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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 Episode 5 Recap

Ding Yunqi and Chu Fengling met in a coffee shop. Chu Fengling learned that Ding Yunqi was a medical major abroad. She wanted to introduce a few western medical friends to Ding Yunqi, but Ding Yunqi politely refused. Ding Yunqi has no time to care about other things now, he just wants to find his father and deal with the difficult things in front of him.

Ding Yunqi looked at the eldest daughter in front of him with a puzzled look. He didn’t know why the other party would go against his brother’s wishes and save someone he didn’t know. Chu Fengling asked Ding Yunqi if he was already his friend, and Ding Yunqi firmly answered no! Chu Fengling said that when he thinks he is a friend, he will answer his inner doubts and return the keel to him.

Before parting, Chu Fengling left Ding Yunqi with her home phone number.

Ding Yunqi came out of the cafe and met Wushuang who was waiting outside. In this city, Wushuang seemed to have discovered a new world. She had never seen a phone and mistook the violin for a weapon. Ding Yunqi looked at Wushuang and didn’t think she was ignorant, but had a kind of cuteness and simplicity.

Wushuang’s senior brother Jiang University asked the teacher to protect her and Ding Yunqi secretly. Seeing that there was nothing wrong with the two, he planned to go back to work. He inadvertently mentioned the marriage of Wushuang and Ding Yunqi. Explain the situation to Zhou Qiuhai.

Ding Yunqi saw that Zhou Qiuhai had a firm attitude and would not succeed him as the official of heaven. At that time, handing over the keel to Wushuang was just an expedient measure and had nothing to do with the engagement. Zhou Qiuhai hopes that Ding Yunqi can succeed Tianguan. After all, Ding Yuanshan can no longer have a foothold in the rivers and lakes. As a descendant of the Ding family, Ding Yunqi should be the heir to Tianguan, but no matter how Zhou Qiuhai persuaded him, Ding Yunqi did not waver at all, and even threatened to Disband the gang.

Seeing this, Zhou Qiuhai took Ding Yuanshan as a condition. As long as Ding Yunqiken succeeded, Zhou Qiuhai caught Ding Yuanshan and punished him instead of killing him, and kept him in Faqiu for the rest of his life. Ding Yunqi’s attitude was resolute. In this case, Zhou Qiuhai asked him to hand over the keel and the Dragon King Staff, but Ding Yunqi still refused, because it was his father Ding Yuanshan’s thing, he could be sure that his father was still alive, and he could not hand over the things of the heavenly official to others.

Ding Yunqi’s decision completely angered Zhou Qiuhai. He didn’t succeed the Heavenly Official or hand over the Dragon King Staff. Zhou Qiuhai didn’t know what he was going to do. Jiang Daxue, who had been eavesdropping outside the door, was worried that the two would fight, so he let Wushuang go in to persuade him. Wushuang knew that he was powerless and had to slip away first.

Chu Fengling was appointed by his wife, and now she has been appointed by his wife as a secret investigator of the Kunlun Ruins. The Black Feather Team led by Luo Yunsong is a member of the investigation team. If necessary, a guard team can be used, that is, Chu Fengling has become Luo Yunsong’s superior. Chu Fengling believed that their brother and sister had the same goal, so they wanted to join forces with her brother. In fact, Luo Yunsong’s goal was Ding Yuanshan, because in his eyes it was the enemy who killed his father, and Chu Fengling’s goal was to find Kunlun Ruins.

Ding Yunqi was worried that Luo Yunsong would hurt his family, so he sent Sun Sanxuan to send three catties away. Wushuang found that no one in the family took the initiative to buy vegetables to cook. This was Wushuang’s first time to cook. A lot, but stomach pain attacks at night. Sanjin didn’t want to leave, so he ran back in the middle of the night. When he got home, he found that Ding Yunqi was unwell. After reading the dishes on the table, he knew that he had eaten mushrooms. Because Ding Yunqi was allergic to mushrooms, Wushuang didn’t know it.

Sanjin was very angry, blamed Wushuang, and ordered her not to approach the kitchen again.

Luo Yunsong hid the keel, and it was hard to guard against thieves. Luo Jiutian and Chu Fengling went to the study quietly to look for when their eldest brother was not at home. Only said four words: the ancient tombs of the Qing Dynasty scared Luo Jiutian, Luo Jiutian decisively gave up the idea of ​​​​complaining.

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