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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 50 Recap

The third prince hurried to the cliff to rescue Ling Budo. Sure enough, General Zuo was not dead, and wanted to take the opportunity to cut the rope to cause an accident. Fortunately, the third prince found out in time and ordered him to be taken to the prison of Tingwei Mansion, where he would be severely tortured regardless of life or death. . That night, the Changqiu Palace was like a reef on the bottom of the sea. Despite the sudden changes in the surrounding water, it was still as quiet and peaceful as ever.

Dozens of doctors surrounded Ling Budo to treat the wound, but Ling Budo grasped Shaoshang’s string tightly and refused to let go. Just as the third prince was about to bring Cheng Shaoshang in, Cheng Shaoshang, who was guarding at the gate of the palace, played his flute. Ling Bu, who was still in a coma, was suspected of being induced, and finally let go, and everyone finally fell down.

After a whole night, the news that Ling Busu was safe came from outside the door, but Cheng Shaoshang fell ill instantly. When she woke up again, it was noon, and Queen Xuan was by her side to take care of her. After this incident, Cheng Shaoshang has made up his mind. From now on, it will be impossible for him to be with Ling Budoubt. Although Queen Xuan regrets it, he still respects her decision.

Cheng Shaoshang shed tears of gratitude. Empress Xuan was so tolerant of herself that she might not be able to repay her kindness in this life or the next. But even before ending this relationship, Cheng Shaoshang has to find out the truth of the matter, and find out what happened that year, which can be regarded as letting himself die.

Not long after, Cheng Shaoshang, accompanied by Yuan Shen, went to the prison of Tingwei Mansion in person, and found that the Chunyu family had already become mad and stupid. Cheng Shaoshang knew in his heart that the so-called madness was nothing more than a way to save his life. She and Ling Yi were not a loving couple, so she guessed the real reason why Ling Yi married Chunyu.

In order to allow Chunyu to reveal the secret about Ling Yi, Cheng Shaoshang truthfully explained that the reason why Chunyu had a miscarriage in the first place was Ling Yi’s intention. As a result, Chunyu was infertile for life. When Chunyu heard the truth, even though she was still stupid, she began to repeatedly talk about the goddess Nuwa who was talking about the three talents, metaphorically, she had handed over the statue with evidence to Princess Ruyang for safekeeping.

At this time, the hall was filled with a strong medicinal aura. Emperor Wen sat upright and gathered many doctors at the bottom. Next to him was Ling Budo, who was not healed. He was thin and pale in white clothes and black hair. Talk it out. Back then, Huo Wushang and Ling Budo were still young, and the two were like siblings, even in appearance.

It was because Huo Wushang went up to the tree to pick apricots and his clothes were scratched, so Ling Budo proposed to exchange clothes in order to avoid him being blamed. Huo Wushang was wearing Ling Budo’s clothes. He originally wanted to deliver apricot fruit to his father and left, but unexpectedly found that Ling Yizao had colluded with others and persuaded General Huo to surrender to the enemy, so he directly killed him.

After Ling Yi succeeded, he did not go out. Instead, Peng Kun came in from the outside, preparing to lead the emperor’s troops and horses to slaughter the city. Before the two left, they lit the study room. Huo Wushang was stunned by the fireworks, and thus saved his life and avoided death in the massacre of the city. When Huo Wushang woke up, it was already late, the rain was pouring, and there were corpses everywhere. Only he and his aunt Huo Junhua escaped, but the head on the city wall was impressive, and the young Ling Wusu acted for him. die.

Fearing that there were still rebels around, the two aunts and nephews hid in the dead for two days and two nights. Although they had escaped from the city gate, Huo Junhua had become crazy and stupid, and always kept talking about Ling Budo’s nickname. After going through all kinds of hardships and dangers, Huo Wushang followed his aunt back to the capital. In order to avoid being silenced, he finally entered the palace as Ling Budo to face the saint.

Over the years, the world has believed that Huo Junhua was dissatisfied with Ling Yi’s remarriage and deliberately alienated the relationship between the father and son of the Ling family. Therefore, if Huo Wushang wanted to take revenge, he could only replace Ling Wuxuan and recognized the thief as his father. However, when he continued to investigate further, Ling Yi contracted his minions, checked for leaks and filled the gaps, and killed all the people he was associated with back then, including Peng Kun.

Huo Junhua couldn’t bear it any longer, and died of illness and illness. At this point, there was no evidence, Ling Budoubt was in despair, knowing that there was no clear way to bring Ling Yi to justice, so he had to do it privately and use violence to control violence. Hearing this, Emperor Wen’s heart was up and down, and his eyes were filled with tears. He hurriedly stood up and came to Ling Budo, hoping that he could tell him his real name. Ling Budo raised his head slowly, and finally said the words “Huo Wushang”.

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