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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 46 Recap

As Cheng Shaoshang deduced, if the theory of causality implies whereabouts, then the cause is from 2,000 refined copper, so everyone found Cheng Shi at the copper mine in Tongniu County. After five days of recuperation, under Xiao Yuanyi’s care, Cheng Shi’s body gradually recovered, and Xiao Yuanyi also understood the ins and outs of the matter.

At the beginning, Yan Zhong and Cheng Shi discussed how to dispose of 2,000 refined copper. In order to prevent the military capital from being plundered after the fall of Tongniu County, Cheng Shi simply proposed to transport the refined copper to hide outside the city. How did he know that he was attacked halfway, and Yan Zhong’s family died tragically, Cheng Shi desperately escaped with his life, and finally passed out in the grass.

Until Cheng Shi woke up and saw Lou Ben, he didn’t have the slightest suspicion, but because of the other party’s coaxing, he had to hide in the mining area, hoping to clear his grievances as soon as possible. While talking, Mrs. Cheng rushed into the room crying and wiping tears. Not only did she feel sorry for her eldest son, but she couldn’t help complaining and nagging at the same time. Xiao Yuanyi was beside her to soothe Jun-aunt’s emotions. This scene of harmonious mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made Cheng Shibei Surprised.

The Lou Ben case was completely settled, and the Lou family always scolded Master Lou for hindering the future of his children, which caused a catastrophe. However, Mrs. Lou actually pushed this crime to his wife, and ended up being unkind and alienating, and was finally sent back to her parents’ home. As for Erfang, after suffering heavy grief, he decided to move his family to Hua County.

Accompanied by Ling Budo, Cheng Shaoshang personally went to see Lou Yao off, and felt guilty for what happened a few days ago. Although Lou Yao is a person who understands righteousness, he eventually saw his brother die in front of him.

As Lou Yao got on the carriage, He Zhaojun came over to say goodbye to Cheng Shaoshang. Now, she is no longer the charming and willful girl she used to look like. Her eyes are confident and strong, and there is no hint of darkness. Most of her words are advice from the bottom of my heart. And said that if they meet in the future, they will definitely invite her to drink and eat meat.

Cheng Shaoshang had not seen Wang Yanji since Lou Ben died that day, and only later heard of Wang Yanji’s death in love with Shen He. The river was rushing that night, and all the guards of the Lou family went into the water, but unfortunately they were not able to rescue them. So far, the mother and son are dead and no body is found. Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t bear it. After all, Wang Yanji helped her many times, and she was the best person besides Lou Yao.

It was precisely because of this incident that Cheng Shaoshang told Ling Budo to remember that he never seeks glory and wealth, but only seeks peace and happiness. Ling Budo was slightly startled when he heard the words, and seemed to have something to hide, but after all, he still did not tell the truth, and then took Cheng Shaoshang to visit his mother in Xinghua Courtyard.

Huo Junhua personally prepared almond cake for Ling Budo and called his nickname. Cheng Shaoshang went out with Cui You in order to let the mother and son get along alone. Although Huo Junhua seems to be in high spirits, she is actually exhausted. She is the child of the Huo family’s daughter who was born early. Inadequate over the years.

In fact, not only Huo Junhua, but even Ling Wudo was born prematurely, completely different from the Huo family’s children. Cui You vaguely remembered that General Huo’s youngest son was the same age as Ling Budo.

In fact, Huo Wushang and Ling Budo look alike, but their personalities are diametrically opposed. Ling Budo was more lively and active when he was a child, and liked to eat almond cakes. On the other hand, Huo Wushang seemed calm and rational. He liked to read and write on weekdays, but he couldn’t touch the almond cake, otherwise he would get a rash.

As a result, on the way back, Ling Budo suddenly had a fever and a rash, and immediately fell into a coma next to Cheng Shaoshang. Fortunately, they were sent back to the mansion in time. After the medical doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, the Liang brothers wondered why Cheng Shaoshang didn’t wait for Ling Budo to wake up and left.

As soon as the words fell, Ling Budo resisted the discomfort and got up from the bed, and took Peng Kun from the Tingwei Mansion to the North Military Prison with his troops, tortured him, and forced him to ask the truth about the Gucheng case.

Peng Kun showed no remorse at all, saying that he and his soldiers had fought on the battlefield several times, but in the end, the old Ganan Wang was enjoying the success, not to mention the incompetence of the young Ganan Wang should have died. As for General Huo, it was pure self-confidence. Ling Budo was furious. Even if he didn’t kill Peng Kun, he still had enough ways to torture him, making his life worse than death.

That night, Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t sleep. Thinking of what happened before, a bold guess suddenly appeared in his heart. At this time, Queen Xuan came to talk to Cheng Shaoshang. Due to the dismissal of Lou’s family, the crown prince was also implicated. Cheng Shaoshang was a little bit remorseful, but Queen Xuan didn’t care about it. Instead, she talked to her about Ling Budo’s childhood. matter.

Early the next morning, Wang Ai ran into the Changqiu Palace crying, begging Cheng Shaoshang to let Ling Buxuan let go of her husband, lest the child lose his father at birth. Cheng Shaoshang really couldn’t figure it out. Peng Kun’s crimes were monstrous.

How could such unfaithful and unrighteous people still deserve Wang Ai’s nostalgia. I didn’t expect Wang Ai to have a deep affection for Peng Kun, which made her unimaginable. Seeing Cheng Shaoshang unmoved, Wang Ai was instantly disheartened, and before leaving, she warned her that she should see Ling Budo’s true face, this person is the most unfathomable and terrifying.

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