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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 34 Recap

Tang Zhou was determined not to go to a romantic place like Wufang. Yu Mo forcibly dragged him in. In order to facilitate the investigation, Yan Dan disguised as a man and entered Jinhuanfang. The top brand, Fushuang, danced gracefully. She was naturally beautiful, and her dancing was graceful and vivid, which won applause and applause from everyone. The local rich gentleman Xiao Qi coveted Fushuang’s beauty and dancing, and took the initiative to show her favor, asking for a thousand gold to spend the night with her. Yan Dan heard that Xiao Qi was a famous flower-picker who liked to smoke and incense. There are countless murder cases in this kind of inferior means, but the Xiao family and the government are in unison, and no one can do anything to Xiao Qi.

The owner of Jinhuanfang hurried over to help Fushuang, repeatedly emphasizing that this is a dance workshop, the girls don’t sell themselves, let Fushuang pay Xiao Qi a glass of wine to make amends, Xiao Qi insisted on drinking a glass of wine, Yan Dan couldn’t stand it, and wanted to teach him a lesson Xiao abandoned. A parrot suddenly flew in and knocked over Xiao Qi’s wine glass. Liu Weiyang rushed there. He denounced Xiao Qi’s shameless behavior. Fushuang thanked Liu Weiyang for helping him. Liu Weiyang was willing to pay a thousand gold and have a drink with Fushuang. Fushuang and Liu Weiyang went down to drink hand in hand, Xiao Qi was so angry that he went to the government to report Jinhuanfang as a black shop and sealed it up.

Yan Dan asked Yu Mo and Tang Zhou to question Xiao Qi, she went to find out Liu Weiyang’s real situation, Tang Zhou reminded her to be more careful, and the three acted separately. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo catch up with Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi explained that Menghan Medicine is the ecstasy powder made by Shenxiao Palace, Shenxiao Palace is a mysterious organization in the rivers and lakes, no one knows where it is, and the disciples are also haunted, and the disciples of Shenxiao Palace.

There are three-petaled plum sashimi on his body. Xiao Qi has studied the prescriptions of Shenxiao Palace. Many medicinal materials come from Zhu Cuishan. Xiao Qi is still in the backyard of Jinhuanfang and smells the strong smell of narrow-leaf Pugen. Yu Mo didn’t expect that they would be targeted by Shenxiao Palace, and decided to go to the backyard of Jinhuanfang tonight to see what happened.

Yan Dan followed Liu Weiyang to the backyard, and saw Liu Weiyang piercing Fushuang’s arm with a needle from the crack of the door, thinking he was also a lecher, Yan Dan used the itching technique on Liu Weiyang without saying a word, Liu Weiyang complained of itching However, Fushuang confirmed that Liu Weiyang was a gentleman, and she asked Liu Weiyang to help fix the butterfly tattoo on her wrist. Only then did Yan Dan realize that he had misunderstood Liu Weiyang, and apologized to him again and again, but Liu Weiyang didn’t buy it.

Yan Dan felt that there was another mystery in Jinhuanfang, and Yu Mo and Tang Zhou also felt the same. They checked around in Jinhuanfang while it was dark, and found a large pharmacy, where they found Zanye Pugen. Liu Weiyang came later and made delicacies with the root of the narrow leaf for them to taste, and explained that the root of the narrow leaf can expel phlegm and clear the lungs.

He often cooks it for the girls in the dance workshop. Tang Zhou wants to know if there are other usage. Liu Weiyang guessed that they wanted to inquire about the situation of the Shenxiao Palace, and revealed that the Shenxiao Palace used the narrow leaf Pugen as a hallucinogen, and the palace owner was looking for the magic weapon of Lichen. Liu Weiyang concluded that they had been taken by the people of the Shenxiao Palace. Keep an eye on them and remind them to be careful everywhere.

Yu Mo and Tang Zhou discussed staying here for a few more days to thoroughly check the details of Shenxiao Palace. Yan Dan also wanted to find out Liu Weiyang’s true identity, because the disciples of Shenxiao Palace all had plum blossom tattoos, and he happened to be proficient in this. technique. Liu Weiyang and Fushuang played chess, Yan Dan came over to join in the fun and questioned Liu Weiyang’s purpose of staying in Jinhuanfang. Liu Weiyang explained that it was his personal hobby. Asked that the loser must answer a question truthfully, Liu Weiyang agreed, but Yan Dan can’t play chess, neither can Tang Zhou and Yu Mo, she can only bite the bullet.

