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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 1 Recap

The incense burner rises with a curl of green smoke, and there is a faint fragrance of Hanli in the air. The fairy of Hanli, Yan Dan, is standing on the Liaowu Bridge of the Heavenly Punishment Platform, wearing a white dress and fluttering in the wind. The man facing her was called Yingyuan, the emperor of the Immortal Realm. Yingyuan stood there motionless, Yan Dan was completely disheartened, regretting that he had loved him once, saying goodbye to this world with tears, and fell into the bottomless clear water cold. in the pool.

The story dates back to five hundred years ago. The ancient relics left two four-leaf hanli with open stems. Come visit this rare treasure. The head of the Miaofa Pavilion, Fairy Yingdeng, was looking around in the crowd. She didn’t see Ying Yuan’s figure, so she asked Jidu Xingjun. Jidu Xingjun knew that Yingyuan was arrogant and would not come here to join in the fun. At this moment, Ying Yuan was drinking tea and playing chess leisurely in his Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

The demon elder Shuohua wanted to use these two four-leaf sagebrushes to celebrate the birthday of the evil god Xuanxiang, but Marshal Huode, the head of the immortal army, stood up to stop it, and sneered at Xuanxiang, who was less than 10,000 years old, which angered Shuohua. Threatened to snatch Hanlianhua, the two of them fought each other as soon as they disagreed. Shuohua pressed on him step by step, his tricks were fatal, and Huo De gradually lost. Indistinguishable.

Ying Yuan arrived in time, and effortlessly subdued Shuohua, rescued the two four-leaf hanli, and transformed them into two young girls like flowers and jade. Shuohua gritted her teeth in anger, and threatened to abolish Yingyuan. When the emperor heard the news, he affirmed Yuan’s actions and asked him to name the two girls, and Ying Yuan named them Zhixi and Yan Dan, and the two sisters stayed in the fairyland from then on.

In the blink of an eye, three hundred years later, Zhixi was talented, intelligent, and eager to learn, and was promoted to the deputy head of the Miaofa Pavilion. She hoped that Yan Dan would pass the examination of the immortal law to stand out, but Yan Dan was not interested in this, and would rather be an unknown little immortal servant. , The fairies discussed in private, wanting to see Yan Dan fall off the list, Yan Dan simply set up a gambling game with Luming, the immortal servant of the library, and wanted to take this opportunity to make a lot of money.

The Miaofa Pavilion holds a star-receiving ceremony every five hundred years, and all those with immortal ranks will gather in the corner of the sky to receive the blessings of the four emperors. Yan Dan was eager to try, but low-level people like her were forbidden to enter, and the corner of the sky was heavily guarded, Lu Ming wanted to find another way to open her eyes. Zhixi led the immortal servants to prepare for the grand ceremony. Fairy Yingdeng, who was in charge, came later, grabbed the lily flower on Zhixi’s head and tore it to pieces, and sent her to the most remote corner to be on duty. Yan Dan had no choice but to Do as you please.

Lu Ming secretly brought the shark pearl mirror, a treasure of the merman tribe. He tried his best to turn it on. Yan Dan and him joined forces to open the shark pearl mirror. The back is broken. Ying Yuan’s spiritual power turned into a sky full of stars falling one after another, and all the immortals paid homage to him. The immortal servants of Zangshi Pavilion have long heard that Ying Yuan is handsome and handsome, and has strong spiritual power. After Yuan rescued the two sisters, he pointed out in person that the twins were strong and weak, and Zhixi was the weaker one, and Yan Dan was bitter about it.

After the ceremony, Zhixi collected the scattered stars into a porcelain vase. Fairy Yingdeng spoke ill of her and made fun of Yan Dan for being lazy. Zhixi fought with her to expose her shameless behavior of framing her predecessor, Si Xuan. , Fairy Yingdeng was provoked, and reached out to grab the porcelain bottle in Zhixi’s hand. Ying Yuan came to stop it in time, and scolded Fairy Yingdeng severely. Zhixi gave Yan Dan the porcelain vase full of stars for the first time. She wanted to become an immortal as soon as possible, so she could protect Yan Dan with super-powerful magic like Ying Yuan. Everyone, the sisters encourage each other.

Yan Dan was stubborn by nature, and was sent to be a fairy attendant beside Xianjun Beiming. Xianjun Beiming asked her to feed the fish on the cliff. There was a fairy tortoise on the big stone at the door. The tortoise was turned over every day. Yan Dan The culprit has never been found. On this day, Yan Dan went out and saw the fairy tortoise being turned over again. She hurriedly caught up with that person. That person was Ying Yuan. Yan Dan felt familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen it before. She just wanted to reach out and grab Ying Yuan. When he went to see Immortal Lord Beiming, Ying Yuan gently flicked his sleeves and floated away.

Yan Dan came to Beiming Xianjun to complain, and Beiming Xianjun asked her to catch the person who did the bad deed, and promised to lend her a single copy of the “Four Dreams of Linjiang” playbook when the matter was completed, Yan Dan naturally could not ask for it. Xianjun Beiming was concentrating on cracking the chess game set up by Ying Yuan–the Six Championships game. He couldn’t understand it. Yan Dan broke the opportunity in one sentence. Xianjun Beiming successfully cracked the chess game. She came late and left early. Ying Yuan saw this scene from a distance and couldn’t help but admire Yan Dan as a rare talent.

Yan Dan seized all the time to write the play. She wanted to finish this big play as soon as possible, so that Zhixi could become an immortal as soon as possible. If she wanted to become an immortal, she had to go to the world to experience it, and then she would ask the emperor to go through this for Zhixi. Suffering. Yan Dan took Lu Ming to catch the person who turned the fairy turtle early in the morning. She tied a string to the turtle’s leg, and then squatted not far away, waiting for the arrival of the person. Ying Yuan unknowingly took the turtle. Overturned, took the opportunity to tease Yan Dan, laughing at her stupid, Yan Dan gritted his teeth angrily.

Yan Dan came to Xianjun Beiming to complain, and accidentally saw Shi Yun, the immortal servant, taking care of the princess Chaolan and the dragon son Ao Xuan sent by the dragon clan, Yan Dan reached out to tease the two little dragons, but was bitten by Ao Xuan. With one bite, Yan Dan threw his hand in pain, Ao Xuan was thrown into the lotus pond next to him, and hit a little black fish, Yan Dan hurried over to rescue him. Shi Yun rescued Ao Xuan, Xiao Heiyu glared angrily at Yan Dan, Yan Dan apologized again and again, and Xiao Heiyu left in anger, Yan Dan wanted to wait for him to transform into a human form.

Yan Dan wanted to learn some spells to deal with the people who turned the turtle, she came to Zhixi for help, Zhixi took the Primordial Jade to Yanxu Heavenly Palace, she promised to teach Yan Dan some spells, Yan Dan was ecstatic, hugged excitedly Zhixi didn’t let go, and accidentally knocked the Hunyuan jade belt in Zhixi’s hand to the ground, and the gems on it fell into pieces. Zhixi was frightened and pale, this is Ying Yuan’s favorite jade belt.

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