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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 40 Recap

Yan Dan was bored and went to the teahouse to watch a play. She couldn’t listen to a word, and sat there alone to drink wine to drown her sorrows. Yu Mo ate his own egg fried rice bite by bite, thinking that he and Yan Dan would go their separate ways tomorrow, his tears couldn’t help flowing down. Zilin, Linlang, Ziyan, Dan Shu, Bailing and others came to Yu Mo, who was surprised and delighted.

Yan Dan returned to the residence very late, Tang Zhou couldn’t get close to the lock because he was walking away from the lock, so he could only watch Yan Dan from a distance. Yu Mo brought Zilin and others to see Yan Dan. They begged Yan Dan to go back to Kuanlan Mountain together. Dan Shu also asked Yan Dan to accompany him on his birthday tomorrow, and Yan Dan agreed. Early the next morning, Yan Dan made longevity noodles by himself, and Bailing used red paper to cut the small portraits of several of them to Dan Shu.

Dan Qiang smiled happily to accompany Dan Shu on his birthday, and Yu Mo saw it all in his eyes. After the meal, Yan Dan hurriedly came to the pier to leave, Yu Mo chased after him, and kept Yan Dan again, but Yan Dan had made up his mind, Yu Mo gave her the strange eye for self-defense, and Yan Dan knew that the strange eye was right for her. He was very important, politely declined his kindness, and Yu Mo threw Yiyan into the river in a fit of anger.

Without saying a word, Yan Dan jumped into the river to look for the strange eye. Tang Zhougang wanted to jump into the river to save Yan Dan, but Qin Qi and his junior brother hurried to stop him. Yan Dan found Yiyan and climbed ashore, and Tang Zhou was relieved. Qin Qi found out that Tang Zhou’s Dharma ring had changed, and guessed that he was attracted to Yan Dan.

Qin Qi was ordered to take Tang Zhou back. Tang Zhou wanted to send Yan Dan home safely, so he went back to plead guilty to the head. Qin Qi advised Tang Zhou not to violate the wishes of the teacher for Yan Dan, and Tang Zhou made up his mind.

The younger brother suddenly attacked Yan Dan, and Yan Dan fainted due to poisoning. Tang Zhou found out that she had been poisoned with the poison of Yubo Bingchan. Force the junior brother to hand over the antidote, and then hand it over to Tang Zhou to save Yan Dan. Yu Mo carried Yan Dan back to her residence and stayed by her side all night long. Liu Weiyang found that the cold air in Yan Dan’s body was heavier than before.

She put spiritual power into Yan Dan’s body, and it soon became invisible. Yu Mo was very anxious. He knew that the poison of the Jade Po Bing Toad was very strong, which would make the monster feel cold all over the body until the body turned into ice, and there was no cure at all. Linlang, Zilin and others were also vying to introduce the poison into their body, but Yu Mo politely declined, and sent them to prepare more charcoal fires. Only by melting Yan Dan’s frozen body can the poison be removed and the demon essence be restored for her. .

Bailing hurried over with Tao Ziqi. Tao Ziqi had already prepared a stove, but one stove was far from enough. Tao Ziqi suggested going to Wuya Cave in Quju Mountain to take melting flames to keep Yan Dan warm. Tang Zhou came to Wuya Cave in Quju Mountain, where there is a raging fire that never goes out all the year round. He risked his life and rushed into the sea of ​​​​fire. , he stepped on the seventh layer of fire and took out the molten flame, and used the emperor’s artifact to save the molten flame.

Tang Zhou quietly put Rongyan outside the gate of Shenxiao Palace, Yu Mo used Rongyan to warm Yan Dan, Yan Dan’s demon essence recovered, she finally woke up, and she couldn’t wait to know who sent Rongyan, and Yu Mo didn’t either. Knowing that he sent Zilin and Linlang to fetch the melting flame, but he didn’t expect someone to send it quietly. Yu Mo had informed Zilin that they would come back as soon as possible. Yu Mo wanted to help Yan Dan get rid of the residual cold poison in his body, and Yan Dan wanted to try it by himself. .

