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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 25 Recap

Tang Zhou found that apart from the people who went to the tomb with them, the other skeletons were all strong men, and the time of death was not too long. If a large number of strong men disappeared in Qingshi Town in a short period of time, it would definitely cause a sensation. Tang Zhou felt that they were all in harmony. The tomb of the Empress. Yan Dan also felt the same way. She analyzed that the tomb of the goddess was a complete trap. There was no treasure in it at all. They were all treasure hunters who rushed to die in batches.

Yan Dan also found that after she and Tang Zhou came to Shen’s house, all the clues came too smoothly, and these came from the mouth of Master Shen, and Tang Zhou wanted to meet Shen Xiangjun in person. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan saw Shen Xiangjun pinching the clay figurine seriously from a distance, Yan Dan thought that Shen Xiangjun was pretending to be stupid, so he pretended to be jealous and chased down the empathetic Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou had to cooperate with her in acting, Yan Dan deliberately pointed at Shen Xiangjun with a broom , she quickly dodged, and Yan Dan found that she was agile, further confirming that she was pretending to be crazy.

Shen Xiangjun guessed the purpose of Tang Zhou and Yan Dan’s visit, worried that Mrs. Hu would come back and see them causing trouble, so she asked Tang Zhou and Yan Dan to go to her room at night and promised to tell them the truth. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou came to Shen Xiangjun on time. Shen Xiangjun cried about her experience. When she was very young, Shen Xiangjun witnessed her father kill her mother with her own eyes.

She was afraid of being killed and had to pretend to be mad and foolish. Her father also spread rumors about the tomb of the goddess and used traps to kill many people. People, her father also sent Sister Hu to stare at her, so Shen Xiangjun had to pretend to be a psychic and went to the tomb of the goddess to remind those who took the treasure.

Yan Dan felt that the burial of the bones that Master Shen said was very familiar. She had seen it in “Strange Clan”. The saint eloped with others, and the Duoqi family disappeared. Shen Xiangjun admitted that her mother was the last saint. Her father killed her because of the clan’s secret art, and her father had been practicing for many years, and ordinary practitioners could not deal with him. Shen Xiangjun begged Tang Zhou and Yan Dan to save her.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou returned to the room, Yan Dan scratched it again, Master Shen’s fear of Shen Xiangjun was not fake, and Shen Xiangjun’s tears were sincere. The only person who can testify is Mrs. Shen, but she is a bone , Yan Dan couldn’t guess who the murderer was. Tang Zhou wanted to wait and see what happened, and wait for the murderer to reveal himself.

Early the next morning, Yan Dan saw Sister Hu sneaking into the backyard with a large bag of things, threw the bag into the well and left in a hurry. , Sister Hu also covered the manhole cover. At the same time, Shen Xiangjun hurriedly came to Tang Zhou for help, Tang Zhou hurriedly stepped forward to support her, but was knocked unconscious by Shen Xiangjun using a secret technique.

Shen Xiangjun was reluctant to turn the handsome Tang Zhou into a pile of dead bones, forcing Tang Zhou to choose between Yan Dan and her, Tang Zhouning was unyielding, and Shen Xiangjun killed him, thanks to Yan Dan who came to rescue him in time. It turned out that Yan Dan came out of the well not long after Mrs. Hu left. She followed Mrs. Hu and found that Mr. Shen was imprisoned. She also found a picture of Mr. Shen’s outing in the attic. Shen Yijun and Shen Xiangjun, Shen Yijun’s face was blacked out, Yan Dan exposed that Shen Xiangjun was Shen Yijun’s younger sister, she fell in love with Master Shen, and killed her sister Shen Yijun out of jealousy.

Yan Dan made up the story, claiming that Master Shen asked her to kill Shen Xiangjun, so he promised to be with her. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou came later, Shen Xiangjun wanted to kill Master Shen, and they were not allowed to approach half a step. Shen Xiangjun scolded Master Shen for living up to Shen Yijun’s true feelings. Shen Yijun abandoned his family and eloped with him, and gave up the chance of longevity, and was finally killed by Master Shen. .

