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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 14 Recap

Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi walked around the mall for a long time. They both felt it was boring, so they used mathematical methods to calculate the time spent by different groups of people in the mall. Lin Chaoxi wanted to go back to class, but was worried that Luo Jing had not left. Lin Chaoxi observed. As for the men and women who went to the mall, they thought they were lovers, but Pei Zhi could see at a glance that they were just ordinary friends, and made a detailed analysis. Lin Zhaoxi felt that it was reasonable.

When Lin Chaoxi saw the claw machine, she was eager to try it, and Pei Zhi accompanied her to play. Then, the two of them played games together, and they were very happy. Director Zeng gushed about the plot of the script. It was a love triangle story. Ji Jiang remembered the emotional entanglement between the three of them. Signed a contract with Director Zeng on the spot.

Ji Jiang drove to the entrance of the mall, saw Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi coming out hand in hand from a distance, and then cherished each other and left. Ji Jiang followed Pei Zhi to the gym and wanted to compete with him. Pei Zhi knew that he was doing it for Lin Chaoxi. With one punch, Ji Jiang claimed that he and Lin Chaoxi had the best relationship in the cheese world. As long as Pei Zhi promised to stay in that world and not come back, he would tell Pei Zhi the way to travel. Pei Zhi guessed the matter and the wall. related to the formula.

Pei Zhi wanted to go to the parallel world to find his father Pei Donglai, but he was worried that he would not be able to come back. He had failed Lin Zhaoxi once and didn’t want to make her sad again. Lin Chaoxi went home and saw that Lin Zhaosheng was studying the problem of P=NP. This is one of the seven major problems in the world, and it is also Lin Zhaosheng’s dream. Once this P=NP is proved, the solutions to all problems can be quickly calculated. It can be applied to various fields. If it is applied to medical treatment, cancer patients do not need chemotherapy. As long as it detects which cell is a bad cell that is cancerous, it can produce a specific protein to starve the cancer cells out of the body.

Lin Zhaosheng kept talking about his thoughts on this project, worried that she would not be able to complete it in her life, and pinned her hopes on Lin Chaoxi. Lin Zhaoxi couldn’t understand it, and she thought she had no talent in this area. Seeing the boxing gloves in the cabinet, Pei Zhi had mixed feelings in his heart. It was a birthday present from Pei Donglai.

Ji Jiang sent a large box of oysters to Lin Zhaosheng early in the morning, and cooked a large table of dishes in person. This was the last time Ji Jiang came to see them. He was going to film in another place, and then moved the company to Shanghai. After the meal, Ji Jiang, Lin Zhaosheng and Lin Chaoxi said their goodbyes and left. Lin Chaoxi guessed that Ji Jiang left because of her. Ji Jiang always thought that he and Lin Chaoxi were destined people. Stay in the cheese world and don’t come back, but Pei Zhi knew this method for a long time. Ji Jiang admitted that he loved Lin Zhaoxi deeply, but felt that she and Pei Zhi were a couple. Ji Jiang sincerely wished them both, and then left unrestrainedly.

Lin Chaoxi came to Pei Zhi to explain that the reason why she didn’t tell the way to travel was because she was worried that Pei Zhi would never come back. Lin Chaoxi supported Pei Zhi to go to a parallel world to find her father Pei Donglai, and promised to wait for him to come back. When Bao Song and Section Chief Sun were playing mahjong together, they casually talked about Lin Zhaosheng. Section Chief Sun decided that Lin Zhaosheng was unwilling to take responsibility and deliberately pretended to be stupid. Knowing that Bao Song and Lin Zhaosheng were very familiar, he asked him to inform Lin Zhaosheng to transfer the school’s private information as soon as possible. Items to take back.

Bao loosed the car to find Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Zhaosheng didn’t know him at all. Bao Song introduced Bao Xiaomeng’s father and wanted to take him to school to pull things. Lin Zhaosheng also wanted to visit the unit. Lin Zhaosheng couldn’t remember anything. Bao Song brought Lin Zhaosheng to the school. Section Chief Sun moved Lin Zhaosheng’s things into the car. Lin Zhaosheng was very puzzled. He remembered that he was a university professor. Section Chief Sun insisted that he was the school’s accountant. Section Chief Sun thought he had dementia. Forget these and don’t think much about it.

Lin Zhaosheng went through the ins and outs of the matter. He suddenly remembered everything, and also remembered that the person who knocked him unconscious from behind was Bao Song. Lin Chaoxi accompanied Pei Zhi to the ancient pagoda and asked Pei Zhi to wait for her to leave before erasing the formula. Lin Chaoxi went home and found that Lin Zhaosheng was missing. She came to the ancient pagoda to ask Pei Zhi for help, and Pei Zhi just erased the formula. The two traveled together to September 25, 2012.

Lin Chaoxi woke up in a daze and found herself in the school infirmary with Bao Xiaomeng beside her. Only then did she know that she fainted due to heatstroke. Lin Chaoxi couldn’t wait to find Pei Zhi who had crossed over with her. Lin Zhaosheng came in a hurry and greeted Lin Chaoxi. He saw that Lin Chaoxi was safe and sound, so he went back to work. Lin Chaoxi learned from Bao Xiaomeng that she and Pei Zhi were not only classmates, but also the same table, so Lin Chaoxi hurried to find Pei.

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