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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 44 Recap

Zilin loves Linlang deeply, but he feels unworthy of her. Linlang is the princess of the fox clan, and Zilin is just a little turtle. He regrets that he didn’t cultivate well and became the best monster in the world in order to be worthy of Linlang. She Lin Lang didn’t care about her father’s approval at all, she couldn’t help kissing Zi Lin, and Zi Lin couldn’t be happier. It suddenly fell from the sky and took Zilin and Linlang away together.

Yan Dan helped Tang Zhou hold the wound and told him some precautions. Yan Dan wanted to know whether Tang Zhou made a decision after drinking Ruyi wine. Tang Zhou finally wanted to understand that Yan Dan was the person he wanted to protect the most, and Yan Dan wanted to help He found the four artifacts to repair the fairy clothes, and when he returned to Jiuzhongtian, the fate of the two of them would end at that time.

Tang Zhou wanted to follow Yan Dan to learn and make good wishes, but Yan Dan refused on the grounds that the craftsmanship was complicated.

In the middle of the night, Yu Mo saw Yan Dan collecting flower dew alone in the cold night, thinking that she was trying to make Tang Zhou sleep peacefully. Yan Dan came to deliver ointment to Yu Mo early in the morning, only then did Yu Mo know that Yan Dan was collecting moonlight for him last night. Yan Dan asked He Shouwu about the prescription for removing scars—- Fenghuaxueyue, she had already collected the first three, and the moonlight was the most. It is difficult to adjust, and it requires four kinds of moonlights: new moon, full moon, upper chord and waning chord. Yu Mo was deeply moved and regretted that he had misunderstood Yan Dan.

Bailing hurried to report to Yu Mo that Linlang and Zilin suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the Shadowless Beast of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea sent a letter to Tang Zhou, asking him to take the artifact to Fengquan Valley to exchange Linlang and Zilin tomorrow, otherwise they would have their lives and the entire mountain area would be destroyed. And wondering, Tang Zhou has never used the three major artifacts.

It is impossible for outsiders to know that the artifacts are on him. Yu Mo suspects that he is the one who introduced Xianjun Beiming and others into the demon. He started planning to break Tang Zhou’s immortal clothes easily, and it was very likely that he was a powerful man in the heavens.

Tang Zhou analyzed that this human being is powerful, and the reason why he didn’t rush into the mountain was because he was afraid of disturbing the heaven. Yan Dan did not agree to hand over the three artifacts, otherwise it would cause chaos in the three worlds. Difficult emperor Yingyuan. Ziyan hurriedly came to Yan Dan and Yu Mo. He could rely on the strong sense of smell of the fox clan to help find Linlang’s whereabouts. He hoped that Yu Mo would take him to Fengquan Valley, and Yu Mo agreed.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou were sitting on the roof chatting, and suddenly a meteor flashed by. Tang Zhou took advantage of his unpreparedness to pull Yan Dan’s eyebrows and made a wish. Yan Dan was not convinced and wanted to pull his eyebrows. Tang Zhou resisted desperately and took the opportunity to speak out about himself. He wanted Yan Dan to be as happy as before, and to like him.

Yan Dan felt that it was impossible for them to be together. Tang Zhou would return to Jiuzhongtian sooner or later after the end of his calendar. If Tang Zhou wanted to hand over the three artifacts, he would no longer have to go back to the heaven, and he would be able to stay with Yan Dan. Yan Dan knew that he had the same important mission as Ying Yuan, and didn’t want to drag him down because of himself. Yan Dan vowed that no matter how much he paid, he would let Tang Zhou go smoothly.