Master Shen claimed that he was forced by Shen Xiangjun. Shen Xiangjun stole the Seven Lights Divine Jade, drained the blood of the whole clan, and then his practice increased greatly. Shen Xiangjun caught up with him and Shen Yijun, and forced him to kill Shen Yijun before he was willing to give up. Yan Dan was surprised to learn the truth. She thought Master Shen was pitiful, but she didn’t expect him to be innocent either. Shen Xiangjun was very distressed. Master Shen once swore to love her alone, but now he fell in love with Yan Dan. Yan Dan reminded Shen Xiangjun to give up as soon as possible, and Master Shen would not fall in love with her ruthless.

Master Shen begged Shen Xiangjun to let him go, vowed to love her alone from now on, persuaded Shen Xiangjun not to listen to Yan Dan’s provocation, the two of them just wanted to deceive the Seven Lights Divine Jade. Shen Xiangjun believed it to be true and killed Tang Zhou and Yan Dan in pain. Tang Zhou blocked Yan Dan and subdued Shen Xiangjun on the spot.

Master Shen originally wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape, but Shen Xiangjun stretched out his hand to kill him, and Tang Zhou stabbed Shen Xiangjun to death from behind. Tang Zhou was very emotional and felt that human greed was more terrifying than demons. Tang Zhou finally got the Seven Lights Divine Jade and his fairy clothes were repaired.

Tang Zhou sent Yan Dan away from the bracelet, Yan Dan was not allowed to leave him three steps away, Yan Dan begged Tang Zhou to change the number of steps, Tang Zhou always refused to give in, and punished her to copy the Heart Sutra, Yan Dan was forced to agree. That night, Yan Dan saw that Tang Zhou was asleep, and wanted to steal the Seven Lights Divine Jade, but found a large scar on Tang Zhou’s chest. Tang Zhou suddenly came out of his body and stood behind her, and Yan Dan was so frightened that he panicked.

Tang Zhou explained that his soul was unstable due to his injury, and occasionally his soul would break away from his body at night. Only by finding the four great artifacts could he be his true self, and he also shouldered the heavy responsibility of the Lingxiao faction. Yan Dan persuaded Tang Zhou not to bear such a lot of pressure, and took the opportunity to ask Tang Zhou to let her go. Tang Zhou felt that it was not yet time.

Three days later is the birthday of the head of the sect. Tang Zhou brought Yan Dan back to the Lingxiao faction to attend the birthday banquet, and lied that Yan Dan was his righteous sister. The senior brothers also returned as scheduled. The senior brothers knew that Tang Zhou was not close to women, and wondered why he accepted Yan Dan as his sister-in-law. Yan Dan vividly told the story between her and Tang Zhou. She claimed to be the young lady of a big family. The bandits wanted to take her as their own, thanks to Tang Zhou’s help.

Yan Dan came to the kitchen to help, Qin Qi told her about Tang Zhou’s life experience, Tang Zhou was an orphan since he was a child, and was brought back to Lingxiao School by his master when he was young. No one in the family was spared by the demon. Since then, Tang Zhou’s temperament has changed greatly. Before the master spirit, he vowed to eradicate all demons. Yan Dan finally understood why Tang Zhou had such a big prejudice against demons.

The senior brother revealed that the disciples of the Lingxiao faction can get married, but only the head must cut off their love and love. Tang Zhou came to the kitchen to find Yan Dan. Seeing that Yan Dan and the senior brother were chatting hotly, he interrupted them with a loud cough. Yan Dan was very annoyed and accused Tang Zhou of being ruthless. The big brother specially fished and brought it to Yan Dan. When Yan Dan saw the fish, he thought of Yu Mo. Because Yu Mo’s real body is a fish, she has long stopped eating fish. Tang Zhou suspected that she was looking for an excuse to escape. Just warn her.

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