Yan Dan was in good health and recovered. He overheard Zilin, Linlang and others talking about Yu Mo’s injury to his internal organs, so he tried hard to ask the reason. Zilin had to admit that Yu Mo had brought the poison of Yupo Bingchan to him. , Just because Yu Mo just got back the strange eye, his physical strength has not recovered, the poison of Yupo Bingtoad made his weak body even worse, Yu Mo refused to take the medicine because there was a lotus leaf similar to Yan Dan in the antidote, and Yan Dan scolded Yu secretly. Ink is stupid.

Yan Dan personally brought the antidote and persuaded Yu Mo to drink it, repeatedly explaining that her kind was only missing a few lotus leaves, Yu Mo took the antidote and drank it, urging her to leave Shenxiao Palace as soon as possible, Yan Dan decided to stay The little monsters who came down to protect the mountains also want to be Yu Mo’s backer. Yu Mo naturally couldn’t ask for it. Yan Dan engraved the Hanli mark on his wrist and vowed to protect him. Tang Zhou was deeply relieved when he learned of this.

Yan Dan and Yu Mo discussed that they wanted to return to Kulan Mountain as soon as possible, but recently there have always been little demons missing, and Yu Mo left if he wanted to find them. Yan Dan suggested to go to the town where the little demon was lost to investigate. The two of them went to say goodbye to Liu Weiyang. Seeing from a distance that Tao Ziqi wanted to send a letter on a silk note, Yan Dan took the initiative to say hello to Tao Ziqi, and Tao Ziqi hurriedly put the message away.

Hide the letter and take them to the study to see Liu Weiyang. Although Liu Weiyang was reluctant, but there was nothing he could do, he bid them farewell and asked them to write more letters. Jinghu Shuiyue was Liu Weiyang’s spiritual domain, and Yu Mo could not receive letters from Kuolanshan on weekdays.

Liu Weiyang revealed that they both Using the silk note specially made by Shenxiao Palace to send the letter, Yan Dan said to his face that Tao Ziqi had sent the letter with the silk note just now. Liu Weiyang was surprised. Tao Ziqi repeatedly explained that he wrote the letter to pay homage to the deceased family members, but Yu Mo did not. Ask more. Liu Weiyang decided to disband Shenxiao Palace and hand over Jinhuanfang to Fushuang to take care of it. Fushuang turned into a white-haired old woman and left with Liu Weiyang.

Today is New Year’s Eve, Yu Mo, Zilin, Linlang, Ziyan and Liu Weiyang gathered together to keep the New Year’s Eve. The sky was bright with fireworks, and they each made a wish. Zilin and Yu Mo looked around for the captured little demon. Zilin found the corner of his clothes that was torn off during the fight. Yu Mo remembered that Tang Zhou’s Tianshi robe was made of this material. Zilin suspected that Tang Zhou and the disciples of the Lingxiao faction had joined forces. Yu Mo and Tang Zhou had agreed not to interfere with each other, and he firmly believed that Tang Zhou kept his promises.

Tang Zhou chased Ziyan, who stole the chicken. Yu Mo saw that Tang Zhou’s clothes were missing a large piece, and became suspicious of him. Tang Zhou explained that it was burned when he was taking Rongyan, and Yu Mo had already guessed that Rongyan had been burned. It was sent by Tang Zhou.

He just wanted to know if Tang Zhou had caught the little demon, but Tang Zhou denied it, because the fabric of the Tianshi robes was similar, and the corners of the clothes could not be determined by the Lingxiao faction, so he decided to investigate. Check it out. Yu Mo suspected that Tang Zhou had been following them secretly, and advised him to leave as soon as possible, because Yan Dan didn’t want to see him either, so Tang Zhou had to leave angrily.

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