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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 39 Recap

After the birthday banquet in Changqiu Palace, the turmoil of the five princesses’ captive face head has not subsided. Emperor Wen called Xiaoyue into the palace, intending to promote the wedding date of the fifth princess to marry the Yue family, and the rumors would be self-defeating by then. Although Yue Hou strongly opposed it, the holy will was hard to violate, and Ling Budo and the prince helped, and in the end, he could only express his gratitude.

The dust settled on this matter, Liang Shang and his wife were about to leave the palace, but they happened to meet the Crown Princess and the Fifth Prince. She was originally a smiling crown princess, but when she saw Qu Lingjun, she recited the past like a cannonball, and deliberately emphasized the word “East Palace”. Sure enough, Liang Shang looked gloomy, and Qu Lingjun was quite embarrassed. disturbed.

Liang Shang was very uncomfortable, and said that he wanted to leave first. How could the Crown Princess let go of this opportunity and once again made a statement to retain her, and even invited their husband and wife to the East Palace as a guest. Noticing her husband’s anger, Qu Lingjun immediately distanced himself from the prince, and persuaded the prince to speak up.

Seeing that Qu Lingjun left with Liang Shang, the fifth prince and concubine were filled with emotion. However, the prince concubine deliberately sent someone to catch up with Qu Lingjun, and sent gifts on the grounds of the prince. Qu Lingjun resolutely refused, but Liang Shang took it and found that the brocade box contained the prince’s personal towel, which made him furious. On the other hand, at the castle tower, the Crown Princess watched the carriage go away, and vaguely heard the miserable cry of Lord Qu Ling.

Not long after, the Tingwei Mansion received news that Qu Lingjun had murdered his husband. The prince firmly believed that Qu Lingjun was innocent and had no choice but to reveal that when Liang Shang was killed, he and Qu Lingjun met in Ziguibei Courtyard. Hearing this, the crown princess was furious and determined that Junming Qu Ling was praying for her birthday, but in fact, she seduced the prince to resume the front line.

But before the words were finished, the crown prince sternly interrupted and scolded her for being narrow-minded. If she hadn’t given things to Qu Lingjun in his own name all these years, how could she have been violently beaten by Liang Shang. The prince took this opportunity to vent his dissatisfaction, saying that the princess pretended to be gentle and kind on weekdays.

The crown princess was full of ghosts and charms, and there was nowhere to hide, and she no longer hid her hatred for Qu Lingjun. The prince was extremely disappointed and warned the crown princess to either go back to the East Palace, or go with him to meet Emperor Wen to intercede with Qu Lingjun. In the end, the princess left alone, and would rather die than forgive Qu Lingjun. Cheng Shaoshang listened to the conversation between the two and couldn’t help but sigh.

Yuan Shen was going to take Qu Lingjun back to Tingwei’s mansion first, but Mother Liang refused to let him go, and kept asking Qu Lingjun to pay for his life. Liang Wuji, the adopted son of the Liang family, advocated peace of mind. After all, it was about the prince, and he was afraid of angering the whole family. Yuan Shen wanted Qu Lingjun to tell the truth.

In order to clear the suspicion of Qu Lingjun, the prince knelt down and begged Emperor Wen to send someone to find out the truth. Emperor Wen was furious and scolded the prince that as the prince, his conduct should be a model for the world, but he almost destroyed his own because of his children’s personal love. Fame, and even the royal reputation, was disgraced.

Because of Empress Xuan’s intercession, Emperor Wen appointed Ling Wuxuan to investigate the case, and he must give the world and the East Palace a truth. Cheng Shaoshang wanted to go to Liang Mansion with Ling Budo, which was considered a repayment of Queen Xuan’s kindness, and could not bear Qu Lingjun’s injustice to be imprisoned. Ling Budo knew that Cheng Shaoshang’s decision would not be changed, and promised to take her to Liang’s house, but not to cause trouble, Cheng Shaoshang nodded again and again.

After coming to Liang Mansion, Liang Shang’s younger brother told the truth, including the situation on the day of the incident. At this time, Mother Liang wanted to abuse Qu Lingjun to lynch. Fortunately, Cheng Shaoshang appeared in time, and Yuan Shen also invited her mother, and she was the eldest daughter of the Liang family, so she naturally had enough weight to speak.

On the other hand, Mother Liang was the maidservant of the old man who filled the house, and her family was a little cold. She gave birth to Liang and was not favored until the second son, Liang Xia. Therefore, Liang Shang belongs to the concubine, and Liang’s mother is reluctant to mention it. She spoils the second son everywhere and neglects Liang Shang, so she cultivates Liang Shang to be sensitive and suspicious, which eventually leads to a catastrophe.

Mother Yuan looked down on Mother Liang, because she felt that she was narrow-minded and shallow, she was very selfish, never cared about the overall situation, and only cared about her own interests. Now she has gathered all the female relatives, publicly scolded Liang’s mother, and asked Qu Lingjun to tell the truth. Qu Lingjun said frankly that the humiliation he suffered was because he wanted to end the marriage at first, but Liang Shang repeatedly threatened the life of his children, so he endured it to this day.

On the other side, Ling Budo summoned Liang Jiaerlang and clearly stated his point of view, believing that the reason why the murderer acted in a high profile must be that someone should cooperate with him to protect him comprehensively. Moreover, Liang Shang is the head of the Liang family. If the head of the family dies and his wife is framed as a murderer, the heir will not be able to inherit the position of the head of the family. Ling Budo suspects that someone is behind the scenes. It was a trick of the mastermind behind the scenes, because the person who delivered the meal that day was not Qu Lingjun, but the maid You Tong.

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