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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 7 Recap

Yu Chuhui’s words made Fang Zhiheng think of her past. At first, she was teased by her superiors, and then she was pointed at by her colleagues. Then she lived here incognito. Thinking of her past, Fang Zhiheng’s thoughts turned and couldn’t sleep.

Zhu Zhe went back from get off work. She immediately lay on the bed exhausted and didn’t even want to move. Yu’s mother immediately heated a glass of milk and asked her daughter to bring it to Zhu Zhe’s room. Zhu Zhe was very moved, so he got up and came out to thank him. Yu’s mother told them that someone came to the house to be a babysitter during the day. Yu Chuhui couldn’t bear to let her mother be a babysitter. Zhu Zhe found that his mother was very concerned about the salary of 6,000 yuan, so she suggested that Yu Chuhui should consider it carefully. When there is nothing to do at home, he will naturally want to go home, but after becoming a nanny, it will affect Yu Chuhui’s future boyfriend.

Yu Chuhui was very grateful for Zhu Zhe’s suggestion, so he asked her about his confusion, that is, what should the superiors of the unit always take for their own? Zhu Zhe felt that of course he had to fight back. Yu Chuhui thought of what Fang Zhiheng told her during the day. At that time, she thought Fang Zhiheng was perfunctory to her, but now she thinks about it carefully because she misunderstood Fang Zhiheng.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt Fang Zhiheng’s shrewdness. Yu Chuhui immediately knocked on the door of the neighbor Fang Zhiheng’s house, and then explained the useless feeling he had suffered recently. Fang Zhiheng analyzed the problem sharply. Yu Chuhui listened to the spear and opened it, and immediately He told his colleagues about his suggestion. He Minhong heard Yu Chuhui’s grievances for his colleagues through the wall and found it very interesting. It seems that Yu Chuhui not only speaks savagely, but really doesn’t say anything to his colleagues. She is very lacking in being so loyal and brave.

Zhu Zhe went to work and met his ex-boyfriend Chen Zhe next to the hotel. Chen Zhe brought chocolates and flowers to celebrate Zhu Zhe’s birthday. Zhu Zhe had already seen the ugly face of his ex-boyfriend. This time, she refused flowers and all gifts and turned away. into the workplace.

After Yu Chuhui instigated his colleagues to rebel, the two technicians in the group were worried that they would be hated by the leader, and their jobs would not be guaranteed. Yu Chuhui enlightened them. The most important thing in the company is technology. Anyone can be a leader. The words reassured them, thinking about it, no matter how powerful the leader’s charm is, if there is no core technology, there will be no competitiveness.

Zhu Zhe reported the results of his surprise inspection to the leader. All the new toilet water tanks were covered with a thick layer of scale. It was obvious that there was a problem with the hardware. The upper manager went to the room to check carefully, and he opened the bathroom. Looking at the piping equipment on the ceiling, there is indeed a situation. Zhu Zhe wants to ask the leader to buy a batch of descaling potion.

The leader of Zhu Zhe is from the front desk, so he naturally knows the secret behind it. The time of rust is like a poisonous sore. The company leader specially told Zhu Zhe not to speak up. Since it is a poisonous sore, it can only be treated after he has issued it. Be careful, or it will be known that both her and the manager’s positions will be unstable.

Ye Zhenzhen stayed in the laboratory for two days and one night. When she went back, she happened to meet Zhu Zhe. Zhu Zhe knew that cutting corners in the hotel had a great impact, and her upper-level manager wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of this incident to remove the original vice president. , then told Ye Zhenzhen of her confusion, she didn’t know what to do, this matter had little effect on her, but for those waiters who came to Shanghai from the mountains, it was almost extinct. blow. Zhu Zhe has updated the checklist, and she specially added the item of checking for water leakage to it. In case of an accident in the future, they can also use the form to testify that they are not lazy.

Last time, the person who had a babysitter with Yu’s mother came again, and brought fruit. It happened that Yu’s mother was not at home, and Yu Chuhui refused the fruit directly. She also deliberately got off the elevator with the visitor. She admitted that she would not let her mother in Shanghai. Be a babysitter for someone.

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