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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 3 Recap

He Minhong knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. After a while, she went back to the kitchen to get a plate, and when she turned around, she saw Fang Zhiheng poking his head to see Zhu Zhe cooking the beef sauce. He Minhong felt that there must be something wrong with this person. Not only is he full of martial arts, but he also seems to be deliberately concealing his identity, like a spy or something. Zhu Zhe told her not to guess randomly, at least Fang Zhiheng had rescued her.

Fang Zhiheng took out the garbage and went home and started to make his own fat-reduced meal, broccoli, carrots and boiled eggs. Here, Zhu Zhe and He Minhong had already started a dinner at Ye Zhenzhen’s house. He Minhong was curious about Yu Chuhui’s return so soon, Yu Chuhui couldn’t bear it. The resident said that she wanted to find a job with a higher salary.

She thought she had a bright mind and wanted to find a job in physics and chemistry through the relationship of an old classmate. He Minhong couldn’t help complaining that she was not the only one when she heard Yu Chuhui’s self-feeling so good. People think this way, how many people in the world want to find a job that is easy to work and earns more money.

Yu Chuhui’s embarrassment made Ye Zhenzhen heartily agree to help her find a job, such a loyal friend Yu Chuhui is very grateful. When Li Qixing returned home, he felt the sore spot on his body, thinking of the contest between the gym and Fang Zhiheng, he felt sorry, and immediately sent a text message to apologize to Fang Zhiheng, hoping to give him a chance to apologize. Fang Zhiheng knew that this rich second generation was the son of the chairman of the company, and it would undoubtedly benefit his work to have a good relationship with him.

In the evening, Ye Zhenzhen, Zhu Zhe, and He Minhong ate spaghetti with beef sauce, the taste was very good, the girls enjoyed it very happily, and the silver bell-like laughter spread outside the house for a long time. After dinner, Ye Zhen Zhen had a video chat with her parents. The parents were very concerned about her daughter’s attitude towards life, and they also told her to leave a good impression on her colleagues when she went to work. Have a good relationship with your friends.

Hearing that Ye Zhen Zhen was getting along well with three or four girls in her neighbors, her parents immediately advised her to keep a certain distance from others. Besides, others were renting together, and they were all over the place. Ye Zhen Zhen told her parents about the mysterious girl in the neighbor, and her parents also felt that He Minhong had too much brains, so they comforted her daughter not to think too much.

Although he told his daughter not to worry too much, Ye Zhenzhen’s parents had already entrusted the relationship to find out the mysterious neighbor that Ye Zhenzhen mentioned, and called her daughter early the next morning, and told Ye Zhenzhen that this neighbor was in Hongtai Asset Management Co., Ltd. works, and the status is not special.

Yu Chuhui came to Fang Zhiheng to go to work early in the morning. She was dressed very formally, and she was carrying her bag through a silk scarf. A few girls were very curious about Fang Zhiheng’s clothes. She wore a formal suit on the upper body and shorts on the lower body. Yu Chuhui asked her curiously if the company’s uniform was like this. Fang Zhiheng just smiled and shook his head and took the elevator to leave.

At noon, Ye Zhenzhen, Yu Chuhui, Zhu Zhe and other girls were thinking about taking out food together. At this time, Yu Chuhui’s phone rang, and the quarrel of his parents attracted the attention of several girls around. Yu Chuhui’s family was relatively poor, and his father was not working seriously. The mother had to take care of her sick in-laws and endured beast men. When they quarreled, she called Yu Chuhui to cry. Yu Chuhui asked her mother to leave that painful place and come to Shanghai to live with her, but her mother couldn’t let go of that home, so she just continued to live with grievances.

Ye Zhenzhen took the initiative to order meals for the other girls, Zhu Zhe asked Yu Chuhui to have dinner together, because that phone call, the atmosphere of the meal was very bad, Zhu Zhe first started talking about his family, after a few days, his younger brother brought The younger sister came to Shanghai to purchase dowry, and the younger brother also brought his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s parents who had never been there, saying that he would bring his girlfriend’s parents to see a doctor. Apparently it was based on Zhu Zhe’s money. Zhu Zhe asked a few friends to help her talk, and he assumed that she had borrowed a debt for the family, and she has not paid it off yet. In short, only in this way will it not be so miserable.

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