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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 20 Recap

Yan Dan stayed in the Huanxi Opera Troupe, and soon wrote a play called “Pear Garden Party”, which was officially staged today, and the audience responded strongly.

Tian Bing found a large amount of Pero incense and other medicinal materials in the Miaofa Pavilion, and the charge of the fluorescent lamp charming Yingyuan was convicted. The emperor ordered to cut off Ying Lan’s immortal membership, erase her immortal memory, and demote her to the mortal world, never to be an immortal. Zhixi fed Ying Deng an elixir, deliberately leaving her immortal memories, letting her live in humiliation in the mortal world, and repaying the pain she put on Yan Dan a hundred times and a thousand times, Ying Deng was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Xi personally pushed the fluorescent lamp down to the mortal world.

In fact, all this was carefully planned by Zhixi. She deliberately stole the jade hook and asked Luming to cooperate with her. Zhixi took the opportunity to expose the crime of Yingdeng colluding with the immortal officials to forge the Yewangchuan directory. The torture was demoted, and he revealed the news of Yan Dan to Zhixi. Zhixi learned that Yan Dan was rescued by Ying Yuan, and now she has turned into a flower demon, she cried with joy.

Yan Dan thought hard in the room, but couldn’t find inspiration for writing. Jiang Chen asked her to experience the five poisons, six evils, seven emotions and eight sufferings in the human world, and she was able to write a touching drama. Yu Mo sent people to recall the wandering monsters back to Kulan Mountain. They lived a free and easy life and were convinced by Yu Mo. The always strong Tiger Clan wanted to share more land. Come to challenge, as long as you defeat one of him and Zilin, you will meet their requirements.

Yu Mo has never heard from Yan Dan, so he decided to go down the mountain to find it in person. Zilin reminded him to use the powerful abilities of the Shui tribe to look for it. Yu Mo didn’t want to wait any longer. Those play texts were all said by Yan Dan when he was in the heaven, and Yu Mo was surprised and delighted. He was willing to give all the magic tools to Xiao Yao and let him tell Yan Dan’s whereabouts. Xiao Yao revealed that the play text was from the “Liyuan Xing”. play.

Jiang Chen has a soft spot for Pei Luo. Pei Luo hasn’t been to the show recently. She was worried, so she sent someone to inquire. She learned that Pei Luo was terminally ill and passed away soon. Jiang Chen was very sad. That night, the prince secretly came to Jiangchen’s room, trying to plot against her. Jiangchen struggled desperately to call for help, but Yan Dan came in time to knock the prince to the ground. ,

In order to hide her identity, she did not dare to use demon power. She saw that Yan Dan was a flower demon, so she finished the scene with her on stage. Jiang Chen is worried that the prince will wake up and reveal Yan Dan’s identity, give Yan Dan a bracelet as a token, and ask her to go to Huayin Mountain to seek refuge with the Huajing Patriarch. Yan Dan wants to go with Jiangchen, but Jiangchen insists on staying and guarding Pei Luo.

Yu Mo took Zilin down the mountain. They found many troupes along the way, but there was no news of Yan Dan. Yan Dan stole a horse from the backyard and wanted to leave, but was found by Zilin, Yan Dan used his mana to escape cleverly, when Yu Mo heard the news and came over, he learned that a little demon had stolen his horse, and he didn’t have much. think.

Yan Dan soon came to Huayin Mountain. The patriarch of the Huajing clan was doing a beauty pageant for the mountain master. The banshees from all ethnic groups came over after hearing the news. The patriarch wanted to recommend his niece Ziteng as the mountain master’s wife. Yan Dan was also eager to try it out. She introduced herself as Bai Pretty, and improvised a play. The patriarch was very satisfied and asked Yan Dan to be Wisteria’s dowry maid. Zilin brought Yu Mo to the Huanxi troupe, called Jiangchen to inquire about the situation, and learned that Yan Dan injured the prince and escaped.

Jiang Chen learned that Yan Dan was the person Yu Mo was thinking of, so he had to tell the truth about Yan Dan. Yan Dan had no memory, did not know that he was a demon, had no origin and no support, because his body was cold and covered with blue spots. The demon power is weak and does not know how to cultivate, let alone the art of healing. If there is no one to take care of it, sooner or later there will be worries about life. Jiangchen promised to help find Yan Dan and begged Yu Mo to save Pei Luo’s life. Yu Mo gave the Yiyan to Jiangchen, reminding her to take back the Yiyan after saving Pei Luo, so as to prevent Pei Luo from being greedy. When Pei Luo was terminally ill, Jiang Chen sent Yiyan to help him in time.

Ying Yuan went down to the mortal world and joined the Lingxiao faction as a demon subduing master, under the pseudonym Tang Zhou. Yan Dan was instructed to escort Zilin to see the mountain master. Yu Mo quickly passed by and knocked over the car carrying the tribute. The patriarch of the Huajing clan shouted anxiously. Yu Mo didn’t know that he and Yan Dan passed by again. When he came to Huayin Mountain, he knew that Yan Dan had left.

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