to the field and pulled them out himself. Lu Anran originally thought that the other party was a playboy who came to make trouble, but after listening to Mu Chuan’s explanation, he realized that there was something wrong with the rice seedlings and needed to be uprooted and destroyed. Lu Anran then arranged for the people to deal with the matter. Mu Chuan heard that Lu Anran had opened up a river channel and diverted water from a tributary to Sucheng to irrigate the hundred acres of fertile fields, and he admired her very much.

Lu Xinran invited Lu Anran to go to the Huachao Festival with her. Lu Anran brought her maid to see the lantern festival, but was accidentally squeezed under the bridge by passers-by. Fortunately, Mu Ze rescued her in time. The two were boating by the river, and Lu Anran learned that the “little guard” she thought was named Mu Huaishu. When parting, Mu Huaishu confessed that he fell in love with Lu Anran at first sight, but Lu Anran didn’t care about his family background and wealth, and kissed Mu Ze. Determine what you love.

The next day, Lu Anran bid farewell to Mu Ze who was leaving. Mu Ze personally gave Lu Anran the ancestral jade pendant from his family as a Wen Ding thing, and the two agreed on a white head pact.

Lu Anran did not receive a letter from Mu Ze after two months, and went to the pier to search for the letter in person. Mu Chuan saw Lu Anran at the dock again. He heard that the other party belonged in his heart, and he was very sorry, but he also comforted the other party that he would receive good news. Later, Lu Anran received the imperial decree to marry the daughter of the Lu family and the King of Qing, Mu Ze. Although Lu Anran, who had a heart, was unwilling to accept the decree, he still accepted the marriage for the safety of the Lu family. Then Lu Anran got Mu Ze’s handwritten letter to know that the person she had in her heart was Mu Ze, the second prince, and that Mu Ze exchanged military merit for marriage, betting everything to accompany him for the rest of his life.

Although Lu Qingzhou questioned that King Qing did not simply want to marry a daughter, Lu Anran believed that Mu Ze had some friendship with him. Mrs. Lu knew that a woman’s liking was a gamble, and it had nothing to do with one’s family background, and no one knew who would win or lose until life and death. Knowing that Lu Anran has an idea, the Lu family’s parents are not blocking their daughter’s marriage.

Lu Anran was married, but Mrs. Lu was seriously ill and could not be cured. Seeing the sedan chair approaching the door, Lu Anran was reluctant to leave. But the royal marriage should not be delayed. Lu Anran knelt down to bid farewell to her mother, and stepped onto the sedan chair to Hanjing with tears in her eyes. At this time, Lu Anran thought that the sudden death of her mother was the biggest regret in her life, but she did not expect that the picture of fate was unfolding in a painful way as she entered the capital.

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