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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 46 Recap

Dizhi was an artifact once used by Ying Yuan. In the battle between the immortals and demons, it was accidentally left in the mortal world. This artifact never showed any traces, but it could stop landslides and destroy fertile fields. The mysterious person soon discovered that Dizhi and Yingyuan were both there. In Kulanshan, he asked Taiyou Xingjun and Ling Jiang to discuss that he wanted to get this artifact before Ying Yuan. If Ying Yuan got it first, there would be a fight. Yuan had an accident, and he died.

The mysterious man sent Ling Jiang down to earth immediately, and killed Ying Yuan after the seven-day deadline, otherwise their plans for so many years would all be in vain. Ling Jiang said that he could not kill Ying Yuan, so he refused to commit the crime. The mysterious man weighed again and again and decided to let him Zhixi went down to the world to retrieve the land, and Taiyou Xingjun reported to the emperor that the land was stopped in the hands of the evildoers of Lulan Mountain, and he also framed them as a chaotic party with unscrupulous schemes.

Xianjun Yueyao raised doubts in public. The monsters in the mountains and mountains are well governed, and they do not violate the mortals. If they rush into the mountains to take the land, they will inevitably cause uncontrollable situations such as landslides and ground cracks. The emperor asked Zhixi for advice, and Zhixi took the initiative to request Retrieve the ground stop to ensure that the appearance of Kuanlan Mountain will not be damaged.

Luming wanted to tell Zhixi about Yan Dan’s stay in Zhelan Mountain, but Taiyou Xingjun suddenly stopped him and asked him to go back to serve the emperor, so Luming had to shut up. Zhixi saw that Taiyou Xingjun deliberately separated Lu Ming and wanted to know what happened to him. Taiyou Xingjun pretended to care, but in fact threatened to intimidate Zhixi. , determined that Zhixi had wishful thinking in response to Yuan, Zhixi was very impatient, and did not want to hear him gossip about the dead Ying Yuan, Taiyou Xingjun reminded Zhixi not to be confused by the evil spirits of Lulan Mountain, otherwise the efforts of these years will be ruined in one fell swoop .

The withered stone palm of the mysterious man in Tang Zhou’s body caused all the veins to be blocked, and neither the medicine stone nor the spiritual power could be injected into his body. Yu Mo found that almost all of Tang Zhou’s immortal power overflowed his body, and within a day, the immortal spirit would explode and die. , Yan Dan wanted to save Tang Zhou with the nine-nine-eighty-one style in the Taisu Jing. Yu Mo was worried that Tang Zhou’s overflowing immortal power would hurt Yan Dan, but Yan Dan had made up his mind.

Yan Dan treated Tang Zhou despite the danger, but her spiritual power was severely damaged. Yu Mo couldn’t stand it any longer, so she stopped her in time. Yan Dan insisted on trying again, but Yu Mo couldn’t help but let her go. Tang Zhou vomited blood and fell to the ground, Yu Mo hurriedly rescued her.

Zhixi quickly came to Lulan Mountain, and when she found the ground, it turned out to be here. She remembered Lu Ming’s half-sentence reminder and suspected that there was something strange in the mountain, so she decided to investigate it herself. Ling Jiang saw this scene and revealed Imperceptible sneer. Zhixi suddenly saw Tang Zhou healing in the hot spring water.

She was very pleasantly surprised. She didn’t expect Tang Zhou to be dead. Zhixi found out that Tang Zhou’s immortal power had overflowed. She was worried that his immortal spirit would expose himself. After returning without success, Zhixi discovered that Tang Zhou had a dead stone palm in his body, so he had to use the soul-cleaning paste to stabilize the immortal power in his body.

When Yan Dan came to see Tang Zhou, Zhixi was so frightened that he hurriedly hid aside, and accidentally dropped the bottle of Stardust that he was carrying with him on the ground. Yan Dan guessed that Zhixi had been here, and hurriedly looked around. Yan Dan chases to the river, Zhixi hides and dare not show up, Yan Dan pretends to jump into the river, Zhixi hurries to rescue, the sisters reunite after a long time, and their excitement is beyond words. Zhixi confessed her mistakes to Yan Dan again and again. Since the day Yan Dan jumped off the Wuqiao, she thought she was half dead. Every day after that, she endured the humiliation and practiced painstakingly, returning Yan Dan’s pain a hundred times to Ying Deng .

Zhixi admitted that she jumped off the Wuqiao because of the difference in her thoughts, and she took out the beak-breaking dagger and let Yan Dan punish it. Once the dagger pierced into the body, it would hurt the bone marrow, and it would hurt for a hundred years. Let go of hatred, Zhixi is willing to accept any punishment. Yan Dan forgave her a long time ago, and also said that the two sisters will never be separated from now on, only death. Zhixi was moved to tears, and the sisters hugged each other and cried, vowing never to be separated again.

Yan Dan briefly told Zhixi about the grievances and grievances between her and Tang Zhou, and asked Zhixi to help find the fourth great artifact, the Dizhi. Zhixi had to admit that her mission on this trip was to get the Dizhi back, and the emperor went down to earth in a difficult situation. Only on the premise of preserving the fairy spirits, the catastrophe Quandu can return to his place smoothly.

It took 12 hours for Zhixi to set up an array in the mountains to find the ground, but Tang Zhou could not last until then, unless Tang Zhou died once, which would It was also the last difficulty he needed to go through. Dizhi originally belonged to Tang Zhou. If Dizhi was within ten miles, he would definitely return to his master. Yan Dan finally figured out that only when Tang Zhou was about to die would Di Zhi come to recognize the master. The poison of the withered stone palm in Tang Zhou’s body would be cracked naturally, and he could return to Jiuzhongtian after completing all the hardships.

Yan Dan decided to use the remaining half of her heart to save Tang Zhou. She had always suspected that the immortals of Jiuzhongtian had harmed Tang Zhou, and resolutely refused to allow Tang Zhou to go back to take risks. Zhixi’s hard persuasion was of no avail. She didn’t want to watch Yan Dan die. Taking advantage of the lack of equipment, Yan Dan was trapped in it. Ling Jiang quickly found Tang Zhou, who was sleepy in the hot spring, and wanted to see how long he had left. Suddenly, he found that Tang Zhou had a totem of the Shura tribe on his head. .

Zhixi turned into Yan Dan to help Tang Zhou under the tree, Tang Zhou woke up in a daze, Yan Dan excused the immortal king of the heavens to help Tang Zhou stabilize his immortal power, and also taught her the way to the sky, can’t wait to take Tang Zhou back to Jiuzhongtian to repair the fairy clothes , but also to watch the stars with him, Tang Yiyi saw at a glance that the Yan Dan in front of him was fake, so he drew his sword to face each other. Yan Dan came to stop it in time. She knew that her cultivation was not as good as Zhixi’s, so she pretended to be trapped by the formation set up by Zhixi, and then used the beak dagger to break the ban and escape.

Yan Dan lied that he wanted to talk to Tang Zhou, and Zhixi had to hide away. Tang Zhou showed his love to Yan Dan and gave her the only long sword. Yan Dan bound Zhixi with a fairy, and she drew the sword. He pierced Tang Zhou’s body and asked Tang Zhou to pay for her life. From then on, they didn’t owe each other. Tang Zhou was willing to give his life to Yan Dan, and then died of anger.

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