Yan Dan started to play chess, she was in a trance before her eyes, she always felt that she had played chess with someone before. Yu Mo firmly believed that Yan Dan would win. Yan Dan was aggressive and Liu Weiyang took advantage of the opportunity to lose the first game. Liu Weiyang wanted to know the most powerful spell she had ever seen. Yan Dan showed the Buli lock on her wrist and glared at Tang Zhou. Liu Weiyang lost the second game, and Yan Dan asked him why he didn’t go home. He excused that there were a lot of rules at home, so after going back and forth, Yan Dan and Liu Weiyang played a whole game of chess.

Liu Weiyang found out that his white son was missing one, and suspected that Yan Dan had stolen it. Yan Dan took the initiative to let him search, but Yu Mo tried his best to stop him. Liu Weiyang released a parrot and took away Yan Dan’s bun rope, and Yan Dan’s long hair was scattered. Liu Weiyang didn’t expect her to be a daughter, so she asked her to perform on stage for everyone, and Yan Dan asked Tang Zhou and Yu Mo to compare swords. Fushuang took the opportunity to throw his red hydrangea, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo pushed each other, and finally landed in Tang Zhou’s hands. The girls coaxed Tang Zhou to marry Fushuang. Tang Zhou rejected the marriage in public and asked Fushuang to do another. find others.

Yu Mo found that Tang Zhou’s wrist was seriously injured, so Tang Zhou had to say that the heirs of the Lingxiao faction must wear the ring of renunciation and love. . Fushuang came to Tang Zhou to learn a secret trick to protect himself, and Yan Dan hurried to find Tang Zhou’s theory. Yu Mo found out that Tang Zhou’s ring had changed again, and only then did he realize that Tang Zhou was in love with Yan Dan. Fushuang touched a gray nose and had no choice but to leave angrily.

Yan Dan has been observing Liu Weiyang’s every move, and found that he is very interested in Tang Zhou and Yu Mo’s sword-dancing tricks, and Fushuang came to Tang Zhou to learn magic, so he suspected that their intentions were not pure, and Tang Zhou wanted to inquire from Fushuang. , Yan Dan reminded him not to be emotional, Tang Zhou was speechless. Yan Dan found out that a storyteller was talking about “The Legend of Shenxiao Palace” in the teahouse, and invited Yu Mo to listen to her with her.

That night, Yu Mo took Tang Zhou to the river and asked him to soak his body in cold water to restrain his feelings. Yu Mo felt the same way. Relieve in this way. Tang Zhou sank himself into the icy river water, and all that lingered in front of him was the figure of Yan Dan. Tang Zhou remembered the entrustment of the head and forced himself to suppress his feelings for Yan Dan.

Tang Zhou caught a cold and fever from the cold water. Yan Dan and Yu Mo went to the teahouse to listen to the book and packed a lot of snacks to bring back to Tang Zhou. The storyteller continued to tell the legend of Shenxiao Palace, and the guests all claimed to have seen the palace master, and each described it differently. Yan Dan and Yu Mo passed by Xiao’s house and saw a high spirit shed built for Xiao Qi’s funeral. Yan Dan pretended to be Xiao Qi’s admirer crying at the door.

The housekeeper let Yan Dan and Yu Mo go in to express their condolences, revealing that Xiao Qi choked after drinking. And die. Yan Dan approached the coffin and found that Xiao Qi had a wound on his neck. Yu Mo learned from the housekeeper that Xiao Qi had returned to the house in the early morning yesterday, and was pestered by an old woman who sold wine to ask for money. The housekeeper only remembered that the old woman was carrying a plum blossom hairpin. Dan found that the wound on Xiao Qi’s neck was also in the shape of a three-petaled plum blossom. He suspected that the people of Shenxiao Palace did it, and their whereabouts were clearly seen by Liu Weiyang’s parrot.

Fushuang came to Tang Zhou to learn self-defense, Tang Zhou excused himself because he was uncomfortable, Fushuang came over to greet him, Tang Zhou found calluses on Fushuang’s hands, Fushuang explained that it was left by practicing the piano, Fushuang saw She wanted Tang Zhou to give it to her, but Tang Zhou categorically refused. Yan Dan came to deliver snacks to Tang Zhou, and when he entered the door, he saw Fushuang holding the Shen Hua hairpin. He mistakenly thought that Tang Zhou gave this to Fushuang as a token of love, so he turned around and left. Fushuang guessed that the Shen Hua hairpin belonged to Yan Dan, Let Tang Zhou comfort her.

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