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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 Episode 1 Recap

According to legend, the Kunlun Ruins contain treasures that have been hidden in the five gates for thousands of years. The five gates have successively led the disciples of various sects to guard them from generation to generation. At the beginning of the Republic of China, the current situation was turbulent, and the then-celestial official Ding Yuanshan disappeared.

The snobbery who coveted the treasures of Kunlun was eager to move, and Ding Yunqi, a five-sect Shaotian official who was studying abroad, received a telegram from his father: return quickly, so he hurried back to Shanghai in secret.

Ding Yunqi met Hua Xingchen, a disciple of General Faqiu, who was the apprentice of Zhou Qiuhai, the head of Faqiu. Hua Xingchen believed that Ding Yunqi was the son of a traitor, and repeatedly asked him what was in the package. Ding Yunqi was irritated by his words, he didn’t care about the identity of the other party at all, and moved his hand.

Hua Xingchen lost to Ding Yunqi alone, so he asked his fellow brothers and sisters to work together. Ding Yunqi was very skilled. Together these people were not his opponents, but he didn’t want to entangle too much and left in a hurry, but was stopped by Zhou Qiuhai’s apprentice Wushuang. , After the two fought, Ding Yunqi recognized her. The two have known each other since childhood, and Wushuang naturally would not deal with Ding Yunqi, not only that, but also helped him escape the pursuit of his brothers.

Ding Yunqi didn’t know what happened to his father. He rushed home from the UK and found that the house was empty and no one lived for a long time. Just as he arrived home, people from the police station came and wanted to take him away. Ding Yunqi used the skylight mechanism at home to escape smoothly.

Ding Yunqi found his servant Sanjin in the clock tower, but Sanjin had not seen Ding Yuanshan for half a year. Ding Yunqi knew that his father must be in trouble, and now he must investigate the video first.

Wushuang told Ding Yunqi that Ding Yuanshan took the governor to open the Kunlun Ruins half a year ago, and for some reason he became the leader of the tomb robbers, and she did not know the specifics. Wumen has rules, and it is not allowed to take outsiders to open the Kunlun Ruins. Ding Yuanshan broke the rules and became a traitor of Wumen.

Wushuang hoped that Ding Yunqi would not be involved in this matter. She took out all her belongings and gave it to Ding Yunqi, hoping that he would still go to the UK. Ding Yunqi could not care about his father’s life or death, he had to help his father solve the trouble.

Ding Yunqi published the news of his return to China. He hoped that his father would take the initiative to contact him when he saw the newspaper. The police chief Luo Yunsong saw the news in the newspaper and saw through Ding Yunqi’s trick at a glance. He knew that Ding Yunqi asked his father to meet at the head office. The current address is the key, and this place is probably the password between Ding Yunqi and his father.

Zhou Qiuhai deciphered the meaning of the total slot, which refers to the place where something important happened in Ding Yunqi when he was seven or eight years old.

Mojin Sun Sanxuan set off for Shanghai after Ding Yunqi published the newspaper. Zhou Qiuhai has been sending someone to monitor Sun Sanxuan. It seems that this person may know the location that Ding Yunqi said in the newspaper.

Luo Yunsong received news from the informant and knew that Zhou Qiuhai was moving, so he arranged for his subordinates to assemble the team to prepare for the action at night, and specially emphasized that Luo Jiutian should be with him.

Sun Sanxuan didn’t know that the execution in Shanghai would be dangerous, and he met Zhou Qiuhai and his party at night, which he did not expect. Zhou Qiuhai ordered the arrest of Sun Sanxuan and his entourage, and had his apprentice Wushuang cloth Xunfeng urn. No one could break the battle.

Sure enough, Sun Sanxuan barely passed the first level. He knew that he couldn’t break through this time, so he sent a signal flare to find help. Just when he was knocked down, Ding Yunqi appeared, Wushuang saw this, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

Zhou Qiuhai had already determined that Kunlun Tianguan Ding Yuanshan was a traitor and Sun Sanxuan was an accomplice, so he made this move in order to clear the door. Ding Yunqi faced Zhou Qiuhai. Although the other party was an elder, he did not show weakness, claiming that his father’s enemy was his own.

According to the five rules, as long as Sun Sanxuan can break through the formation, he can be expelled as a traitor, and there is no need for three trials.

Sun Sanxuan continued to break the formation, followed by Xun Feng’s third formation, which was Faqiu’s own formation, and it would be more difficult to break it.

Ding Yunqi used Liu Ye Feixu, the unique skill of Heavenly Officials, to help Sun Sanxuan break through the formation, and everyone was shocked. They did not expect this unique skill to be used so skillfully by him.

Luo Yunsong, Luo Jiutian and others silently observed this group of people from a distance, and Luo Yunsong also discovered the trick of Liu Ye Feixu, which was used by Ding Yunqi.

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