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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 13 Recap

Zhu Zhe took the packaged hairy crabs to share with Ye Zhenzhen. During this time, Ye Zhenzhen helped her to investigate the rust problem in the hotel, and had already checked out the important pipeline stages. While peeling the shrimp, Zhu Zhe told Ye Zhenzhen the scene when she just met Chen Zufa, she didn’t care what Chen Zufa’s intentions were, but she was old and didn’t want to deal with any gloomy little students anymore.

When He Minhong returned home, he knocked on Ye Zhenzhen’s door immediately and asked her if she had written a novel. Ye Zhenzhen confessed that she was just an impostor, but she could ask the author of the novel whether she would agree to the comic adaptation of the novel. Ye Zhenzhen brought He Minhong’s words to him, David agreed to think about it, and asked Ye Zhenzhen to give He Minhong his usual WeChat account.

Fang Zhiheng has been thinking about her revenge plan at home. She has contacted some victims who had been sexually assaulted in the workplace, but these victims did not dare to take action, fearing retaliation. They also thought about resisting, but The ending is just worse than it is now, so be careful.

Ye Zhenzhen accepted David’s invitation to travel to Chongming Island, met Fang Zhiheng on the elevator in the morning, and inadvertently said about riding to Chongming Island, Fang Zhiheng was very interested, and offered to add two more people, weekend Their coach asked for advice, and there was nowhere to go, Fang Zhiheng readily agreed.

One day, Professor Tao of the research institute saw a very cool BMW car parked in the courtyard. He liked cars very much when he was young, and this car is rare in China. Professor Tao admired it with great interest, and suddenly Seeing the car door open, Ye Zhen Zhen came out. Professor Tao felt that the other party was naked, Ye Zhenzhen immediately gave him the car keys and let him experience the driving in person.

Li Qixing returned from a business trip and continued to meet him in Fang Zhiheng’s community the next day. He returned from a business trip and brought Fang Zhiheng a Yuhua stone. The stone was very delicate. Fang Zhiheng deliberately proposed that he would go to Chongming Island for cycling on weekends. Li Qixing immediately thought it was an opportunity and implored him. Can Fang Zhiheng also take him out for a walk.

After Chen Zufa was rejected, Zhu Zhe saw him again in the community a few days later. This time, Chen Zufa said that he had a new girlfriend and hoped that Zhu Zhe would check it out. Zhu Zhe relented and agreed, only to see Chen Zufa and his new girlfriend. It seems like glue and paint, and the relationship is just fine. In the evening, Chen Zufa wanted to lend her 30,000 yuan, but 30,000 yuan was not much, and Zhu Zhe agreed. At that time, Fang Zhiheng was next to Zhu Zhe, and immediately kindly reminded Zhu Zhe to be cautious. Some guarantee contracts are more powerful than borrowing money.

Yueting Yuexiu went back, and Yu Chuhui surrounded her mother asking this and that. For fear that her mother would be wronged at Teacher Han’s house, she also took out a weight scale for her mother to measure. Seeing that her mother’s weight had increased, Yu Chuhui finally felt relieved.

The weekend was approaching, and the agreed time for the trip to Chongming Island came. Ye Zhen Zhen and Fang Zhiheng dressed up and started to travel around the island with their partners. Fang Zhiheng was wearing a skirt today, and Li Qixing’s eyes lit up the moment he saw her.

David drove with Ye Zhen Zhen, and Li Qixing led Fang Zhiheng. It was their first time to go out, and both of them were very happy. When he arrived at the reserved hotel, he needed to check in, and Li Qixing needed to check in with his ID card. Ye Zhenzhen knew Fang Zhiheng’s concerns and immediately said that she had already reserved a room, so she brought Fang Zhiheng to the front desk to register.

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