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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 5 Recap

Yaoyao found that Lin Zhaosheng had been looking out of the window absentmindedly, and dragged him to dance together. Ji Jiang opened the bag that Lin Zhaosheng gave to Lin Chaoxi, which contained a peerless secret book for mathematics learning.

The students soon came to the Knife Oasis Base. Zhang Liang publicly challenged Lin Zhaoxi and the others, and wanted to compete with them. Ji Jiang found that Lu Zhihao was with Zhang Liang and sneered at him. Lin Chaoxi searched the crowd and quickly determined that the classmates in the group photo were all there. As long as Lin Zhaosheng was called in at that time, the group photo could be completed. Ji Jiang revealed that the training camp had an elimination mechanism, and those who failed the exam each time.

The classmates were expelled. In the end, there were only twenty people left in the photo. Lin Chaoxi was worried that the classmates in the photo would be eliminated, and complained that Ji Jiang did not tell her these things beforehand.

When Zhang Shuping learned that the students had come to the base, he announced the rules of the training camp through the broadcast. In one month, there would be many exams. The last five students were eliminated, and only five students could participate in the Jin Cup. For the Mathematical Olympiad competition, the first exam will be held immediately.

Let the students take their luggage and go to the exam room to answer the questions. The exam must be handed in before twelve o’clock. The exam room is on the fifth floor. Zhang Liang picked up the luggage and left without saying a word. Carrying the luggage wasted time, Pei Zhi offered to help the classmates to look at the luggage, as long as ten minutes was enough for him, Zhang Shuping saw this scene from the window and couldn’t help but sweat for Pei Zhi.

Lin Chaoxi ran to the exam room on the fifth floor, racing against time to answer the questions, trying to buy time for Pei Zhi to take the exam. Lin Chaoxi was the first to finish the exam paper. She trotted downstairs to change Pei Zhi. Pei Zhi only had eleven minutes, so he didn’t panic. Busy completing the exam paper.

Zhang Shuping read the test paper quickly, Lin Zhaoxi got 91 points, Zhang Liang got 98 points, Pei Zhi got a perfect score, and the classmates applauded him. Zhang Shuping asked Xie Ran to return Lin Chaoxi and eliminated the last five classmates. Zhang Shuping commented on the exam. The reason why he asked the students to carry their luggage to the fifth floor was to test their ability to deal with extreme situations.

The behavior of Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi broke the rules and punished them for cleaning for a week. Lin Chaoxi was not convinced, but she remembered that she participated in the training camp selection test when she was eleven years old. She played abnormally because of stomach pain and missed this opportunity.

Zhang Shuping asked Xie Ran to take the classmates back to the dormitory. He personally sent the eliminated classmates. The classmates became nervous when they saw their companions leave. Since Lin Chaoxi went to the training camp, Lin Zhaosheng has been restless every day. At the opening ceremony, Zhang Liang came to the stage as a representative of the students to speak. Zhang Shuping also invited Zeng Qingran, a math expert, to give a speech to the students. Zeng Qingran was lecturing abroad. He showed the students the mystery and profoundness of the mathematical world through video, which opened the students’ eyes.

Zhang Shuping asked Teacher Xiang Ke to divide the remaining students into four grades, and Pei Zhi monopolized the first grade. Lin Zhaosheng went to the orphanage to learn about Lin Chaoxi’s situation, and learned that she was an abandoned orphan, but Lin Zhaoxi insisted that they were father and daughter relationship, and Lin Zhaosheng had mixed feelings.

Lin Chaoxi came to clean up early. Unexpectedly, Pei Zhi and Ji Jiang had already finished their work. The three of them went to the cafeteria to eat. Lin Chaoxi couldn’t eat it. She was worried that the classmates in the photo would be eliminated. Decided to help those students.

Zeng Qingran gave a pair of Kong Mingqi to the training camp. Pei Zhi was very interested and tried it on the spot. Xie Ran announced the rules for the next elimination exam. Because the Jin Cup is a team competition, he let the students group freely. In the final exam, the three groups of students with the lowest average scores were eliminated, and the students were dumbfounded.

Zhang Liang was worried about Lu Zhihao’s hindrance, so he asked him to go to another group. Lu Zhihao took out Swiss chocolate to please him, but Zhang Liang didn’t give up. Two classmates asked to join Lin Chaoxi’s group. Lin Chaoxi agreed to think about it, and the students soon A good team was formed, but none of the seven people in the photo wanted them. Lin Chaoxi was worried that they would be eliminated and decided to help them.

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