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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 9 Recap

After talking about all this, Fang Zhiheng was very sad when she thought about what happened in the past, Ye Zhenzhen brought her a glass of water, Fang Zhiheng told that the business star not only lost Fang Zhiheng’s job, but also made her have no place in Beijing through power, and even Let Fang Zhiheng’s parents also think that it is Fang Zhiheng’s problem, thinking that Fang Zhiheng is not self-respecting and self-love.

Later, Fang Zhiheng went abroad to work, study, and practice boxing. She wanted to spend the rest of her life abroad. Once, she helped a domestic boss win a tax lawsuit, and the domestic boss helped her to find out the details of that shameless and despicable villain. , In order to avenge the shame, Fang Zhiheng secretly came to Shanghai incognito.

Ye Zhenzhen heard Fang Zhiheng’s story, although Fang Zhiheng did not explicitly say that it was her own experience, but Ye Zhenzhen already understood Fang Zhiheng’s difficulties, she gave Fang Zhiheng two bottles of anti-wolf spray developed by herself. After Fang Zhiheng left, Ye Zhenzhen was very sorry for her previous offense, the phone was still on, Zhu Zhe also heard what happened to Fang Zhiheng on the phone, she comforted Ye Zhenzhen not to blame herself too much, since Fang Zhiheng told her story Having Ye Zhenzhen proves their trust in Ye Zhenzhen, what they have to do is to be cautious in the future and not to destroy Fang Zhiheng’s plan.

The days that followed were light and cloudy, but everyone was busy like a little bee, Ye Zhenzhen had been working in the laboratory overnight for several days, she came home that day and happened to meet Yu Chuhui. Yu Chuhui will start an open class tomorrow to teach dance students in the big class, she wants Ye Zhenzhen to give some good advice, as expected of doing scientific research, Ye Zhenzhen immediately put forward some very good suggestions, Yu Chuhui was stunned, Thinking that there is so much knowledge in a small dance class, Ye Zhen Zhen told her that many parents in Shanghai are very troubled and must be fully prepared to meet unexpected needs.

Yu Chuhui returned home and heard that her mother was calling her father again. She grabbed the phone and reminded her father not to call her mother again. Returning to his hometown to continue to take care of his parents-in-law and guarding the old house left by Yu Chuhui’s father can be regarded as a property for him. Yu Chuhui began to consider his mother’s job as a nanny.

David called Ye Zhenzhen and said that he was in a difficult situation and needed help urgently. Ye Zhenzhen told David his address and asked him to bring a breakfast, which David readily agreed.

David came to Ye Zhenzhen’s house and brought back a bunch of chrysanthemums. David said that he had nothing to do and published a few articles on the Internet. He didn’t expect it to become an instant hit. Someone wanted to sign a contract with him. The identity cannot be disclosed, David wants Ye Zhen Zhen to sign the contract with the website instead of him. Looking at the fritters, Ye Zhen Zhen agreed, she distributed the extra breakfast to the sister next door, He Minhong couldn’t be happier.

Ye Zhenzhen asked David about his true thoughts on letting her sign the contract on his behalf, David analyzed it wisely, Ye Zhenzhen was deeply impressed, but he didn’t expect this person to be cunning in addition to being slick. After agreeing to David’s request, Ye Zhenzhen also introduced this strange heterosexual boyfriend to her next-door neighbor. Both Zhu Zhe and He Minhong were amused by David.

When Yu Chuhui went to try the open class, she brought her mother with her. She was very relieved to see that her daughter was so good. Yu Chuhui used all what she had learned in this class. She used a very professional perspective to describe the child’s care and stretching after learning dance, so as to prevent the legs from being too much practiced and twisted into frog legs in the future. Many parents expressed their goodwill towards Yu Chuhui’s profession and added Yu Chuhui’s friends.

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