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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 4 Recap

When Chang Zheng was preparing to board the plane at the airport, he found that the policeman on duty was behaving abnormally, but he did not dare to inquire easily. Ning Yu suddenly called Chang Zheng behind his colleagues and told Chang Zheng everything. After Chang Zheng learned about the situation, he hid. Went to the toilet, took out the clothes from a passenger’s suitcase and changed, ready to sneak out of the airport.

Zhao Pengzhan happened to be picking up the plane at the airport, and he could see the tense atmosphere, so he asked his thug Sang Niu to inquire about the situation, and learned that after chasing Chang Zheng, Sang Niu pushed the wheelchair to continue to the exit.

Zhao Pengchao and Memorial got off the plane. Zhao Pengchao saw his eldest brother Zhao Pengzhan at a glance, but he couldn’t find a boyfriend for Memorial. It turned out that the boyfriend of Memorial was Chang Zheng. At this moment, Chang Zheng was unable to protect himself and had already left his mobile phone far away. Chang Zheng saw the memorial and deliberately walked past the memorial, but did not dare to make a sound, so the memorial did not see Chang Zheng. Zhao Pengchao, who was on the side, saw Chang Zheng passing by intentionally, but the memorial was still looking around, so Zhao Pengchao proposed to send the memorial back to the hotel first.

While waiting for the driver, Zhao Pengzhan told Zhao Pengchao about Zhao Pengcheng’s death by bombing. He thought that the other party would be in pain, but Zhao Pengchao just said lightly, “A dead man can’t be brought back to life”. Zhao Pengzhan found that after several years of growth, Zhao Pengchao’s mind has matured a lot, and his words are more decisive, as if a different person

Chang Zheng ran to the underground parking lot and was besieged by the thugs in ambush. When he was powerless, a woman suddenly appeared in a car. Chang Zheng jumped into the car and told the other party to drive away quickly. Zhao Shanmao chased after him. A truck and a private car that Yan Guohua had deployed in advance were already on standby on the road. Seeing that Chang Zheng was being pursued, the two vehicles set off at the same time. At a corner, the two vehicles were driving side by side, blocking the sight of the Bobcats. Chang Zheng finally escaped safely.

Li Bodong reported to Xiao Zhenbang that Chang Zheng was already under the control of Jin Yan, a female police officer of the Hong Kong and Shipping Branch. Jin Yan saw Chang Zheng on the way off work and just received a warrant, so he dropped by to rescue Chang Zheng. Xiao Zhenbang had already monitored Jin Yan’s mobile phone and found that he was on his way to the city bureau, so he asked Zhang Qiufeng to immediately lead someone to arrest him.

When approaching the city bureau, Chang Zheng begged bitterly. Jin Yan suddenly changed direction, drove away from the city bureau, and asked Chang Zheng to give himself an explanation within 3 days. On the phone, Yan Guohua instructed to implement Plan B immediately.

Xiao Zhenbang learned that Chang Zheng had absconded and ordered a search warrant. Jin Yan took Chang Zheng to a small hotel to hide. Yan Guohua ordered Peng Duo to install a miniature camera in the room in advance. After arriving at the hotel, the phone was out of power, so he took out the charger from his bag and suddenly brought out a note , was deliberately stuffed into the souvenir bag by Chang Zheng when he passed by at the airport.

Yan Guohua called Yang Zhaoxu, the chief of the criminal investigation team, and asked to report the situation directly to Deputy Director Liao. Zhao Pengchao rushed to the hospital, and Zhao Xiaosheng was still in a coma. Zhao Pengxiang prepared a large bag of money as a gift. Although Zhao Pengchao did not like it, he did not show it clearly.

Zhao Pengzhan said a few cold words, which directly angered Zhao Pengxiang, but Zhao Pengchao stopped him. Now that the contradiction between the two has been revealed, Zhao Pengzhan simply stated that he will vote to decide who will preside over the affairs of the Zhao family. Zhao Pengxiang thinks that the two of them will vote for themselves. Since then, Zhao Pengchao has become the decision maker. Who does he vote for? Whoever wins.

When the two were in a well-planned competition, Zhao Pengchao voted for himself. Both of them thought that Zhao Pengchao did not pose a threat, and they quarreled again. Zhao Pengxiang continued to increase his chips. Zhao Pengchao still firmly stated that he had one vote for himself.

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