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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 38 Recap

Although the Crown Princess’s words were offensive, Empress Xuan was very open to it. On weekdays, the Crown Princess was calm to Cheng Shaoshang, but her inferiority complex was the inverse scale that she could never touch. Cheng Shaoshang heard Queen Xuan mention Qu Lingjun, and only after understanding did he understand the prince’s past love history.

It turned out that Lord Qu Ling was the direct daughter of a famous family. Before she got married, she often entered the palace, so she met the prince, and the two fell in love with each other. Since Emperor Wen made a marriage contract in the countryside in the early years, and later gained power, he could not lose his trust in his old friends, so the prince fulfilled the marriage contract and married the Sun family, which is the current prince concubine.

Cheng Shaoshang sighed with emotion that fate had created the fate and ruined the happiness of the three. In fact, Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang had the same idea. In order to prevent this marriage, he took the initiative to advise Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan, but it was still difficult to change the ending. As for why the Crown Princess was so worried about gains and losses, Cheng Shaoshang obviously couldn’t understand. Queen Xuan pointed out that she had not delivered her sincerity, so she could not understand the taste.

Just as Cheng Shaoshang hurriedly denied it, he suddenly learned that Emperor Wen was furious and wanted to blame him. Cheng Shaoshang hurried to the outside of the main hall, only to find out through the inner servant that Ling Buxuan was trying to vent her anger and abused her lynching without filing a report.

Now that the eight ministers have jointly sued, the situation is not over. Cheng Shaoshang slipped in and sat on his knees to plead for mercy. On the other hand, Emperor Wen was sitting on the head in a huff, and Ling Budo said he was willing to accept the crime, and no one should worry about him. .

Ling Budo’s approach coincides with the idea of ​​Shaoshang being alone before, so Ling Budo also wants to take the opportunity to plan to resign from office and go into seclusion with Cheng Shaoshang in the countryside to accomplish what she thinks, which also makes Shaoshang very shocked. The third prince and the fifth prince stood on both sides, one was in charge of adding fuel to the fire, the other was gloating. Emperor Wen was reluctant to get angry with his adopted son, and rebuked Cheng Shaoshang for always quarreling with Ling Budo. supple.

Cheng Shaoshang did not refute either, hoping that Emperor Wen would be magnanimous, but the third prince asked for severe punishment. A single guilt was not enough to block people’s words, so Emperor Wen ordered the staff to be punished with a hundred sticks, Ling Buxuan said nothing, got up and walked outside the palace. Seeing the fifth prince gloating over the misfortune, Cheng Shaoshang bluntly confronted him.

Fortunately, Emperor Wen ordered the fifth prince to be beaten with ten sticks. Cheng Shaoshang wanted to cry but had no tears, and watched through the city wall to see how the criminal officer made a fierce attack. Every battle could be fought to the point where Ling Budo’s skin was ripped apart, which made her feel very sad.

Emperor Wen hopes that Cheng Shaoshang can understand that the suffering that Ling Budo is suffering today is all for Cheng Shaoshang, so Cheng Shao needs to be cautious in his words and deeds in the palace in the future, otherwise it will inevitably implicate Ling Budo and cause unpredictable consequences. as a result of. Cheng Shaoshang heard that the number of times recorded by the third prince was wrong, and he couldn’t help rushing towards Ling Budo, but was stopped by the guards before he got close.

Empress Xuan and Concubine Yue came after hearing the news. Compared with Empress Xuan’s compassionate heart, Concubine Yue was more rational and smarter, guessing that Emperor Wen did it on purpose. Because the punishment of the cane in the army has a lot of arguments, some seem to have no abnormality in the skin and flesh, but in fact the muscles and bones are broken inside, and the limbs are completely paralyzed; there is another kind of seemingly flesh and blood flying, but in fact there is no serious problem, Ling Budo is obviously the latter.

The reason for this was that Emperor Wen wanted Cheng Shaoshang to face her heart and realize Ling Budo’s place in her heart. Sure enough, Cheng Shaoshang was facing a distance of 20 feet. Seeing Ling Budo’s pain and forbearance, he suddenly had a feeling he had never felt before. For a while, the execution ground was very lively, with the whistling of the stick, the fleshy voice of the falling battle, and Cheng Shaoshang’s true confession. Emperor Wen informed the fifth prince to accept it as soon as he saw it. Empress Xuan arranged for Ling Budo to return to Changqiu Palace to recover. Concubine Yue also followed.

That night, when the first cold wave of winter came, Ling Budo stayed in Changqiu Palace. Although the fire in the house was strong, Cheng Shaoshang was still very concerned. On the other hand, Liang Qiufei wandered into the palace to visit Ling Budo, and before he said a few words, Cheng Shaoshang broke in wearing a quilt, and he knew that he was redundant, so he simply went back to the house.

After Liang Qiufei left, Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo were left alone in the room. Cheng Shaoshang later realized that Ling Budo was falsely punished, and it also reflected that Cheng Shaoshang completely fell in love with Ling Budo. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere, the two kissed in a ghostly manner. Cheng Shaoshang took care of Ling Budo meticulously. After feeding the soup and medicine, he played the flute again. The husband and concubine mixed oil with each other. Recalling the first encounter, he recognized it as a lifetime.

Xiao Yuanyi was unhappy because Cheng Shaoshang hadn’t returned home for a long time. Even though Cheng Shaoshang entrusted a man to send him a cloak, he was still disdainful. Cheng Shi persuaded Xiao Yuanyi why he should be overly caring. Now it seems that Cheng Shaoshang is absolutely obedient and always adds luster to the family. He is a hundred times better than those girls who cause trouble and hurt his father and brother. But because of this, Xiao Yuanyi feels that Ling is not suspicious. Even more unreliable than Cheng Shaoshang.

Just as Ling did not suspect, Emperor Wen ordered the restoration of the Censor Terrace in order to quell the public anger. Although Xiao Yuehou was greedy, Concubine Yue was transparent and open-minded, so Ling Budo wanted to have Emperor Wen convict the Yue clan, but he still needed to have accurate evidence. Judging from the current situation, Xiaoyuehou was indeed deliberately delaying the rescue. The military doctor and Han Wu who could testify were dead. Ling Budo decided to start with Xiaoyuehou and force him to take the initiative to make mistakes.

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