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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 43 Recap

If Concubine Yue hadn’t interceded for Cheng Shaoshang, I’m afraid that Emperor Wen would never show up. Empress Xuan was also deeply remorseful for her kindness. If Emperor Wen hadn’t formed an alliance with King Qian’an, how could the queen’s position fall on her head. Concubine Yue has never been brooding, and she has long since taken it lightly, but instead comforted Empress Xuan not to feel sad, and she needed to live and cherish her.

It is precisely because of this confidence that Empress Xuan has mixed feelings in her heart. When she returned to Changqiu Palace and found Cheng Shaoshang depressed, she knew that the other party was far more determined and determined than expected, and finally agreed to allow her to leave the palace on the grounds of visiting relatives. When Cheng Shaoshang packed up his burdens at night and bid farewell to Empress Xuan with the imperial edict and customs clearance letter, Empress Xuan had planned to plead guilty on her own, but Cheng Shaoshang did not want to implicate her, so he temporarily forged the warrant.

Cheng Shaoshang went to the prison alone, and it was really impossible to be sure that he would be able to get out of the prison. Fortunately, Yuan Shen came forward to save the siege. At the same time, Madam Cheng was still angry and refused to eat. Xiao Yuanyi deliberately stimulated her with words in order to restore her desire to survive. Old lady Cheng is the opposite of Xiao Yuanyi. Xiao Yuanyi persuaded her daughter to stay in Changqiu Palace with peace of mind, while she entrusted Cheng Shaoshang to save the family man with her savings.

Ling Budo was deployed at the border, but there were a lot of bandits along the way. Nowadays, the children of the noble families who follow the army are all delicate and expensive, and they go into battle all day long to kill the enemy, but if there is any loss, the nobles of the capital will definitely settle accounts in the autumn.

How do you know that the children of the noble family disregarded the obstacles and went to suppress the bandits privately. Ling Buxuan had an idea, and he simply planned the plan and spread the news that the bandits had won a great victory and captured the children of the noble family. Sure enough, Peng Kun believed it to be true and wanted to take the opportunity to transport food and grass back to the city. Before the convoy had left the forest, dozens of arrows and soldiers formed a double-team situation.

Even though the general Liang Yi had been reduced to a trapped beast, he still scolded Ling Budo, mocking him for wearing chicken feather armor, and Ling Budo also seriously corrected that it was a mandarin duck. Liang Yi was reluctant to explain Shouchun’s defense, and continued to conceal the shortage of supplies. Ling Budo was in no hurry, and while he was still thinking about it, he took someone to investigate the terrain nearby.

Since Shouchun is surrounded by defenses on all sides, and the city gate is a wooden hanging gate, the lift is controlled by ropes, and there are moats on both sides, so it is difficult to penetrate. In order to avoid a large number of casualties, Ling Budo was prepared to take measures to deal with it. As long as he cut off his subsequent grain, Shouchun would not last for more than a month, and he would definitely fail.

The subordinates suddenly rushed to report what happened to the Cheng family, and probably understood the cause and effect. It turned out that when Cheng Shi followed Yan Zhong out of the city for only half a day, someone had already printed the county order into the city, and the other party was Ma Rong, the general of the Shouchun rebels. After Ma Rong occupied Tongniu County, not only did he not harm the people, but he also paraded the county magistrates Li Feng and Yin Lao, who would rather die than surrender, to parade through the streets and put them in jail. The people know it.

Now that Tongniu County has fallen, Shouchun has not yet been captured, and Emperor Wen has no time to distract himself, so the case is put on hold for the time being, and he intends to try Li Feng again after he recovers Tongniu. Zuo Yu Shifei said that Cheng Shaoshang was absconding in fear of the crime, and it proved that Cheng Shitong’s crime of treason was true. Ling Buxuan was so anxious, but he still refused to carry out a violent attack, considering the safety of his troops.

After Ling Budo’s repeated persuasion, General Liang Yi transported him to Shouchun City by means of a forage truck, thus avoiding the inspection of the guards. Ling Budo sneaked into Peng Kun’s room at night, how could he know that Peng Kun was not afraid at all, and there were secrets in his words. Just when Ling Budo was about to ask further questions, Mrs. Peng came in from the door, and when she saw this, she fled in alarm, attracting the attention of the soldiers in the city.

Faced with the siege, Ling Budoubt found it difficult to escape, so he had to hold Peng Kun hostage and walk out of the room. Peng Kun ridiculed Ling Budo for being too stupid. Such an act was equivalent to killing him. No matter how high his martial arts skills were, he would not be able to leave. Before Peng Kun could finish speaking, he heard the rumbling of horses’ hooves coming from far and near. The Liang brothers led the black armored guards to storm Shouchun City, but unfortunately the city gate did not move.

Following Peng Kun’s order, the archers fired a volley of arrows. Looking at the bravery and strength of the black armored guards, they were completely unable to get close. Ling Budo noticed the iron chains that controlled both sides of the city gate, and rushed to dismantle it, and at the same time, he wanted to counterattack the soldiers who besieged him, followed by a bloody sea of ​​slaughter, reaping life like death wielding a sickle.

Until the agency was completely abolished, and seeing the city gate open, Peng Kun picked up his long sword and attacked Ling Budo. Fortunately, he had Cheng Shaoshang’s soft armor, and he was not injured at all. The army of the Black Guards arrived, and Ling Budo gave Peng Kun’s order to escort Peng Kun back to the capital for trial.

As for the whereabouts of Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Budo had his own ideas, because he guessed that Cheng Shaoshang was not fleeing from the capital, but to find out the truth. Therefore, in Ling Budo’s opinion, Tongniu County was the final destination, and he immediately brought people there. The Liang brothers also found that after Ma Rong occupied Tongniu County, they had returned to Louyao within two days.

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