Yu Mo brought Ziyan to Fengquan Valley and rescued Zilin and Linlang without any effort. Ziyan stepped forward to hug Linlang and found that the smell on her body was not right. It turned out that Linlang was pretending to be a guard, and it was over that he cut off Linlang. Ba took cover, but the quilt still smelled it. The guards took Ziyan hostage and threatened,

Tang Zhou came to Fengquan Valley on time, and the mysterious man wearing a mask came later. Tang Zhou judged from his skills that he was not the one who injured himself. The mysterious man claimed that the man was his subordinate because Liu Weiyang taught him Tang Zhou’s artifact inlay method, if Tang Zhou does not voluntarily hand it over, others will not be able to get it at all.

The mysterious man forces Tang Zhou to hand over the three artifact, otherwise he will kill his friends. Tang Zhou will burn the jade with him, two people In a big fight, the mysterious man pressed Tang Zhou step by step, and his tricks were fatal. Yan Dan came to help in time. She tried her best to protect Tang Zhou. The mysterious man incarnates the appearance of Beiming Xianjun, Tang Zhou guessed that he used the puppet technique.

The mysterious man took Yan Dan and forced Tang Zhou to hand over the three artifacts. Tang Zhou had no choice but to hand over the three artifacts, and took the opportunity to set a spell of fate in his body. The mysterious man threatened to kill Tang Zhou, only to discover his own There were black lines on the palms of the hands. It was the mantra that Yan Dan and Tang Zhou painstakingly researched—the same fate spell. Tang Zhou and Beiming Xianjun were connected by the same fate.

The deeper he hurt Tang Zhou, the bigger the black lines. , is to prevent him from killing people. Tang Zhou knew that he had always acted in secret, and once he went back with black spots on his face, it would inevitably arouse suspicion from others. If he wanted to break the curse of the same fate, he had to do not cast immortal magic for seven days. If Tang Zhou died before breaking the curse, he would also The soul is scattered.

The mysterious man didn’t believe it at all. He wanted to kill Tang Zhou, but Yu Mo came to save him in time. The mysterious man had to leave angrily and threatened to collect Tang Zhou’s body in seven days.

Yan Dan wanted to use the power of Hanli to restore the power of Tang Zhou, but suddenly found that Tang Zhou had black lines on his palm, she was puzzled, Yu Mo suspected that the mysterious man was doing things on the power of Hanli, and Tang Zhou was unconscious. , Yu Mo immediately decided to send Tang Zhou to Kuanlan Mountain and use the hot spring book to heal his wounds.

Yu Mo summoned Duke Tudi and asked him to report everything that happened just now to the Emperor. Duke Tudi found out that the mysterious man was very skilled and worried that the news would be intercepted halfway. Yu Mo promised to let the mysterious person return to the heaven within seven days. The person who has the news can tell the truth.

Zilin brought Tang Zhou to the hot spring to heal his wounds. As soon as Tang Zhou approached Zilin, Zilin felt sick. Yu Mo suspected that Zilin was teased by Tang Zhou when he was in the heaven. Tang Zhou also thought it was very strange. Zilin just wanted to touch his head, but Yu Mo concealed that Tang Zhou often turned Zilin, the little turtle, over when he was in the heaven.

Both Yu Mo and Tang Zhou remembered what Liu Weiyang had said, besides Liu Weiyang, there were several elders of the Demon Race. The elders all died in the battle between the Immortals and Demons. They both suspected that Tao Ziqi was related to the mysterious man. Yu Mo You Liu Weiyang and Tao Ziqi came to the Yuling Master to gather, and took the opportunity to explore Tao Ziqi’s reality.

Yan Dan rummaged through the ancient books, but couldn’t find a way to save Tang Zhou. The patriarch of the fox clan personally came to Kulan Mountain to ask his teachers for the crime. He asked Yu Mo to marry Linlang, and Yan Dan to marry Ziyan.

Yan Dan hurried over to say good things. The patriarch didn’t buy it, Zilin came after hearing the news, Linlang didn’t want to marry Zilin, the patriarch firmly disagreed with her marrying Zilin, Linlang made up his mind, the patriarch forced him to death, Yan Dan stopped him loudly, and wanted Zilin The mystery of life is revealed.

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