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Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir 30ml

BIOTHERM LIFE PLANKTON™ ELIXIR Plankton Serum ultimate rejuvenation rejuvenate Skin looks radiant, firmer in 8 days. This aging care serum contains Biotherm’s proprietary blend.


  • LIFE PLANKTON™ in 5% concentration^ (which is the highest level used in the brand’s skincare products) is combined with powerful natural ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Tested to help skin look stronger. It helps to take care of the aging of the skin and helps the skin look younger, brighter, firmer and smoother. After 8 days of continuous use
  • Satisfaction test results in 78 female Asian volunteers aged 22-60 years after 8 days of continuous use by L’Oreal Research Institute. France in july 2019
  • Plankton Serum Secret: Biotherm draws on the expertise accumulated from over 30 years of skincare research into a powerful aging care serum designed to revitalize the skin that’s naturally radiant. Was accelerated premature aging LIFE PLANKTON ™ with natural ingredients. Originated in FRENCH PYRENEES, LIFE PLANKTON™ is sustainably multiplied through a bio-fermentation process called FERMOGENESE™. patented resulting in a concentration that is 400,000 times higher compared to natural sources. This potent LIFE PLANKTON™ revitalizes threatened skin.
  • LIFE PLANKTON™ is the secret behind the LIFE PLANKTON™ line of premium skincare products that are tested and proven to help restore skin from premature aging caused by premature aging.
  • Net content: 30 ml.
  • Product shelf life from the date of manufacture: 3 years
  • Suitable for skin type: all skin types
  • Brand owner country: FRANCE

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