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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 10 Recap

Ye Zhen Zhen pretended to be David to meet the editor, the editor saw that the writer was actually a girl, and was very surprised that the quiet girl in front of her was actually interested in rock climbing and survival in the wild. Ye Zhenzhen made the editor speechless with her excellent professional skills, but she always signed the contract, and then the editor took Ye Zhenzhen to visit the magazine.

When Fang Zhiheng was eating, she accidentally met a person who was as filthy as her former boss, who seemed to take special care of the newcomers in society, but in fact always covered up dirty attempts under the guise of taking care. She saw that the boss was attentive to the intern, and when she heard that the boss was going to buy water, Fang Zhiheng deliberately pretended to be a gap to buy chewing gum, and found that the man stuffed a box of condoms into his pocket.

David was dissatisfied with Ye Zhenzhen’s temporary play in front of the editor. During the chat with the editor, he sent a lot of messages to Ye Zhenzhen, and asked Ye Zhenzhen to follow what he wrote, and Ye Zhenzhen put the phone on hold, Ignore David at all. Later, in order to express his apology, David took the initiative to invite Ye Zhenzhen to dinner, and He Minhong was on the side, seeing Ye Zhenzhen and David talking to each other, very tacit understanding, couldn’t help but blame them for spreading dog food in public. Ye Zhen Zhen and David categorically denied that they were dating, and also said that the two of them were not even buddies.

After Ye Zhenzhen returned from get off work, Yu Chuhui excitedly hugged this good sister, today’s trial class was very successful, those turtle-haired parents were very satisfied with her, and six parents immediately paid the dance fee for one year. The teacher of the dance school immediately called the boss and immediately gave her a generous salary. Yu Chuhui was overjoyed by the doubling of the tuition fee. She bought a big cake and asked her friends in the room to share it. Yu Chuhui also gave a piece of cake to Fang Zhiheng next door. Fang Zhiheng tasted the cake and recalled that Yu Chuhui said good friends to share it together. She hadn’t felt the warmth between friends for a long time.

He Minhong’s mother sent her a lot of delicious food, a few big boxes, He Minhong happily opened the box and shared the contents with everyone. All kinds of delicious food, Yu Chuhui’s mother listened, a little sad, and quietly returned to the room.

Fang Zhiheng introduced a coach to Li Qixing, and the two practiced together. Fang Zhiheng deliberately used the anti-wolf spray that Ye Zhenzhen gave her. Ye Zhenzhen told her that one of the sprays would make the other party runny nose and sneeze all the time, Fang Zhiheng was right there Tried it on her body, and it turned out that she sneezed and had a runny nose in a short while. Li Qixing thought she had a cold, so he immediately handed over a tissue and drove her home. In the end, he also begged to visit her house at night to avoid worry. Fang Zhiheng agreed.

Yu Chuhui’s mother stayed at home all day, and couldn’t bear to spend her daughter’s money all the time. She wanted to go out and find a job. Yu Chuhui agreed with her mother to go out to find a job, but she couldn’t go to Mr. Han’s house. The most embarrassing thing for the bosses in the world is to talk about feelings . Yu Chuhui asked her mother to wait for her news, and she would find a suitable job for her mother.

Zhu Zhe’s younger sister and younger brother stayed at the hotel for a few days. They had a conflict over the rent. The younger sister called Zhu Zhe and asked her to judge. The younger brother was not to be outdone, and even sent WeChat saying that his younger sister always borrowed money.

The money is not returned. The younger sister was aggressive and didn’t care that his brother’s new girlfriend was still there. Within a few days, his brother’s girlfriend broke up with him. Zhu Zhe’s younger brother called Zhu Zhe sadly and told him all the unpleasant things that had happened in the past few days. He Minhong felt that Zhu Zhe was incompetent as an elder sister. Zhu Zhe was not disturbed by He Minhong. She tolerated her younger siblings from childhood to adulthood, and supported them to finish university. Draining blood, she felt like she had done her job.

Li Qixing sent Fang Zhiheng home, and when he went downstairs, he bought red bean porridge and sent it to her. This time Fang Zhiheng let Li Qixing enter the room. She could feel Li Qixing’s concern for her. After dinner, it was getting late, so she politely declined Li Qixing. When Li Qixing went out, Ye Zhenzhen was just throwing out the garbage, Fang Zhiheng closed the door, and immediately turned on the video surveillance, saw Ye Zhenzhen and Li Qixing greeting, and then Li Qixing helped Ye Zhenzhen to throw the garbage.

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