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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 11 Recap

In the evening, Ye Zhenzhen continued to exercise and run in the community, and Yu Chuhui excitedly told Zhu Zhe in the rental room that she had hired five new girls to learn dance, and from now on, the class fee will be charged according to the time, which is not too cool, but every day She had to go to work at night and sacrificed her free time. She couldn’t have both. Zhu Zhe encouraged her to keep working hard.

Yu Chuhui ran to find Ye Zhenzhen, the sudden good fortune caught her off guard, Yu Chuhui complained to Ye Zhenzhen, she was worried that everything in front of her would disappear in a blink of an eye, and taking care of her mother would become an empty joke, Ye Zhenzhen told her that there was nothing in this world The sudden good luck is the result of hard work and accumulation, allowing Yu Chuhui to continue the knowledge related to brain and dance exercise.

In the early morning, Zhu Zhe was still asleep when the phone rang. The room attendant called her and said that a customer found half footprints on the bed sheets when they checked in. Zhe calls her to deal with the crisis. When Zhu Zhe received the call, she immediately got up to wash up. She hurried to the hotel, where the client was still sitting angrily, insisting on finding an explanation. Without saying a word, Zhu Zhe immediately changed new sheets for the client, and also sent a new bouquet of beautiful flowers.

After dealing with the guest room crisis, Zhu Zhe brought Ye Zhen Zhen a breakfast when she went back. She saw Li Qixing downstairs, and when she saw Li Qixing carrying a heat preservation bucket in his hand, she knew that it should be for the next door to deliver breakfast. When Fang Zhiheng went downstairs, he readily accepted Li Qixing’s breakfast, and the two of them went to work together. On the way, Fang Zhiheng asked Li Qixing not to send breakfast any more, and it was not a big deal to help him introduce a coach.

By checking the monitoring, Zhu Zhe found that the bed sheet was because a customer suspected that the linen cart placed in the aisle was in the way, so he stomped, and the floor foreman was negligent, which caused the customer to complain. Zhu Zhe asked the floor foreman and heard that she was not on duty because she had a fever and a cold, so she asked her to do her job well in the future, and also notified the relevant departments that if a colleague was working with an illness, she could be transferred to other colleagues during working hours. .

The matter that Yu Chuhui instigated the team’s technicians to leapfrog to report was intercepted by Zhu Qunli, and Zhu Qunli soon called the two technicians into the office, inferring that someone reported them for design infringement, and now let them rest at home and wait for the company’s notification. These technologies are made step by step by two people in the technical department, and there is no plagiarism and infringement at all.

But the arm could not twist the thigh, so the two technicians had to pack up and leave. Yu Chuhui was very sad when she saw it from the side. At first, she asked two colleagues to leapfrog to report, revealing that Zhu Qunli always plagiarized their research and development results. Unexpectedly, not only did they not gain anything, but they also implicated the two colleagues.

Sister Han accidentally fell while taking care of two old people. She went to Yu Chuhui’s mother Yueting in a wheelchair. Yueting knew that her daughter would not let her go out to be a nanny, and that her daughter was currently married, she did not want to let outsiders hear about Yu Chuhui’s mother. She is working as a nanny, which affects her daughter’s marriage. Yueting was in a dilemma, and Sister Han cried to her that she was really powerless, and wanted to find a competent person to help her. Yueting felt sympathy and changed his shoes and went out to work as a nanny for Yueting’s family.

After the two technicians left, Yu Chuhui heard the surrounding colleagues whispering about the company’s attitude, and it was still the strong force of Zhu Qunli. She was troubled and suddenly received a call from her mother. Her mother is now at Sister Han’s house, and Yu Chuhui heard her mother’s call. After telling the story, she asked her mother to call Sister Han directly.

She asked straight to the point how much she was going to pay her mother. Sister Han said the expected 6,500 yuan, but Yu Chuhui did not agree. If she doesn’t agree, she can sign the contract that night. If she doesn’t agree, let her mother go back immediately. Sister Han has two elderly people to take care of, and her daughter is about to give birth. She thought that bargaining was useless to Yu Chuhui, and directly agreed with Yu Chuhui’s salary.

When Li Qixing saw Fang Zhiheng getting off work, he immediately followed him. He took the initiative to invite Fang Zhiheng to dinner, and sincerely said that the car would pick him up. A colleague around him laughed. Li Qixing was very embarrassed, but Fang Zhiheng didn’t mind being misunderstood at all. Li Qixing was encouraged by spirit and became more attentive.

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