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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 32 Recap

Yingdeng came to Yan Dan and Yu Mo to inquire about the battle plan. Yan Dan told her plan and everything. She wanted to imitate Jing Ke’s stab at Qin’s excerpt. She pretended to be the beheaded Yu Mo and put it in a wooden box and let Yu Mo pretend to be a dragon. The palace guards presented the box, and then assassinated Ao Xuan while he was not prepared. Yu Mo repeatedly reminded Yan Dan not to reveal secrets, but Yan Dan couldn’t stand Ying Deng’s arduous questioning, and told the details of the plan one by one.

Ying Deng claimed that she had a deep love for Tang Zhou, and she did not want Tang Zhou to be in danger, and wanted to participate in this operation for Tang Zhou. Yan Dan agreed. Tang Zhou came later and asked to join the war. Yu Mo asked him to cook some good dishes to wait for their triumphant return. Tang Zhou had no choice but to give up. Ying Deng immediately asked Wuying Beast to report to Ao, telling him all of Yan Dan and Yu Mo’s plans.

Today is the big wedding day for Ao Xuan and Chao Lan. The East China Sea Dragon Palace is decorated with lanterns, but the atmosphere is extremely tense. Ao Xuan has already made careful arrangements after receiving information from Ying Deng, and he waits for Yu Mo to take the bait. The soldiers of the three seas were ready to go, Chao Yan made a pre-war mobilization, Yu Mo pretended to be a guard in the palace to escort the small wooden box, the troops were assembled, and they marched mighty towards the East China Sea.

Ao Xuan learned that the team from Nanhai to send his relatives was coming, and sent someone to call Chaolan, wanting her to watch a good show. Chao Yan brought Yu Mo and others to the main hall, Ying Deng secretly winked at Ao Xuan, Yu Mo presented the small wooden box to Ao Xuan, Ao Xuan snatched the small wooden box and pushed Yu Mo aside, along with the guards in ambush. Stand up and surround Chao Yan and the others. Yu Mo took off his mask and confronted Ao Xuan. Ao Xuan forced him to capture him, otherwise he would destroy the small wooden box. Yu Mo refused to bow his head. shocked.

Ao Xuan ordered Chao Lan to be brought up. He stretched out his hand to lift the red hijab, but he did not expect that the bride in front of him was Yan Dan. It turned out that Yan Dan put himself in a small wooden box early in the morning. Tang Zhou felt that it was too dangerous, so he asked Yu Mo to discuss other ways. Yan Dan came up with a plan to replace the civet cat with the prince. When she came to the East China Sea with the large army, she directly Going to find Chaolan, she changed into Chaolan’s wedding dress and sent someone to send Chaolan back to the South China Sea.

Ao Xuan became angry and fought against Yan Dan. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo hurriedly stood up to protect Yan Dan. The two of them joined forces to lock Ao Xuan. Yan Dan pressed on Ao Xuan step by step. The scales on Ao Xuan’s chest, Tang Zhou drew a knife and stabbed Ao Xuan in the chest, Ao Xuan was seriously injured, and in a desperate situation, he held the fluorescent lamp hostage.

Yu Mo asked Ao Xuan to disarm and surrender. Ying Deng repeatedly explained that she did not know that Yan Dan had changed her plan. Ao Xuan had already found out the details of Ying Deng and knew that she had been demoted to the world because of her deep love for Ying Yuan. Ying Beast reported to Heaven that Ying Yuan was still alive, Ying Deng pierced his body with a soul-shattering hook in a fit of anger, Ao Xuan fell to the ground and died on the spot, Ying Deng silenced Wuying Beast again.

Yan Dan and Yu Mo came later and saw Ying Deng kill Ao Xuan, Ying Deng claimed that Ao Xuan wanted to exchange her for Chao Lan, she had no choice but to kill Ao Xuan, Yan Dan hurried over to help Ying Deng, Yu When Mo saw the ring made of Shadowless Beast on the ground, he quietly put it away. The Dragon King of the North Sea and the Dragon King of the West Sea advised the guards not to continue to resist. When they saw that Ao Xuan was dead, they all disarmed and surrendered.

Yu Mo came to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea to find the information of the Creation War, and found another ring made by the Shadowless Beast. Chao Yan recognized that it was the family spirit beast of the White Dragon Clan, and he summoned the Shadowless Beast.

The shadowless beast is a spirit beast that conveys news. It contains a plot of someone planning the East China Sea White Dragon Clan and the Shura Clan to join forces to eradicate the Nine-Fin Clan, as well as a plan to harm the three emperors, Beiming Xianjun and Jidu Xingjun. Chao Yan decided to report the matter to Emperor Zun. He inferred from the tone of the person behind the scenes that he was a person from the heavenly realm. He could not guess who that person was for a while. Yu Mo vowed to avenge his master, Xianjun Beiming.

Yan Dan felt that Ying Deng was suspicious, and suspected that she had something to do with Pei Luo’s poisoning of Jiangchen. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, the only thing Yan Dan could be sure of was Ying Deng’s feelings for Tang Zhou. She boiled medicine for Ying Deng. , let Tang Zhou send it to Ying Deng in person, and take the opportunity to use the handsome man’s trick to talk from Ying Deng, and you can also confirm whether Ying Deng is the woman in Tang Zhou’s dream. Tang Zhou resolutely refused to agree, and instead used a handsome man’s trick on Yan Dan, who made Yan Dan blushed and fled.

Tang Zhou brought soothing soup to Ying Deng, he wanted to leave when he put it at the door, Ying Deng lied that he was unwell, and asked Tang Zhou to enter the house to help her diagnose and treat, Tang Zhou bite the bullet and went in to help Ying Deng pulse, Ying Deng took the opportunity to hug her tightly Tang Zhou expressed his intentions to him again and again, but Tang Zhou couldn’t entangle him, so he had to cast the forgetfulness spell on her, and many black spots appeared on Ying Deng’s face immediately. Ying Deng complained that Tang Zhou was ruthless. She was willing to give everything for Tang Zhouning, but Tang Zhou failed her many times. Tang Zhou didn’t want to listen to her long-winded words, so he turned around and left.

Ying Deng reminded Tang Zhou to gather the four artifacts to repair the fairy clothes as soon as possible, otherwise it would be wiped out. Ying Deng wanted to use Yan Dan’s heart to heal Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou drew his sword and faced each other, and Ying Deng was not allowed to move Yan Dan’s finger, Ying Deng wanted to use Yan Dan’s heart to heal Tang Zhou. Sad and painful, she put all her anger on Yan Dan’s head and vowed to kill her to avoid future troubles.

Chao Yan was worried that Tang Zhou was in danger, so he gave him the pearl of the South China Sea, Huo Yi Zhu. Tang Zhou asked Chao Yan about the dream of a woman jumping off a bridge, and Chao Yan asked him to find the answer through Hu Yi Zhu.

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