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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 5 Recap

Ying Yuan learned that Yan Dan had written “The Legend of the Heroes of Creation”, so he asked the director of Phixiangdian for the script, and made comments in person. Yu Mo saw the comments and concluded that this person knew that the nine-fin tribe was destroyed in the battle of creation. He came to Ying Yuan to inquire about the truth, but Ying Yuan did not come to the battlefield in person and did not know the details.

Marshal Huo De won the battle and broke into Yanxu Temple to find Ying Yuan for a martial arts competition. Ying Yuan pretended to be seriously ill and asked Yan Dan to help him act. Marshal Huo De felt that there was a fraud and decided to stay and take care of Ying Yuan Ying Yuan couldn’t beat him, so he had to stay in Yanxu Temple. Marshal Huo De stayed by Ying Yuan’s side, and even brought a prescription to treat his physical weakness, and let Yan Dan boil the medicine to force Ying Yuan to drink it, Ying Yuan had to bite the bullet and obey.

Yan Dan secretly gave Ying Yuan a chicken leg, only to be discovered by Marshal Huo De. Marshal Huo De punished Yan Dan severely for not taking good care of him. Ying Yuan had to take out the military book he had sorted out and hand it over to Marshal Huo De. Leaving triumphantly, Yan Dan saw that Huo De’s purpose was impure. He didn’t want a military book, but just wanted to prove to the immortals that Ying Yuan, the number one in the fairy world, was inferior to him.

That night, Ying Yuan wanted to teach Marshal Huo De a lesson, but Yan Dan had already guessed his whereabouts and hid in the middle of the road to wait for him. Ying Yuan had to take Yan Dan there. technique. Yan Dan took the opportunity to retrieve the book of war, only to find out that it was a chess game she copied, but Ying Yuan hid the book of war in the game. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan played the last game of chess, Yan Dan won without any effort, Ying Yuan promised to let her go back to Hanging Heart Cliff, Yan Dan wanted Ying Yuan to accompany her to watch the stars again.

Ying Yuan summoned Kun, he and Yan Dan stood on Kun’s back and walked in the sea of ​​stars, Yan Dan feasted his eyes, she was overjoyed, she collected a lot of stars and put them in a porcelain vase, and wanted to give them to Zhixi. At the end of the tour, Ying Yuan took Yan Dan back to the palace. On the way, he was attacked by three demons, Ying Yuan shot back, and the three committed suicide on the spot.

Ying Yuan came to return to Emperor Zun, and Emperor Zun told him to be careful everywhere. The two of them went out and saw Yan Dan sitting outside the door dozing off. Emperor Zun knew Ying Yuan’s personality well, and worried that Yan Dan would have a relationship with Yuan for a long time, so cholera heaven , bringing disaster to the Six Realms.

Yan Dan hurriedly knelt to the ground, begging the emperor to let her go back to the cliff, and insisted that Ying Yuan had recruited her into Yanxu Tiangong for revenge, and exaggerated how Ying Yuan scolded her. The emperor was dubious and forced to ask Yan Dan why Going to Tianji Pavilion, Ying Yuan stood up to relieve her siege. The emperor knew that Yan Dan was writing a play, so he gave her a spiritual pen, and before leaving, he reminded Ying Yuan not to follow Sixuan’s footsteps.

After Ying Yuan returned to Yanxu Tiangong, she had been depressed and unhappy. Yan Dan tried her best but couldn’t pick up the spirit pen. She complained about Emperor Zun’s small stomach, and even tortured her in this way. Yan Dan could see that Ying Yuan had something on her mind. Ying Yuan had to admit that he personally executed Si Xuan, who was trapped by love.

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