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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 17 Recap

Lu Ming looked at Yu Mo’s retreating back, and secretly prayed that Yu Mo and Yan Dan would meet in the mortal world. Yan Dan carried the lantern to forget about the river overnight. Seeing that everyone around her passed smoothly, only she could not forget the past, and each time she returned without success. After going back and forth like this for more than 800 years, Yan Dan has been Depressed.

Today is Yan Dan’s birthday, Lu Ming didn’t know about Yu Mo and Yan Dan, he was restless, he came to the library involuntarily, remembering the good time the three of them spent here, Lu Ming’s heart was mixed. The immortal servant asked Lu Ming to help sort out the documents sent by King Yewangchuan. Among them is a list of those who have not crossed the river. Lu Ming found Yan Dan’s name from it, and he couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

Lu Ming hurriedly came to Ying Yuan for help, met Zhi Xi head-on, and couldn’t help scolding her. Zhi Xi was puzzled when she learned that Yan Dan had not crossed the river yet. Ying Yuan has been in a coma, Lu Ming begged him to wake up quickly, otherwise Yan Dan would be helpless, Zhi Xi came later, she used all her spiritual power to save Ying Yuan, but she was seriously injured, she had to leave first, please Lu Ming concealed this from Ying Yuan.

Ying Deng sorted out the instruments sent by Hades. One of the instruments was the Swift Sound Bat. If this bat was released, he would be able to hear other people’s voices. Ying Deng was very interested. At this moment, Xian Shi reported to her the news of Ying Yuan’s awakening. Ying Deng went to visit with Xian Lu without saying a word. Ying Yuan was discussing with Lu Ming about rescuing Yan Dan. Ying Deng was turned away. Please ask Xianshi to send Xianlu in, and secretly leave the Swift Sound Bat.

Lu Ming begged Ying Yuan to save Yan Dan, otherwise she would be wiped out. Ying Yuan learned that Yan Dan had only three days left, so he hurried to Wuqiao. The emperor heard the news and came to stop it. Ying Deng received the news and hurried to Wuqiao. Ying Yuan insisted on going to save Yandan. He took the initiative to punish himself and received the ordination. The severely injured body moved closer to Wuqiao step by step, Ying Deng secretly swore in her heart that she would never let Yan Dan come back alive, she released a firefly to find Hades.

Yizang waited for news from the heaven beside the river, wondering how the emperor would deal with Yan Dan. Ying Yuan suddenly came to Yewangchuan, and saw Yan Dan walking tremblingly, Ying Yuan found that Yan Dan was blind, and hurriedly stepped forward to help Yan Dan, Yan Dan thought he was Yizang, and apologized to him repeatedly, Yan Dan had done his best Now, but she still can’t forget the past, she doesn’t want to go back to the inn, she wants to wait two days by the river, and she will be completely free.

Ying Yuan pretended to be Yizang and persuaded Yan Dan to go back to the inn. Ying Yuan used an agarwood incense burner to burn incense, and also prepared a heater for Yan Dan. Ying Yuan found that Yan Dan’s sense of taste and touch had not been lost, and persuaded Yan Dan to sleep well tonight. To accompany her across the river tomorrow, Yan Dan hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in the past 900 years.

Tonight happens to be Ye Wangchuan Shou Sui, and she will play the Quiet Song. Ying Yuan believes that Yan Dan can get a good night’s sleep. Yan Dan quickly fell asleep peacefully, Ying Yuan stayed by Yan Dan’s side all the time, saw the Shen Hua hairpin under the pillow, recognized that it was given to Yan Dan, Ying Yuan vowed not to let Yan Dan die.

Ao Xuan spent 800 years collecting all the rare and precious treasures in the four seas. He also sent someone to stare at Chao Lan and found out that she went to the Beng tribe to ask for Zhenlu. Ao Xuan bought back all the treasures and gave them to him together. Chao Lan sent it as a betrothal gift, and Chao Lan lied that the old disease had relapsed and avoided him. Ao Xuan broke in to look for Chao Lan, who was carefully wiping a scale with Zhenlu. When Ao Xuan saw that Chao Lan was safe and sound, he was very annoyed. He spoke ill of Chao Lan, and Chao Lan sneered at him.

Ao Xuan handed the scales to the Dragon King of the East China Sea for a look. The Dragon King of the East China Sea recognized at a glance that it was the scales of the Nine-Fin Clan. Ao Xuan believed that it was Yu Mo’s token to Chaolan, and vowed to kill Yu Mo to avoid future troubles. He gave him the Soul Shattering Hook, the secret weapon that killed the Nine-Fin Clan, and promised to give him the title of the Dragon King of the East China Sea after everything was done.

The Ying Deng messenger of the Ying Deng Sect found Pluto and revealed to him that the four-leaf hanli could be refined to cure all illnesses from the bones of the dead. Status, Ying Deng wanted Yan Dan to die, and the two of them got what they needed and hit it off.

Ying Yuan took Yan Dan into Yewang Chuan, and used his immortal power to conjure a pond of lotus flowers, allowing Yan Dan to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers to the fullest. Butterfly. Yizang came over drunk and recognized Xiaomengdie at a glance, and told the story of Xiaomengdie incessantly. Ying Yuan hurriedly interrupted him and asked him to attend the feast held by Hades.

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