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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 8 Recap

Aunt Han wanted Yu Chuhui’s mother to be a nanny. Yu Chuhui’s mother happened to be away that day. Yu Chuhui sent Aunt Han out of the house in person, and then solemnly told her that she had finally brought her mother to Shanghai and would not let her mother be a nanny for others. . Aunt Han explained to her in detail that being a nanny in Shanghai is very good, and she wants her mother to help her at home, and she doesn’t need her mother to do things like bathing. Seeing that Yu Chuhui’s attitude was very firm, she immediately said that she was here to see her mother, and it didn’t matter whether she was a nanny or not. After speaking, she forced her contact information into Yu Chuhui’s hands and hurried back.

In the evening, Yu Chuhui chatted with her mother. Yu Chuhui’s mother said that she was too busy at home alone. She didn’t like to go to the supermarket and the vegetable market, she just wanted to find something to do. Yu Chuhui has been very busy recently. Hearing that her mother was thinking about her family and worried that her grandmother’s quilt should be changed, she was really stuck in a panic. She wanted her mother to come to Shanghai to enjoy the happiness, but her mother just couldn’t be idle.

The next day, Yu Chuhui’s mother heard that the next door was very lively early in the morning, it turned out that Ye Zhenzhen’s cousin sent Ye Zhenzhen several pots of flowers, Ye Zhenzhen complained that the eldest cousin made his own decisions and put so many flowers at home. place. My cousin was moving flowers in and out and happened to meet Fang Zhiheng who came in from the elevator, Fang Zhiheng had already recognized Ye Zhenzhen’s brother who was following him.

She was about to settle the account with brother Ye Zhenzhen, Ye Zhenzhen immediately ran out with the anti-wolf spray when she heard the movement, apologized to her, and hoped that she would not care, but Fang Zhiheng didn’t want to stop there, Ye Zhenzhen explained that it was his parents Worrying about her safety, I came to investigate. He also said that he knew Fang Zhiheng’s secret, if he insisted on pursuing it, he would say it, Fang Zhiheng immediately stopped Ye Zhenzhen from continuing to speak, turned back to his room, and left Naruto alone.

Ye Zhenzhen apologized outside Fang Zhiheng’s door, her cousin suggested that Ye Zhenzhen should stay with him to avoid the limelight, Ye Zhenzhen refused with a smile. Fang Zhiheng’s company intern has already started to become a regular. Li Qixing was a little depressed when he saw that he was not assigned to Mr. Lei. His colleagues laughed at him for not being satisfied. How many people dream of being assigned to Lao Wei’s name, but Li Qixing wanted to be in the position of Mr. Lei. The old devil’s subordinates are obviously looking for beatings, or maybe it’s for Fang Zhiheng.

Their conversation was heard by Mr. Lei who was behind him. Mr. Lei returned to the office and told Fang Zhiheng that in addition to wanting some honest and obedient people, Old Wei also liked the powerful second generation, and Li Qixing could not be assigned to him. . Fang Zhiheng reconfirmed from Mr. Lei that Li Qixing’s family was indeed deep.

Zhu Zhe’s younger brother came to Shanghai with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother to join Zhu Zhe. He told his sister that this time he was here to bring his girlfriend’s mother to Shanghai for treatment. Zhu Zhe’s younger brother was pampered since childhood and she worked hard All the money that was paid was quietly given to the younger brother by his parents. This time, the younger brother brought his younger sister to Shanghai to buy a dowry. It was obviously aimed at Zhu Zhe. Zhu Zhe knew the purpose of what they were doing and had already told the sisters who lived with them in advance. .

How could a girlfriend take her mother to Shanghai for treatment before she even walked in, and she also emptied her boyfriend’s sister’s pockets. If Zhu Zhe let his younger brother and girlfriend live with her, his girlfriend’s face immediately turned ugly. They insisted on staying in a hotel, and Zhu Zhe had to take a few people to the hotel overnight.

He Minhong heard the voice next door and directly told Ye Zhenzhen what happened in the room. Ye Zhenzhen was worried that they would come to the door to ask for money in the future when they remembered the way in the subway, so he suggested to drive them to the hotel by himself. Zhu Zhe’s younger brother and sister always hinted that they wanted money. The younger sister was about to get married. She didn’t mention the dowry she just received, but she always wanted her sister to give her a follower. The younger brother also brought his girlfriend’s mother to Shanghai for treatment. Shanghai How expensive is the consumption, Ye Zhen Zhen drove the car and finally saw the filth of this family along the way.

After sending the younger brother and sister back to the hotel, Ye Zhenzhen quietly parked the car nearby to wait for Zhu Zhe, and sent her the location. It was dark and the road was far away, and Ye Zhenzhen couldn’t bear Zhu Zhe to squeeze the subway again. On the one hand, Zhu Zhe lamented that the younger brothers and sisters of his compatriots are all scheming for money, while the neighbors who have known each other for a long time always help, but do not expect anything in return.

After Fang Zhiheng woke up from a nightmare at home, he began to think carefully about his plan. Now, once Li Qixing and Ye Zhenzhen see through her identity, their future plans will be greatly affected. Finally, Fang Zhiheng knocked on Ye Zhenzhen’s door. At Ye Zhenzhen’s house, Fang Zhiheng told her story. She had excellent grades since she was a child, and after graduation, she successfully entered a company and worked under a business star. Celebrities went on a business trip together.

Unexpectedly, Liswen’s business star tried to rape Fang Zhiheng after drinking. Fang Zhiheng threatened the boss with a broken cup, but the boss said out loud that Fang Zhiheng ate and drank his in the company, and the results he achieved were all Relying on his halo to get some. Hearing the boss’s words, Fang Zhiheng was greatly stimulated. She scratched the pulse of her wrist with a broken cup, blood splashed everywhere, and she reminded the boss not to come closer.

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