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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 3 Recap

Changwu City Police Station, Song Guangming sneaked into the locker room, opened Chang Zheng’s closet, and took a bag of important evidence. When Chang Zheng went to the locker room to change clothes, Ning Yu entangled with Chang Zheng as his teacher. I asked Ning Yu, but suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar person who asked Chang Zheng to meet at Banwu Pier half an hour later.

Chang Zheng hurried to the scene. After arriving at the scene, he thought that Zhao Pengcheng had made an appointment with him, but he didn’t see anyone, so he made a call from a few minutes ago. Unexpectedly, the other party used his mobile phone to set a time bomb on the scene, and Chang Zheng’s phone dialed 10. Minutes later, an explosion occurred at the scene.

Zhao Pengxiang was on his way to the private yacht at the half-dock wharf when his car broke down and it took a while to repair it. Therefore, it was a few minutes late when he arrived at the half-dock pier. This gap saved Zhao Pengxiang’s life. Because he just got off the car and the explosion occurred when he was still far from the yacht, he narrowly escaped.

Yan Guohua transferred the secret investigation team to the Jiuzhou Hotel and secretly monitored every move of the Zhao family. Zhang Xiaoming inquired about the news that Zhao Pengcheng was on the yacht when Zhao Pengxiang’s yacht exploded and was killed on the spot. Yan Guohua knew that the case was becoming more and more complicated. He recalled the scene when Deputy Director Liao handed over the heavy responsibility to him three months ago. At that time, Yang Zhaoxu, the captain of the criminal investigation team, and Zhou Zhenggang, a criminal investigation expert, were also present. Now that time is rushing, the progress of the case investigation is worrying.

The task force led by Xiao Zhenbang launched an investigation into the yacht explosion. When the video was replayed, there were images of Chang Zheng and Wei Pengxiang at the scene, but Wei Pengxiang was far away and did not come into contact with the explosion site. The suspect in the video.

On his way back, Zhao Pengxiang received an unfamiliar text message: Chang Zheng has been on a yacht. Then all the anger was transferred to Chang Zheng.

Zhao Pengxiang returned to Zhao Xiaosheng’s villa in frustration and told Zhao Xiaosheng that Zhao Pengcheng had been killed, and Zhao Xiaosheng fainted on the spot. Li Bodong, deputy head of the Changwu Criminal Investigation Detachment, quickly handed over the report that the broken body in the yacht explosion was confirmed to be Zhao Pengcheng. Xiao Zhenbang’s son Xiao Chen rushed to the police station and reported that Chang Zheng had had a physical conflict with Zhao Pengcheng the day before yesterday.

Chang Zheng also took away all the remaining gunpowder, which completely matched the explosives detected at the scene of the crime. All kinds of evidence pointed to Chang Zheng and Zhang Qiufeng even guided him on the side. Xiao Zhenbang did not believe that Chang Zheng would commit the crime and ordered his subordinates to call Chang Zheng. Zhang Qiufeng and Li Bodong strongly opposed it, so Xiao Zhenbang had to order an immediate search of Chang Zheng.

Zhao Pengzhan got the news that Zhao Xiaosheng was hospitalized, and inquired carefully about what happened. When he heard that the third child had broken down on the road and escaped from danger, he was very angry. He hoped that the third child would also be killed at the same time.

Through the network, the police found that Changzheng had booked a flight to Serbia. Xiao Zhenbang ordered Chang Zheng to be arrested at the airport. Before departure, Zhang Qiufeng leaked the news to Zhao Pengxiang. Zhao Pengxiang was standing outside the hospital’s intensive care unit, waiting for Zhao Xiaosheng to turn the corner, but he was thinking about how to take revenge on Chang Zheng. When he received news from Zhang Qiufeng, the thug Zhao Shanmao by his side made a careless sound. Zheng was heard by the housekeeper Tang Shaowen on the side. Tang Shaowen used the toilet for an excuse and passed the news to Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua immediately deployed a vehicle to help Chang Zheng avoid the pursuit.

After Zhao Pengxiang arranged his own affairs, he had the intention to care about Zhao Xiaosheng’s condition. He wept hypocritically for a while. The doctor walked out of the emergency room and told the truth about his condition. Zhao Xiaosheng had an acute myocardial infarction and was likely to become a vegetative person. Zhao Pengxiang cried even louder, but he turned his head but couldn’t hide his smile. After calming down, he remembered to call the boss who went to the airport to pick up Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengzhan reminded Zhao Pengxiang not to make small moves and make plans when he went back.

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