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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 24 Recap

Sure enough, the fifth princess did not pursue the investigation, but left first. Luo Jitong took Cheng Shaoshang to the front hall where the female relatives were, and told her to remember to be cautious in her words and deeds in the palace, otherwise it would cause trouble for herself and her family. Compared with the previous banquets, the female family members present today are mostly princesses. Among these people, only the fourth princess and the fifth princess are not yet married.

Cheng’s family was no bigger than a wealthy family, and the glory of the whole family basically came from Cheng Shi, so that his status in the capital was still high, which led to Cheng Shaoshang being cold-eyed and humiliated after he entered the play. In particular, Wang Ai and Cheng Shaoshang disliked each other, and in private they often sow discord with the Fifth Princess, deliberately mocking Cheng Shaoshang’s humble background and only deserved to sit at the bottom of the table.

However, Cheng Shaoshang did not easily let go of those who have repeatedly embarrassed him and criticized each other. The third princess and the fifth princess quarreled endlessly because of each other’s marriage. Just when Cheng Shaoshang felt bored and was unprepared to eat the pancakes he brought with him, the fifth princess began to accuse Cheng Shaoshang of lack of education and difficult to be elegant.

Cheng Shaoshang obviously forgot Luo Jitong’s warning, and satirized the fifth princess as having no knowledge at all. The fifth princess was speechless with a few words. In the end, Wang Ai and others were allowed to retaliate and humiliate, and even wanted to hurt others. . Fortunately, Ling Budo appeared in time, first set Cheng Shaoshang in place, and then put on shoes for him in public.

The female family members present were all stunned by Ling Budo’s aura, even though Ling Budo was insinuating the two princesses, they didn’t dare to refute, and they all gave way for a while. Seeing that Ling Budo took Cheng Shaoshang’s hand and walked directly to the main hall, everyone had different expressions, and the maid complained for Luo Jitong. This cannot be mentioned any more.

Ling Budo let Cheng Shaoshang sit next to him, and several princes joked when they saw this. They had already heard that Chenglou and the two had withdrawn from their relatives, so their eyes on Cheng Shaoshang became unclear. When the Empress brought Cheng Shi and his wife and Wan Songbai in from the door, Ling Budo begged Emperor Wen to act as an elder in public and formally proposed to Cheng.

Everyone was shocked when they heard the words, but Emperor Wen was overjoyed. They thought they would struggle for a long time, but they didn’t expect to hear the good news now. Just as Emperor Wen was about to announce his marriage, Xiao Yuanyi strongly objected and deliberately downplayed Cheng Shao’s misconduct. It seemed to be well-behaved and pleasant, but in fact it was eloquent and difficult to match with Ling Budo.

Listening to his mother’s public evaluation of himself, Cheng Shaoshang felt extremely complicated. Emperor Wen was very dissatisfied with the Cheng family’s response and ordered them to think about it before answering. However, Cheng Shiying and Xiao Yuanyi’s attitudes preferred to resign and return to their hometown. Although Xiao Yuanyi described Cheng Shaoshang as vulgar, Ling Budo insisted that Cheng Shaoshang was in his heart. Although she was not like other ordinary gentle boudoir girls, she was the best girl in the world. marry.

Cheng Shaoshang was deeply moved. When facing Emperor Wen’s question, he looked at his parents for a moment, and finally decided to agree to the marriage. The crown prince was overjoyed, and took the lead in congratulating Ling Wuxuan, followed by several princes. In the midst of the noise, Yuchang County Master heard the result through the screen, and passed out with anger on the spot.

The Fifth Princess and Wang Ji gritted their teeth, looking fierce and wanting to eat people. On the other hand, the ladies who had admired Ling Budo were basically full of grief. Emperor Wen didn’t take it seriously at all. Have a few more drinks at the banquet.

After the palace banquet was over, the Cheng family was relatively speechless on the way back, Xiao Yuanyi walked into the main hall and immediately scolded Cheng Shaoshang for kneeling. Cheng Shaoshang felt that Xiao Yuanyi looked down on him, whether it was Lou Yao or Ling Wuxuan, they had already become high climbers. If Cheng Cha had done it, this would definitely not have happened.

However, Cheng Shaoshang didn’t understand that the Marquis of Chengyang Mansion was better than the Lou family. When she learned of Ling Budo’s situation through her parents, she thought for a moment and decided to marry Ling Budo, otherwise it would lead to Cheng Shi’s dismissal from office and hurting his ancestral court was really a great sin, so that they could not owe each other.

Cheng Shaoshang’s wry smile and self-deprecation sounded quite uncomfortable to Cheng Shi and his wife, Xiao Yuanyi was extremely helpless, and now he had to agree to the marriage. The figures of the mother and daughter running in opposite directions make Cheng Shi have mixed feelings. At the same time, Chunyu’s family made a pure gold portrait for Princess Ruyang, thanking her for taking care of herself over the years, and deliberately pretending to be pitiful to express her grievances in Chengyang Houfu.

Princess Ruyang comforted Chunyu not to be too concerned. Anyway, she was the wife of the Duke of Chengyang, and she had never felt ashamed of Ling Wuxuan’s mother and son. While the two were talking, the Yuchang County Master came back crying, and bluntly said that Ling Budo had asked for a marriage in public, which made him lose face.

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