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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 1 Recap

The summer sun is like fire, and there are few pedestrians on the road. Lin Chaoxi rides a bicycle through the alleys of this small town of Anping. She just got her driver’s license today, but her heart is as calm as water. Since her childhood sweetheart boyfriend Pei Zhi went to university in Germany, Lin Chaoxi has changed as a person. She is only 23 years old, but she is young and mature, and she is not surprised no matter what happens.

Lin Chaoxi’s father, Lin Zhaosheng, is very fond of mathematics. In order to take care of Lin Chaoxi, he gave up the opportunity to study abroad and worked as an accountant in a middle school. He wanted Lin Chaoxi to study mathematics, but Lin Chaoxi chose to major in philosophy. In an internship at a school, in addition to preparing lessons, she also made a detailed life plan for herself, and strictly followed it step by step. She first went on a blind date, and then went to learn cooking and take a driver’s license test.

Lin Chaoxi rode a bicycle to the door of the house, and her best friend Bao Xiaomeng brought the car bought by her boyfriend Xiao Zhu Xin to let her practice. Lin Chaoxi asked Bao Xiaomeng to take out the map she had drawn in advance, and test-drive the car with automatic transmission according to the manual transmission formula taught by the driving school instructor. Although Bao Xiaomeng kept cheering her on, she still drove very slowly. , not only was overtaken by the bicycle, but also urged by the driver behind him whistling.

When Lin Chaoxi first came to that school for an internship, the high director of the Academic Affairs Office introduced her nephew to her. Lin Chaoxi bravely went to see her. Lin Zhaoxi pierced through on the spot. Lin Zhaosheng took the bus to the school to see Lin Chaoxi, and saw her on a blind date outside the door, so Lin Zhaosheng quietly left.

Lin Zhaosheng waited for Lin Chaoxi at the door of the house, and persuaded her to take the initiative to find Pei Zhi to reconcile, and to review the postgraduate entrance examination for the mathematics department. Lin Zhaosheng loves mathematics very much. He gave up the opportunity to study abroad for Lin Chaoxi. Now he works as an accountant in a middle school. He found that Lin Chaoxi had secretly bought the review materials of the mathematics department, and tried hard to persuade Lin Chaoxi not to give up. Lin Chaoxi has not been in contact with him for four years. Mathematics, she has long been disheartened.

When Pei Yi returned to China, he came to look for Lin Chaoxi. Seeing their father and daughter coming home together from a distance, he put the photo of their high school graduation in Lin Chaoxi’s mailbox. Lin Chaoxi was driving to work early in the morning, and suddenly received a call from Director Gao. Director Gao tried his best to arrange the marriage of Lin Chaoxi and her nephew, but Lin Chaoxi politely declined.

When Lin Chaoxi was waiting for the red light, she was suddenly rear-ended by a car behind her. Before Lin Chaoxi could respond, a man and a woman hid in her car and urged her to drive faster. The reporters chased after her, and Lin Chaoxi found out. The man was actor Ji Jiang, and she had no time to think about it, so she had to drive them away.

Along the way, Ji Jiang kept complaining that the heroine should not invite him to the hotel for a scene, but Yuji was invited to take pictures, and the heroine was driven out of the car on the way. Lin Chaoxi scolded him as a scumbag and demanded compensation from Ji Jiang. Ji Jiang agreed, and asked Lin Chaoxi to park in a secluded place, then got out of the car and left in a hurry.

Lin Chaoxi came home very late. Lin Zhaosheng had something to do with the unit and asked Lin Chaoxi to eat first. Lin Zhaosheng received a call from his colleague Sun Peigen and learned that the window of the financial room was not closed. He came to the school overnight, first closed the window of the financial room, and then opened the safe. When he saw a lot of money in it, he just thought Leaving, he was suddenly knocked unconscious by a sneak attack from behind.

Just as Lin Chaoxi was about to go to sleep, she suddenly received a call from the police. She learned that Lin Zhaosheng was injured and was hospitalized. She hurried to the hospital and learned the whole story from the police. Lin Chaoxi went home to withdraw money, and called Bao Xiaomeng to go to the hospital to take care of her. Lin Zhaoxi hurried home. She went to Lin Zhaosheng’s room to look for money, and accidentally saw that Lin Zhaosheng organized her photos from childhood to adulthood, and made notes on each photo.

Section Chief Sun of the school’s security department called Lin Chaoxi, and kept claiming that Lin Zhaosheng was being held accountable for his dereliction of duty. Lin Zhaosheng concealed that he had Alzheimer’s disease, and Lin Chaoxi did not know about it. Afterwards, Lin Chaoxi learned more about Lin Zhaosheng’s condition from the attending doctor, and she was dumbfounded.

Lin Chaoxi stayed in front of Lin Zhao’s sick bed, he was unconscious, Bao Xiaomeng asked Lin Chaoxi to go back to rest, and she stayed to take care of Lin Zhaosheng. When Lin Chaoxi went home, she saw the group photo in her mailbox, and she couldn’t help thinking of her childhood. She didn’t get into the Zhang Shuping Olympiad training camp. Lin Zhaosheng was very disappointed and kept comforting her.

Ji Jiang came to Lin Chaoxi in a hurry and recognized the photo at a glance. He also participated in the Zhang Shuping Olympiad training camp, but he found that the photo was not right. Lin Chaoxi had to admit that the photo belonged to Lin Zhaosheng P, and took her photo of Lin Chaoxi. When P went up, Lin Chaoxi blamed herself and felt that she was sorry for Lin Zhaosheng. She rushed into the house and painted the calculation formula on the wall. Ji Jiang followed closely to dissuade him. The year goes back to 2006.

That year Lin Chaoxi was only eleven years old. She fought with the children of the orphanage. The dean, Dang Aiping, forcibly dragged her to the office. Lin Chaoxi didn’t know Dang Aiping, let alone any orphanage. She insisted on herself. She was 23 years old and couldn’t wait to return to her home. Dang Aiping believed that she was obsessed with reading novels. She grew up in a welfare center. Lin Zhaoxi didn’t believe it at all.

Lin Chaoxi dug out the documents from that year, only to find out that Dang Aiping picked her up at the gate of the orphanage eleven years ago. She left a blank piece of paper on her body with her birth date and name written on it. The identity of her parents was unknown. Ji Jiang came to deliver meals to Lin Chaoxi, only then did Lin Chaoxi know that the two of them traveled together until 2006.

Ji Jiang grew up in this welfare center since childhood. In this time and space reversal, Lin Chaoxi found that there was his father, Lin Zhaosheng, in the photo, so he deduced that this photo was not of Lin Zhaosheng’s P. Dang Aiping opened the door and came in, and asked Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang to go back to the house to sleep. Lin Chaoxi only looked forward to being able to return to the original after waking up.

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