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Love Between Fairy and Devil 苍兰诀 Episode 1 Recap

Synopsis: Love Between Fairy and Devil 苍兰诀

The goddess of the Poxin clan was exterminated by the Demon Zun Dongfang Qingcang. Ten thousand years later, she was reborn as a low-level fairy in the heavens, Xiao Lanhua, and inadvertently resurrected the demon Zun who was trapped in the Haotian Tower. In order to gain freedom, Dongfang Qingcang has to sacrifice Little Orchid’s goddess soul to unlock the magic seal on her body. In the process, this great devil who has no love and love falls in love with the docile and lovely little Orchid.

According to rumors, Dongfang Qingcang, the Yue Zun of the Moon Clan, has become a monster without any emotions due to the practice of ancient secret techniques. He killed his biological father, seized the throne of the Moon Lord, controlled 100,000 Moon Clan soldiers, burned, killed and looted. The three realms of Immortal Realm Shuiyuntian, Moon Clan Cangyan Sea, and Human Yunmengze were at stake.

In order to save the common people, the Chishui woman, the god of war in the immortal world, did not hesitate to explode her primordial spirit, and perished with Dongfang Qingcang, sealing one hundred thousand soldiers of the Moon tribe. However, Dongfang Qingcang’s primordial spirit is immortal, and once resurrected, the fire of hell will once again sweep through the three realms. According to legend, only the goddess of Xishan can resolve this catastrophe, but she disappeared.

Shuiyuntianyujing, gorgeous and dazzling, very beautiful. The fairy water orchid slowly woke up from her sleep, looked at the maple tree outside and suddenly thought of something, got up in a hurry and ran out. These leaves are not ordinary leaves, but the book of life, and each leaf is written with the fate of a life after life. The responsibility of the water orchid is to sort out and take care of these fate books, but it will not interfere with the fate of anyone.

Daffodil’s master, Si Ming, is the immortal in charge of the life book. To talk about the fate of the two, we must start from a long time ago. The beautiful Shangxian sat drinking carelessly, her face was flushed, she said something with a smile, and she didn’t even notice that the bottle was dumped. The wine spilled on a water orchid and damaged the immortal root, so the cultivation base and mana of the water orchid have always been poor.

After teaching Shui Orchid some crafts, the Immortal Si Ming went to wander around the world, and it has been five hundred years since then. But the water orchid also enjoys itself, although sometimes it feels a little lonely. As for other fairies, water orchids do not seem to be very popular. Maybe it was because she planned to take the immortal exam and go to Yongquan Palace to report the life-saving grace to Xianjun Changheng.

As soon as the God of War Chang Heng came back, he went to visit the Shuiyuntian Emperor Yunzhongjun. It’s just that he doesn’t know why Yun Zhongjun is so anxious to call him back. At this time, the Haotian Tower was in danger, and the undercurrent was surging, as if it was foreshadowing a catastrophe. Only then did Chang Heng know that the Haotian Tower had changed, and Dongfang Qingcang’s Primordial Spirit was preparing to break the seal. And this time Yun Zhongjun called him back to reinforce the seal.

On this day, several fairies went to the Si Ming Palace to adjust the life book, during which they talked about Chang Heng’s return. Little Orchid was very happy to hear that, and hurried to pick the best flowers to send to Yongquan Palace. Seeing Chang Heng’s back, Xiao Lanhua was already fascinated. He was about to make a grand debut in front of him, but unexpectedly, he accidentally got stuck on a branch and fell a big somersault in front of him. Little Orchid carefully gave the flowers to Chang Heng and thanked him excitedly. But the other party doesn’t remember what happened at the beginning, maybe it’s just an ordinary thing for him.

Little Orchid raised her head and raised her chest to sign up for the fairy test, but was laughed at by other fairies. Those fairies didn’t even remember who she was, they just thought she was a little flower spirit who didn’t know what to do. Little Orchid looked at the fairies and solemnly introduced her name to them, because she would beat them fiercely. But Xiao Lanhua was also worried, and the medicinal herbs for repairing Xiangen were really unaffordable. Friends were noisy, but they were also willing to take out spirit stones to support her.

Just when Xiao Lanhua was happy, Chang Heng’s life book suddenly fell, and she tried her best to repair it to no avail. And this also means that Chang Heng is in danger of being destroyed tonight. At this time, the thunder was rolling and the clouds were dense. The immortals gathered at the Haotian Tower to repair the seal. Suddenly, a dazzling light rushed out of the tower, and those heavenly soldiers with low spiritual power were shaken away. Seeing this, Chang Heng flew forward, but it didn’t work.

Xiao Lanhua was very anxious, she couldn’t help thinking that Si Ming had said that if the secret of the life book was leaked, it would be destroyed by divine scourge. But Xiao Lanhua couldn’t watch Chang Heng die, so she put on a mask and blocked the attack in front of him with her body. When Chang Heng reacted, Xiao Lanhua had already fallen into the seal. At this time, the seal has been completed, how could Yun Zhongjun open it again.

At this time, the little orchid fell rapidly, and she didn’t know when her chest was shining, and she suddenly got used to it. She was attracted to Dongfang Qingcang by an inexplicable force, and even kissed her. When she woke up, she found herself in a field of snow with a large, dry tree in front of her. The little orchid tentatively touched the trunk, and a little snow fell from the dry branches. Little Orchid couldn’t help but sneezed, and then found herself in a dark space, and the girl sitting in front of her had her face.

Little Orchid tentatively stepped forward, but the girl’s eyes were full of murderous intent, and she threw her to the ground. Little Orchid realized that she had exchanged bodies with Dongfang Qingcang. At this time, Xiao Lanhua’s body was hiding Dongfang Qingcang’s mana, and if she tried her best, she would be able to break through the seal.

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