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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 16 Recap

In the parking lot, Li Qixing received a call from his mother. The mother heard that Li Qixing had resigned and didn’t take it seriously. She also said that he could find his father for another job. Does her mother like to eat grass by the side of the nest? The mother on the phone is at a loss for words. This time Li Qixing finally understands why his father specially transferred him to Shanghai, because the people in Beijing know his father’s details and do not want to be implicated. It was only until my son deliberately let him go to Shanghai for development.

Fang Zhiheng called the courier company to contact him about the mailing. The four neighbors knocked on Fang Zhiheng’s door and brought delicious meals to Fang Zhiheng. Fang Zhiheng has put down her guard since she disclosed the secret. She told a few good sisters that she would not move for the time being because of the rent deposit. She just contacted the courier company and was thinking of re-disposing of the luxury goods she bought at a high price. After paying some rent, the little sisters immediately helped Fang Zhiheng to see if there was anything he needed.

Li Qixing was going to go back to Beijing to investigate his father personally. David drove him to the airport. On the way, Li Qixing sincerely suggested that Li Qixing must think about his mother’s life. If his mother is not working now, a rash divorce will only reduce his mother’s quality of life. unnecessary trouble. Li Qixing knew David’s good intentions, and he regretted impulsively telling his mother these things a few days ago.

Yu Chuhui went to Han’s house to give his mother a change of clothes, and heard that the old lady of the Han family had assigned her mother to do this and that. Even peeling crabs had to bring Yueting next to her, peeled it in front of her, and asked Yueting to bathe the old man. Yu Chuhui didn’t feel good in his heart. He said before that he would not let Yueting take a bath, but now he has to take a bath every day. Yu Chuhui advised his mother not to do it in the Han family. The mother did not agree. Her mother-in-law made her do the dirtiest work and didn’t give her any money. Yu Chuhui cried bitterly.

Professor Tao was originally going to go on a business trip, but because his father suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized, Professor Tao was unable to leave, so he had to let Ye Zhenzhen lead the team. This business trip was very important, Ye Zhenzhen was not confident, and heard that the professor could not find a suitable The nanny was anxious and immediately said she had a solution.

Ye Zhen Zhen has two babysitters at home, she can call her parents first and have a babysitter come over to help first. Ye Zhen Zhen’s parents received the phone call, thinking that this professor could take care of their daughter, they immediately bought gifts in large and small bags, and also planned to take the nanny to take care of Professor Tao’s father.

Ye Zhen Zhen received a call from her parents, and when she heard that they were coming, she immediately stopped her parents from worrying about being over-enthusiastic, which would make Professor Tao even more embarrassed. Even so, the babysitter from Ye Zhenzhen’s family still came with gifts in large and small bags. Professor Tao was very satisfied with the babysitter brought by Ye Zhenzhen’s family, seeing that the babysitter not only knew how to make nourishing porridge, but also knew that the sick and hospitalized patients were the most suitable What to eat and how to survive the dangerous period. Professor Tao was very relieved and immediately agreed to travel according to the original plan.

Yu Chuhui saw that her mother was frequently getting angry at her employer’s house, she was in a panic, went to Ye Zhenzhen to talk to her, Ye Zhenzhen just knew that Professor Tao’s family needed a nanny, so she asked Professor Tao’s meaning, and heard that Professor Tao was able to open monthly With a salary of 6,500 yuan, Yu Chuhui immediately decided to take his mother home, and will no longer do it in the Han family.

He Minhong heard at the door of Ye Zhenzhen’s house and felt that Yu Chuhui was crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, and also accused Yu Chuhui that he shouldn’t let his mother leave the employer’s house so late, otherwise what would happen to the two elderly people with limited mobility.

Yu Chuhui hated He Minhong, a naive girl who made rash comments and didn’t eat human fireworks. Since He Minhong was sympathetic to the two old people, Yu Chuhui immediately grabbed He Minhong and dragged him to the old Han’s house, so that she could witness the family served by the nanny with her own eyes.

It was very late at night. The old Han family also asked Yu Chuhui’s mother to beat her back and pinches her waist. Yu Chuhui pulled He Minhong and knocked on the door, and immediately asked her mother to pack up and prepare to go home. Seeing that her mother’s luggage seemed to be much heavier than before. , so she asked her mother to take out all the clothes that Sister Han had given her, while reminding He Minhong to shoot the video, so that the old Han family would not frame the home that something was stolen.

Yu Chuhui asked He Minhong to enter the house to help the old man change diapers. He Minhong walked into the old man’s bedroom. Mrs. Han shouted and asked her who she was, and her voice was terrifyingly loud. When He Minhong saw the paralyzed old man on the other side with a sallow face, he immediately started to fight. Back off. Sister Han came over immediately after receiving the call.

She came and scolded Yu Chuhui loudly for disturbing her so late, and wanted not to pay her wages. The sound in the corridor alarmed the neighbors around, and some people started to go out to watch the fun. Yu Chuhui told the old Han family’s nanny like a thief one by one. Sister Han knew that she was unreasonable and worried about the public opinion. She immediately hated it. Yu Chuhui settled his salary.

Yu Chuhui raised her foot to get her salary and left. Before she left, she said that He Minhong was the volunteer she hired. Sister Han’s husband almost pulled her to stay at the Han family as a volunteer. He Minhong was the first time he saw such a vicious employer. , She was frightened and frightened, and walked downstairs to the community and cried with lingering fears.

Zhu Zhe received two invitations a day, one was her ex-boyfriend and the other was her own sister, both for money. She tore the invitations to pieces in frustration.

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