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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 43 Recap

Yu Mo invited Qin Qi and Daoyuan to dinner, Yan Dan briefly understood the whole story from Qin Qi, the cat demon fell in love with Master Xie’s daughter and wanted to marry her, but Master Xie disagreed, and the cat demon frequently came to harass her. Master Xie was forced to have no choice but to ask Ling Xiao to send his disciples to catch the demon. Qin Qi set up the capture array, Daoyuan acted rashly in pursuit of victory, but the cat demon broke the array, but the result fell short.

When Tang Zhou heard the news, Qin Qi begged him to help catch the demon, otherwise the reputation of the Lingxiao faction would be completely ruined. Dao Yuan spoke sarcastically on the side and spoke ill of Tang Zhou, threatening that whoever subdued the cat demon would be the master of the Lingxiao faction. . Tang Zhou said that he didn’t care about this matter, but his heart was full of self-blame. He felt that he had killed the Lingxiao faction without a leader, but his cultivation had been exhausted, so he could only be anxious. Yan Dan saw what was on his mind, and offered to teach him the magic of the heavens, so that he could seize the cat demon and revive the division.

Ling Xiao sent her to make ends meet, so Qin Qi had to take her disciples to perform on the street. The local bullies came to collect protection fees, but Qin Qi refused to pay them. After a lesson, they were so frightened that they fled, Qin Qi guessed that Tang Zhou was secretly helping. Daoyuan came to catch the cat demon alone, but was severely injured by the cat demon. Thanks to Tang Zhou’s timely rescue and knocking the cat demon to the ground, the cat demon was unwilling to admit defeat and pressed the two of them step by step. Tang Zhou and Daoyuan They joined forces to drive the cat demon away, and before leaving, the cat demon threatened to marry Miss Xie tomorrow.

Tang Zhou took Daoyuan back to the inn, and Daoyuan kept admitting his mistakes to him. Tang Zhou knew that Daoyuan had the right path in his heart, but his approach was too radical. Qin Qi complained that Daoyuan shouldn’t have sent all his disciples away. Daoyuan talked about the last time he caught the tiger demon. He had already set up a magic formation in the back mountain, but Qin Qi and the others went to catch the demon in private. The result was heavy losses. After a while, they started arguing again.

Tang Zhou hurriedly stopped them, and bluntly pointed out that Qin Qi was not good enough in Taoism, and Daoyuan was not good at magic tools. Only with their sincere cooperation can they be successful and keep the reputation of the Lingxiao faction. Both Qin Qi and Daoyuan expressed their willingness to let go of their grudges. Daoyuan admitted that Tang Zhou was the best demon hunter. He was unwilling to accept this fact because of jealousy. He took out the jade gourd exclusively for the head and made Tang Zhou the head of the Lingxiao faction. Qin Qi also tried hard to persuade him. , Tang Zhou accepted the jade gourd, excused to go back and think about how to catch the cat demon, then got up and left.

Tang Zhou opened the door and went out. Yan Dan, who was eavesdropping outside the door, was unsteady, and the two bumped into each other. Yan Dan was very embarrassed and congratulated Qin Qi and Daoyuan on their reconciliation. Tang Zhou asked her to find a way to catch the cat demon, and Yan Dan came up with a wonderful way. The cat demon came to marry Miss Xie, Tang Zhou pretended to be a bride and attacked him, Yan Dan took the opportunity to subdue the cat demon, Qin Qi came in and recovered the cat demon, Master Xie was grateful to them, and repeatedly praised Lingxiao’s greatness, Daoyuan and Qin Qi looked at each other and smiled .

Yan Dan helped Tang Zhou remove his makeup, couldn’t help making fun of him, and even wrote his experience today into the script, Tang Zhou was angry and caught Yan Dan into the jade gourd. Yan Dan found that today’s jade gourd is different from the past. There is a different kind of heaven here. She cheered happily. It snowed in the sky, and snowflakes were flying around them. Yan Dan and Tang Zhouxing started a snowball fight. Laughing and playing like a child, the jade gourd was thrown around by them, and finally landed next to Yu Mo.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou built two snowmen, and they lay side by side on the snow. Tang Zhou wanted time to stand still, so they could be together forever. Yan Dan advised him to find the last artifact to repair the fairy clothes as soon as possible, but Tang Zhou Disapprovingly, Yan Dan appeared in a trance in front of her eyes and mistook Tang Zhou for Ying Yuan. She enjoyed the happy time at the moment, but her heart was very clear.

The Tang Zhou in front of her was just coming to the mortal world to experience difficulties, and sooner or later she would return to the heavenly realm to become an emperor. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan came out of the gourd, only to find that they had come to Yu Mo’s room. Yan Dan took the opportunity to report to the black, and framed Tang Zhouen for taking revenge and imprisoned her in the jade gourd for a whole day.

Tang Zhou tried his best to defend, while Yu Mo watched silently. bicker with them. Qin Qi and Daoyuan will go back to Lingxiao tomorrow. Yan Dan persuaded Tang Zhou to go back with them. Tang Zhou had already left the division and did not want to look back. Yan Dan poured a glass of Ruyi wine for Tang Zhou, and when he drank it, he could see his mind clearly.

Tang Zhou drank the glass of wine and started to doze off, Yan Dan quietly left, she admitted that she had forgiven Ying Yuan, Yu Mo came to deliver food to them, and overheard Yan Dan’s voice, his heart was sour, Yan Dan’s heart was sour. The knot in the heart arose because of Ying Yuan, and because Tang Zhou was completely resolved, Yan Dan had no place in his heart at all.

Today is the day when Tao Ziqi and Liu Weiyang get married. Liu Weiyang swears that from now on, he has no demons or evil spirits in his heart. He is willing to live and die with Tao Ziqi, and stay with him forever. Tao Ziqi also promises to stay with him. . Tang Zhou dreamed that he and Yan Dan exchanged heartfelt feelings, and suddenly they both fell to the ground.

Tang Zhou was frightened and woke up and prayed that Yan Dan would be safe. Tang Zhou had made the final decision, and only Yan Dan was in his heart. Yan Dan came to call Tang Zhou to send Qin Qi, Daoyuan and others. She specially bought snacks for them to eat on the road. Tang Zhou and his brothers said goodbye.

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