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Review: Dermaction plus by Watsons Cleansing Water

Dermaction plus by Watsons cleansing water

Product details:

A water-based lotion for cleaning makeup around the face and eyes. With a special formula that combines between 2 The technology of negative water energy “Anion Molecule” and “Micellar” enhance the efficiency of cleaning makeup thoroughly and the value of nourishment from Hyaluronic Acid helps restore moisture to the face.

Enhance the efficiency of skin care to another level with VITAcomplex to help restore facial skin caused by chemicals in cosmetics. Formula without perfume, alcohol, oil, paraben type preservatives, MIT, CMIT, color, silicone, AHA, SLS, so it’s gentle on the skin.

There is a formula to choose from as follows.

  1. Brighten up formula (250 ml.): brightens skin, brightens skin with Vitamin B3
  2. Sebum Control formula (250 ml.): Control oiliness. Combining performance from Zinc Gluconate that helps control excess oil.
  3. Anti-Acne formula (250 ml.): For people with acne. Combining the value of nourishment from Zinc PCA that helps control excess oil. and helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria Which is the cause of acne Witch Hazel helps to tighten pores.
  4. Moisture Care formula (250 ml.): For dry skin. Keep your skin looking younger with Coenzyme Q10.
  5. Extra Sensitive Formula (250 ml.): For extra sensitive skin. Gentle on sensitive skin with Chamomile Extract helps reduce irritation.
  6. Formula Hya C+Bright & Glow (250 ml.): Vitamin C and Hya complex combine the power of 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid with a variety of molecular sizes to help restore moisture to the face.
  7. Oil Deep Clean formula (150 ml.): Facial cleansing oil. Can clean waterproof makeup (waterproof) and dirt on the face deeply. without damaging the skin Ready to maintain moisture to the skin to make the skin soft, moisturized, not dry.
  8. Lip And Eye Make-Up Remover (150ml. ): For areas of sensitive skin and special care such as lips and around the eyes.

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