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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 8 Recap

Lin Zhaosheng adopted a stray cat, and Lin Zhaoxi felt that he was inferior to this cat. Zhang Liang anonymously reported to Zhang Shuping that the students in Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi’s two groups privately asked Lin Zhaosheng to make up the class. Zhang Shuping came to the library and saw that twelve of them were lying on the table and sleeping soundly.

That night, Lin Chaoxi and the students in Pei Zhi’s group quietly went to find Lin Zhaosheng to make up the class. After the class, Zhang Shuping took Xie Ran and Xiang Ke to block them. Lin Zhaoxi took the initiative to take all the guilt. Lin Zhaosheng felt that they were right and tried his best. To defend them, Zhang Shuping was very angry, gave them a hard lesson, and forcibly took them back to sleep.

Xie Ran came to Zhang Shuping to intercede, and Zhang Shuping briefly explained Lin Zhaosheng to him. Lin Zhaosheng was also a graduate student of Sanwei University. Because of his chaotic life style, he was expelled from the school for plagiarizing professor papers. Zhang Shuping did not want his classmates to study with him, so as not to be like him. Abide by the rules, the solution has to give up. Pei Yi had long since disappeared, Ji Jiang didn’t know where he went, Zhang Shuping announced that he would not give Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi’s students a way to get a graduation certificate, and that Lin Chaoxi would be fired, and Ji Jiang would be angry with Lin Chaoxi. Go, Lu Zhihao and others have to leave too.

At this moment, Pei Zhi hurried over with his mobile phone. Zeng Qingran asked Zhang Shuping to answer the phone. He interceded for Pei Zhi and his classmates. Zhang Shuping agreed to let them stay. Zhang Shuping revealed that Lin Zhaosheng taught Lin Zhaoxi and others privately, but Zeng Qingran did not expect him. The proud disciples have been reduced to this point, and I am deeply saddened. Pei Zhi unlocked the Kong Mingqi sent by Zeng Qingran, and he went to Zeng Qingran to intercede, and Zeng Qingran was willing to come forward to protect the two groups of students. Zhang Liang tried his best to get Pei Zhi to join his group, but Pei Zhi categorically refused.

Zhang Shuping returned to the classroom again, publicly acknowledged that Pei Zhi was a math genius, and advised him to cherish his ingenuity and not go astray by breaking the rules. Zhang Shuping admitted that Lin Zhaosheng was the first genius he had ever seen, but he was unorganized and undisciplined. Lin Chaoxi could only be a guard, Lin Chaoxi stood up to protect Lin Zhaosheng, Zhang Shuping promised to let the students in the two groups stay, but Lin Chaoxi had to leave.

Xiang Ke came to help Lin Zhaoxi pack her luggage, but Lin Zhaoxi politely declined. All the classmates were downstairs to see Lin Zhaoxi off. Lin Zhaoxi took out the photo and remembered Lin Zhaosheng who was still hospitalized in Strawberry World. feel bad.

Zhang Shuping asked the students to watch Lin Chaoxi being sent away. Ji Jiang and Pei Zhi also followed Lin Chaoxi out of the training camp. Lin Chaoxi said goodbye to the classmates. She came to the training camp to complete one thing, but now she has failed. Lin Chaoxi She admits that she is not smart, but she likes mathematics very much and dislikes Zhang Shuping’s teaching methods.

Dang Ailing brought the children from the orphanage to pick up Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi. Lin Zhaosheng came later and wanted to do a paternity test with Lin Zhaoxi to confirm whether they were father and daughter. Zhang Shuping refused to buy it and insisted on expelling Lin Chaoxi and Lin Zhaosheng. Indiscriminately, he slapped Zhang Shuping hard, and asked Zhang Shuping to be their driver.

Zhang Shuping drove Lin Chaoxi and Lin Zhaosheng to the hospital for identification, and kept protesting to Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Chaoxi and Lin Zhaosheng went to draw blood. Dang Ailing begged Zhang Shuping to open up to Li Zhengxun. After Lin Chaoxi drew blood, the doctor asked Dang Ailing to sign. Zhang Shuping asked about Lin Chaoxi’s mother. Lin Chaoxi only remembered that her mother was Qiu. Yue, died of dystocia when giving birth to her. Zhang Shuping once loved Qiu Yue deeply, but he did not expect Lin Zhaosheng to take the lead, and he still broods.

Zhang Shuping explained that the reason why he set up a very strict elimination mechanism is to give those children who are not gifted in mathematics a reason to comfort him. Zhang Shuping would rather be the devil in the hearts of his classmates than see them deny him. Zhang Shuping encouraged Lin Don’t give up math, promise to give her a chance. If their average score exceeds Zhang Liang’s group in the last elimination exam, they will be given a certificate of completion. Lin Chaoxi wants to combine twelve students from the two groups into one group. Zhang Shuping is full of words. promise.

Although the identification result has not yet come out, Lin Zhaosheng has already determined that Lin Zhaoxi is his daughter, and deliberately mentioned that she looks like Qiu Yue before Zhang Shuping, Zhang Shuping gritted his teeth in anger, and forced Lin Zhaosheng and Lin Chaoxi out of the car. Lin Zhaosheng called his good friend and learned that his good friend sent his and Qiu Yue’s children to the orphanage. Lin Zhaosheng determined that Lin Zhaoxi was his biological daughter, and he was surprised and delighted.

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